Today is a huge day for us at Moment Health as we launch our consumer offering for new and expectant mums.

It has been months preparing for this and I am so excited as well as slightly anxious to get our first innovation out into the world – it really is incredible what we have done with the time and resource we had and I am very proud of the whole team for making it happen. It's hard to believe we only assembled our small team 7 months ago.

Thank you all for your continued support to Make Maternal Mental Health Mainstream and here's to a successful launch this evening with two of the UK's most popular community and peer support channels; The Motherload & #PNDHour

From 8pm-9pm tonight Moment Health will be co-hosting the 200th #PNDHour on Twitter with the award winning mental health campaigner Rosey Adams who has been running a peer support drop in via Twitter for 4 years now for mothers and parents. The focus of this hour will be talking about the importance of #Peersupport in order to sustain good mental health. A lot of the work we do via Lean In has demonstrated how peer support works for women and I am glad I can transfer my own skills in this area to benefit the well being of mothers.

I will also be hosting a live Q&A session on The Motherload’s Facebook group alongside Dr Richard Bunn in our ask the expert live chat. It's from 8.30pm, but you need to be a MOLO to get in on that one. So make sure you join them.

Thanks to you all for supporting this journey so far, who knew the Virgin Media #Voom competition of 2016 would lead to this… remember that video you all voted for?

And now its show time, let's Make Maternal Mental Health Mainstream. You can download our apps in both Android and Apple iOS stores now!*

* All feedback is good and we will learn as we go – this is only the beginning, let us know what you think and areas where we can improve because we are building this product for YOU!


A bit about Moment Health…

Moment Health is a technology company that aims to prioritise Maternal Mental Health and provide new parents with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental wellbeing – from pregnancy through to parenthood.

The Moment Health app has been developed with clinicians and healthcare professionals. It will screen for perinatal, postnatal and associated anxieties, and include additional features such as a helpful guide to practical and accessible coping strategies.

At Moment Health, our mission is to make maternal mental health mainstream #MakeItMainstream.

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