Early intervention and emotional wellbeing.

We’re proud of the work we’ve been doing and the ground we’ve gained in just the first quarter of this year, but we also see all too clearly how far we have to go to truly #makeitmainstream. We’re reminded when we look at the headlines; it’s brought to our attention when we look at fresh research being published – both our own and those from around the world; we hear it in the feedback from parents who are reaching out to us to share thanks for helping them on their journey, and telling us the kinds of products they need and would like to see us build from here. Technology is the perfect vehicle to improve our healthcare systems – it’s the reason I chose to make Moment Health a technology-driven support service from day one. We are with you all the way.

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Meet Moment Health’s new team member

We are beyond thrilled to welcome Bo Ren as Moment Health’s new advisor. Bo is a New York-based product guru who has worked with Facebook and Instagram and written for the Atlantic, New York Times and Girlboss. “I’m super excited to be joining Moment Health as an advisor. I believe in humanising technology and that is exactly what Moment Health is doing, detecting early signs of mental health issues,” says Bo. We’re just as excited to have you on board, Bo. In the words of our CTO and cofounder, Gavin Rooney: “It is great to have someone with Bo’s experience on strategy and product to really help us fine tune our tech offering.” Welcome, Bo! We look forward to working with you to make maternal mental health mainstream. Read Bo’s piece on egg freezing and tech paternalism.

Hitting the headlines

Reading the seemingly ever increasing number of articles about maternal mental health from around the world is bittersweet – it shows that our mission to make maternal mental healthcare a global priority is taking hold, but it also highlights the great need that still exists for so many parents who are struggling without being heard or helped. Some of the stories our team discussed at length this month include: the Duchess of Cambridge announcing her plans to support early intervention for children and families, and to raise awareness of issues relating to perinatal, maternal and infant mental health; increasing coverage on the rise of the femtech category. In fact, its growth rate is such that the category is estimated to be worth $50 billion by 2025; and that a recent survey uncovered disappointing findings when it comes to women in the workplace, including the fact that almost half of employers believe it reasonable to ask women – as early on as recruitment stage – whether or not they have children. Read our CEO Nuala Murphy’s inspiring reaction piece to the study here. And this insightful profile piece just published in Silicon Valley Global gives a peek into our journey so far, and what we have planned in the months ahead.

 Maternal Mental Health Conference 2018

We are so proud and honoured to be a key sponsor and contributor to Northern Ireland’s inaugural Maternal Mental Health Conference, taking place on May 3. Since announcing the conference just a few short weeks ago, the response has been incredible. Tickets sold out earlier this week, but you can still click here if you’d like to join the waitlist. It’s a full day event that’s being curated by leaders from the National Childbirth Trust, Sure Start, PANGS NI (a peer support group), renowned perinatal mental health blogger Lindsay Robinson (Have You Seen That Girl?), and ourselves. Our goal is to foster learning, find new ways to collaborate in our efforts to minimise the impact perinatal illness has on families, and inspire our attendees to become champions for change and help us #makeitmainstream. We hope to see you there.

A bit about Moment Health…

Moment Health is a technology company that aims to prioritise Maternal Mental Health and provide new parents with the tools and knowledge they need to sustain good mental wellbeing – from pregnancy through to parenthood.

The Moment Health app has been developed with clinicians and healthcare professionals. It screens for perinatal, postnatal and associated anxieties, and includes additional features such as a helpful guide to practical and accessible coping strategies.

At Moment Health, our mission is to make maternal mental health mainstream #MakeItMainstream.

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