Eroxel – new capsules for penis enlargement. Big promises from the manufacturer, but how about the effects?

Eroxel is supposed to be the answer to the needs of men who would like to enlarge the size of their penis in a non-invasive way. One cannot accuse these capsules of poor composition, however, on the other hand, not only the amount of active substances in the preparation, but also their choice and proportions are important. If the composition is proper, only then you can count on activating the process of penis volume increase. Does Eroxel have a perfectly selected composition and can we count on a noticeable enlargement of the manhood after it? Let’s check!

Honey, I have a headache…

A man has a headache

Shying away from sex under the pretext of a headache or other arguments was until recently the domain of women, but nowadays the roles have reversed. Reality shows that it is menwho avoid sex, and this fact unfortunately concerns more and more men. The problem lies in complexes related to too small size of penis, which in addition many times goes hand in hand witherectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

The saying goes that size does matter, but most men are not blessed by nature. More and more often guys come to the conclusion that the size of their penis does not allow them to fully satisfy their partner. This conviction is accompanied by lack of self-confidence, withdrawal, sense of shame, frustration, bad moods and even depression. If we constantly have in our minds that our penis is too small and that as a result we are poor lovers, the quality of our life (not only in bed), deteriorates significantly. How to remedy this problem?

Dietary supplements for penis enlargement

Eroxel package

Manufacturers of dietary supplements try to cope with the problem of a small penis and create more and more new capsules which are supposed to stimulate growth centimetres in length and thickness of thepenis. Unfortunately, as is the case with every group of preparations, only a small number of them show high effectiveness. One of the newest propositions on the market is Eroxel, which attracts the attention of a growing number of men dissatisfied with their penis size and the quality of their intercourse.

Eroxel is presented as an effective antidote for small manhood and limited sexual power. On the manufacturer’s website we read that treatment with Eroxel capsules will give us the possibility to have intercourse even 5 times under in a row and it is worth noticing – with a penis longer by 7 cm. The promises are very big, but can the composition of active ingredients present in Eroxel give us such spectacular effects?

Eroxel composition

Successful sex several times in a row, an erection prolonged by 50 minutes, and at the same time an increase in the length of the penis within 7 cm and its girth within 2.5 cm – these are very ambitious tasks which Eroxel is supposed to cope with.

Let’s see what are the ingredients of these capsules and whether they are really able to so dramatically change both the size and efficiency of our penis:

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    Licoriceroot – is a treasure trove of many vitamins and minerals, thanks to which it comprehensively supports health, adds vitality and helps maintain good sexual performance. Licorice also contributes to lowering our susceptibility to stress and reducing nervous tension. This promotes a greater appetite for sex.
  • Sarsaparilla – another highly regarded herbal remedy with dozens of health-promoting properties. One of the actions of this ingredient is to improve potency and sexual ability as well as increase strength, vitality and physical vigor.
  • L-arginine – an amino acid which plays a very important role in erection. Thanks to L-arginine blood vessels within the penis expand and larger amounts of blood are pumped into its tissues. As a result of this process we can count on strong, full and longer lasting erections. An additional advantage of L-arginine is an increase in the amount of semen, and thus more abundant ejaculations.

Evaluation of the composition and action of Eroxel capsules

As already mentioned, the manufacturer of Eroxel capsules provides a significant increase in the size of the penis, in addition, a multiple increase in sexual ability (we can have sex several times in a row) and an extension of the duration of the erection by almost an hour. The composition ofthe preparation does not seem but strongenough to beable to cope with all these tasks. It contains relatively few substances that strongly stimulate blood circulation in the genital area and cause gradual enlargement of the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

Ground mace

What ismissing is atleast mace groundmace and fenugreek – these are one of the most effectivesubstances known which stimulate the process of penisenlargement and production of testosterone by male organism. Both substances (together or separately) are ingredients of many high quality dietary supplements aimed at men who have problems with potency or small penis size.

Nevertheless, leaving aside the issue of lack of several substances, the composition of the preparation seems good. Thanks to the presence of ginseng root, maca root or L-arginine, Eroxel capsules will surely contribute to improving the quality of erections, increasing libido, enhancing sexual performance and eliminating problems with premature ejaculation and maybe even adding some inches to our manhood.

Eroxel – reviews

Eroxel cannot be denied positive reviews. They can be found on the product’s website, as well as on blogs and forums. However, going a little deeper into the meanders of the Internet, you can also find average and weak comments about this product. However, there is no point in taking into account either favourable or unfavourable opinions. Divergent opinions are a normality when it comes to dietary supplements and their effects. They should only help us decide whether to buy a given preparation or not. However, they cannot be an oracle.

What do Internet users say about Eroxel? Positive comments often refer to improved erection power after using the product, increased satisfaction from sex, increased penis volume and an overall increase in sexual performance. On the other hand, the worse opinions focus on the fact that the product works with low to moderate potency and gives weaker effects in relation to what the manufacturer promises. What is more, buying this remedy is very expensive and the pills run out quickly. For a pack containing 15 capsules we will pay as much as for a month’s treatment with other preparations.


male and female

Eroxel contains several substances that can improve blood flow through the penis, and thus strengthen erections and increase penis volume. However, the composition of ingredients does not seem to be the strongest on the market. It is definitely worth testing Eroxel, it will undoubtedly have a positive effect on our sexual performance, allow us to be better lovers and improve the power and appearance of our manhood.

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