Welcome to Moment Health

We’re so excited to have you here! After months and months of hard work, we’re beside ourselves as we prepare to launch Moment Health for you, our community.

Moment Health is a new technology company that aims to prioritise Maternal Mental Health and provide new parents with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental wellbeing – from pregnancy through to parenthood.

We’ve answered some common questions below so you can get to know Moment Health better, and find out exactly how we can help you.

1. What is Moment Health?

Moment Health is a new company that aims to use technology to deliver support in order to improve – and even save – lives.

Moment Health offers a suite of easy-to-use and inclusive tools for all new parents, including:

  • A website.
  • An active and welcoming online community.
  • An innovative app, which features a mental health symptom checker, an emotional diary to track moods and identify triggers, and a directory of local support services.
  • An employers’ wellbeing package for their new and expectant parents
  • A simple add-on to existing mental health services suppliers to the healthcare sector

Moment Health’s founder, Nuala Murphy, says, “My passion is to make maternal mental health mainstream, and to normalise it – to let mums and parents know they’re not going mad and that support is available.”

2. What is Moment Health’s mission and purpose?

First and foremost, the Moment Health mission is to connect mothers and new parents with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental health.

Currently, 20 per cent of women and 10 per cent of men are diagnosed with  symptoms of anxiety or depression during pregnancy or early parenthood.

Postnatal depression and its many forms are clearly common, and research shows that not enough is done at present to support good mental health during these early stages – which is where Moment Health comes in.

Of the 20 per cent of cases reported for women, 15 per cent of those develop during pregnancy, so early intervention is crucial for successful recovery. Our aim is to provide the necessary tools to support this early intervention.

Pregnancy and parenthood is an exciting time, yes. But it’s also life-changing and enormous and it doesn’t always come in a perfect little package. We want parents to know they are not alone, and provide them with all the resources and support they’ll need as they go through this incredible – and at times incredibly challenging – milestone.

3. What does the Moment Health app do, and who is it for?

The Moment Health app has been developed with clinicians and healthcare professionals, and is aimed at new and expectant mums and their families.

It will screen for prenatal and postnatal depression and associated anxieties, and includes additional features such as a helpful guide to practical and accessible coping strategies.

Our app is committed to making maternal mental health mainstream. When a parent or parent-to-be downloads the app, he or she will have access to lots of easy-to-use tools including an early intervention symptoms checker, a mood tracker, a location tool so he or she can find the resources they need that are close to them, and more.

4. When does the app launch?

The Moment Health app is set to launch in October 2017.

5. Is it available on Android?

The Moment app is initially launching on iPhone, and will be available on Android very, very (very) soon, so please stay tuned! We are only a small team and want to get at least one version out asap.

6. Can I connect with other parents through Moment Health?

You sure can! We have a safe and thriving online community of likeminded new and expectant parents and we’d love you to join us any time you like or feel ready.

“There is a really clear vision here to support and encourage support among peers on our parenting journeys,” says Nuala.

You can find us chatting away at our Moment Community Group on Facebook.

We want to make sure people have a positive experience with our Moment Health Community, that’s why our first rule is No Judgement. It’s a space for our members to share openly, react with empathy and maintain a safe, supportive environment. While our group offers a community of peer support, for expert support we encourage people to reach out to NHS Mental Health Helplines.

7. How can Moment benefit relatives of new mums?

Moment Health benefits all kinds of people. It not only supports new parents and helps keep them safe, it also works for employers by showing their employees they care about their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their families. It also supports healthcare providers and clinicians in providing early intervention and positive solutions for their patients.

Moment Health benefits relatives of new mums, too. Whether you’re a partner, parent, guardian, aunt or sister to a new mum or parent, we recognise your role in supporting your loved one as they journey through pregnancy and parenthood.

We can work with relatives of new parents by offering practical guidance and reassurance for parents through our suite of offerings – the website, online community, app and more.

After all, it really does take a village.

8. How does Moment Health benefit healthcare providers?

Moment Health plans to link all mental healthcare stakeholders – parents, relatives, healthcare providers and clinicians included.

Research shows that 80 to 90 per cent of sufferers of prenatal and postnatal depression and associated anxieties recover with early intervention. By providing tools to help support parents and healthcare providers in both prevention and early intervention, Moment Health will act as a solution to reduce the £8.1 billion a year that perinatal mental health costs in the UK.

Using analytics-based technology, Moment Health provides valuable and accurate information that allows new parents and their clinicians to take the right steps to recovery.

Welcome to Moment Health. We’re delighted to be on this parenting journey with you. Together, let’s #MakeItMainstream.

A bit about Moment Health…

Moment Health is a technology company that aims to prioritise Maternal Mental Health and provide new parents with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental wellbeing – from pregnancy through to parenthood.

The Moment Health app has been developed with clinicians and healthcare professionals. It will screen for perinatal, postnatal and associated anxieties, and include additional features such as a helpful guide to practical and accessible coping strategies.

At Moment Health, our mission is to make maternal mental health mainstream #MakeItMainstream.

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