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Aliviolan – a special gel to soothe aching joints and back

Aliviolan Gel is a compositionally advanced ointment that will help us deal with persistent joint, spine, and muscle ailments and return to full mobility. In the formula of this preparation you will find the whole range of highly valued plant extracts that simultaneously: counteract inflammation, eliminate pain, reduce swelling and degeneration, accelerate regeneration processes. A great advantage of the Aliviolan preparation is its fast and strong action, which allows to eliminate pains and renew joints, tendons, spine or muscles in a relatively short period of time.

Aliviolan – a remedy for joint ailments


Return to full mobility and get rid of nagging pain in just a month? The manufacturers of Aliviolan convince us that it is possible thanks to the modern macromolecular hydrogel formula used in this extraordinary preparation.

Thanks to the unique combination of active substances and high absorption rate, Aliviolan is able to effectively and quickly regenerate damaged tissues and eventually lead to their complete reconstruction. Aliviolan ointment therefore has better effects than competing products, which usually consist of 2-3 ingredients and only temporarily drown out pain, but have no effect on tissue regeneration.

Aliviolan – confronting the old with the new

back pain

Back and joint pains, swellings, a feeling of stiffness and limited mobility – these are tiring and make everyday life difficult and we usually try to fight them with the help of tablets. Unfortunately they are not fully effective, and what is more, if we use them constantly and for a long time, they may endanger our health. First of all, they poison our body, they are also a great burden for the digestive tract and some organs such as stomach and liver.

Therefore, it is not worth to torture yourself with subsequent portions of tablets and try something else. A good alternative to oral joint preparations is the discussed Aliviolan, which acts directly on the site of inflammation and pain, not passing through the digestive tract before. Thus, its use is safe and without the risk of side effects that are often caused by pills.

ginger root

The crowning asset of the Aliviolan ointment is a unique combination of plant extracts known for their strong regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The composition of ingredients is based on ancient, herbal monk recipes, and, as we know, centuries-old natural medicine has no equal in the fight against numerous diseases and ailments, including those related to the musculoskeletal system.

In this case, however, tradition alone proved to be insufficient. The old formulas were confronted with the latest achievements of molecular biology and only this combination proved to be an effective method of eliminating joint ailments.

Aliviolan – composition of the preparation

As already mentioned, in the composition of Aliviolan ointment you can find a rich complex of plant extracts endowed with valuable properties in elimination of joint ailments. The most important components of the preparation are:

1. devil’s claw extract

Devil’s clawor devil’s claw is a common name for the medicinal plant called hacrocora rosea (Harpagophytum procumbens DC.) which grows mainly in African countries. Devil’s claw is rich in valuable health-promoting substances, among which iridoids play a special role. Thanks to them devil’s claw shows strong anti-inflammatory properties and effectively relieves pain of joints, spine, muscles and bones, soothes swellings, inhibits ailments due to rheumatic and arthritic background.

2. ginger extract

Ginger is one of the most valuable medicinal plants when it comes to its warming, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. Thanks to these assets ginger fights ailments of the joints or spine with doubled power – on the one hand it brings clear relief by warming up and relieving pain, on the other hand it acts from the inside by stimulating blood circulation, stimulating regeneration processes, as well as destroying harmful microorganisms and fighting inflammations spreading within tissues.

3. hot pepper extract

Hot pepper extract, full of capsaicin, is another ingredient with a warming effect, soothing pain and eliminating inflammation, at the same time stimulating blood circulation and activating regeneration processes of ill tissues.

4 Witch hazel extract

Witch hazel is a plant with many therapeutic applications. It reduces joint ailments, supports treatment of rheumatism, reduces effects of muscle and joint strains, fights inflammations, exhibits antibacterial, disinfecting and astringent properties. It accelerates wound healing, eliminates swelling, soothes pains, seals capillaries.

5. lavender extract

Lavender is a very important complement of the composition supporting joint health. It has relaxing and analgesic properties, thanks to which it helps to get rid of the annoying feeling of tension and stiffness in joints and spine area and to alleviate pains.

In addition to these substances, the composition of the gel Aliviolan gel contains a number of other plant extracts that support regeneration processes, reduce inflammatory conditions and have a positive effect on the functioning of joints and muscles, such as ginkgo biloba, garlic or peppermint.


Aliviolan effects

For whom is it designed Aliviolan and what effects does it have? In fact, it is a preparation that works well both for elderly people, suffering from rheumatism and arthritis, and for younger ones, struggling with joint pains caused by a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, wearing uncomfortable shoes, performing heavy, strenuous physical work, etc. The product will also work well for people who are active, and for those, who are not able to take it for granted. The product will also be useful for people who are active in sports and are prone to injuries, strains and strained muscles and joints. In each case Aliviolan leads to a reduction of pain and accelerates the recovery of affected tissues.

The most commonly observed effects of Aliviolan ointment are:

back pain
  • Express relief of pain located in the joints, muscles and spine;
  • improvement of the joint mobility;
  • return to the former physical fitness;
  • restoration of joints;
  • elimination of such symptoms as: spine stiffness, knocking in knee joints and other, excessive muscle tension;
  • rapid reduction of inflammation and swelling around the joints and spine;
  • inhibition of degenerative disease progression;
  • faster regeneration after contusions, dislocations, bruises and other injuries;
  • comprehensive strengthening and protection of joints.

Aliviolan – opinions

Aliviolan is one of the most highly rated preparations fighting joint ailments. In many aspects it is superior to competing products, but most of all it kills classic painkillers, which are of no use in case of more persistent and chronic pain in joints and spine. Painkillers only suppress pain, but do not fight the cause of the problem. Aliviolan behaves differently. Opinions about this product are unanimous – the ointment is very effective, it warms up strongly and stimulates blood circulation, at the same time it relaxes and lightly anesthetizes.

With increased blood flow, components with regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects are released. The substances reach the affected tissues directly, which can be felt – there is relief from pain, and day by day joints and muscles work better and better.

Positive reviews of the Aliviolan ointment can be heard and read on the Internet by seniors and younger people, both those with active lifestyles and those who prefer not to exercise. This proves that no matter what the cause of the problem is, Aliviolan always helps to relieve annoying joint pain.

People who have eliminated joint problems with Aliviolan and can enjoy impeccable performance again often mention another important point. They emphasise that in addition to the application of the preparation it is worth helping the joints in other ways, which will only make regaining the former shape faster and easier. First of all, it is recommended to perform special exercises that strengthen joints, to use joint-friendly forms of active recreation (e.g. swimming, nordic walking), as well as to introduce a diet rich in calcium, magnesium, protein, omega 3 acids, vitamins A, C and D.

Aliviolan – price and purchase of the product

If we want to immediately start fighting for healthy, pain-free joints or spine and as part of this fight we decide to purchase Aliviolan, we can do it via The official website of the product, which can be accessed by clicking here. This website is the only safe source of purchase.

Buying Aliviolan through the distributor’s website, we are sure of the originality and the highest effectiveness of the product. As far as the price of the product is concerned, it may not be the lowest, but it is natural that you have to pay a little for high quality. Good news for those who are frugal is that the manufacturer of the preparation often provides special discounts, which you can use when purchasing.

Official site of Aliviolan joint ointment


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