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It’s finally here! We’ve been working tirelessly to get the Moment app ready to change the lives of parents around the globe, and bring Maternal Mental Health into the mainstream.

Our app has been developed alongside leading clinicians and healthcare professionals to ensure it’s a top service for new parents like you.

We’re incredibly excited to be on this parenting journey with you. Together, we can normalise Maternal Mental Health and #MakeItMainstream.

Here’s what the app can do for you, and a quick how-to-use-it guide.

What The Moment App Does

The Moment Health app is for new and expectant mums and their families.

Our app is committed to making maternal mental health mainstream. Research shows that 80-90 per cent of parents suffering perinatal and postnatal depressions recover with early intervention.

That’s exactly why we’re harnessing the positive power of technology with an app that screens for perinatal, postnatal and associated anxieties, through the following innovative features:


Our early intervention symptoms checker can be used to detect signs of perinatal and postnatal depression and anxiety.

It’s an easy-to-use series of quick questions, all based on a survey regularly used by GPs, clinicians and other healthcare providers the world over to screen for early signs of PND.


The tracker allows you to quickly record your emotions and moods from pregnancy right through to early parenthood.

It provides a Weekly Mood Report, which shows at a glance how you’ve been feeling over the last days, weeks and months.

With the Tracker, any emotional changes that could potentially lead to a negative impact on your wellbeing can be picked up and treated very early on.


The Moment Health community is made up of likeminded parents like you.

The four major focuses for the community are to provide (1) Connectedness, (2) Support, (3) Companionship, and (4) Advice for our members.

Our community provides a space for our members to share openly and react with empathy in a safe and supportive environment.


Through our location tool, mums and dads can find exactly the kind of support and resources they need that are close and convenient to them.

The location tool recommends centres and groups in close proximity to you, based on where you are and what kind of support you need.

Meet Gavin... 

Before you go, we’d like to introduce you to someone – the developer behind the Moment app, Gavin Rooney. We know it’s not every day you get to see the faces behind the apps on your phone, but here at Moment Health we’re all about firsts! So, without further ado, here’s a quick Q&A with our man Gav.

Hi Gavin, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Of course! I come from a background in game development, and initially worked with a number of start-up companies in that field. After releasing a few titles, I moved on to enterprise products, but always remained very much involved with the start-up community in Ireland.
Ten years on, I’ve been fortunate enough to start working with Moment Health’s CEO and Founder, Nuala Murphy. After meeting Nuala for a quick coffee, she convinced me that we can use tech for good, and I was pretty quick to jump on board with that idea.

What were your main priorities when designing the app?

Security is always a major priority when creating new products from scratch. That’s why each and every choice that was made during the development process for the Moment app had security top of mind.
We were also determined to ensure the User Experience was on point. We understand that new parents are incredibly busy, so we wanted to make sure we kept things simple and straight to the point.

What are the basics of the app?

The Moment app contains many functions we feel can help new parents:
— Support from a community of people going through the same experience.
— Access to clinical surveys to check for signs of depression.
— An emotion tracker to allow new parents to track their mood in just a few taps.

What’s your favourite function of the app?

My favourite is the emotion tracker. Our long-term goal is to help prevent antenatal and postnatal depression. Our hope is that recording early changes in emotions/moods will allow early intervention, so this easy-to-use tracker is quite simply a game changer for everyone.

What makes the Moment app a great tool for parents?

The Moment Health service will give new parents quick and easy access to local support groups, online communities and the clinical surveys that their own GPs would use. This makes keeping track of their wellbeing a priority throughout pregnancy and parenthood, and in no time it’ll become second nature to them.

What makes you proud to be a part of Moment?

Without a doubt, the emotion tracker is something we have not seen done before for maternal health care. The potential for this research to help people in the future is enormous, and sets us on a path to really making a positive difference in the world. It’s not often an app has such big goals! I’m excited to see it make a positive difference to parents’ lives on a global scale.

The Moment app is now available from the App Store. It will also be available on Android very soon.

To join the Moment Community of supportive and likeminded new parents and peers, click www.facebook.com/groups/momentcommunity.

A bit about Moment Health…

Moment Health is a technology company that aims to prioritise Maternal Mental Health and provide new parents with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental wellbeing – from pregnancy through to parenthood.

The Moment Health app has been developed with clinicians and healthcare professionals. It will screen for perinatal, postnatal and associated anxieties, and include additional features such as a helpful guide to practical and accessible coping strategies.

At Moment Health, our mission is to make maternal mental health mainstream #MakeItMainstream.

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