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Extra Mind, the multi-tasking brain activator. Boost your mind’s capacity right away!

Extra Mind is a new dietary supplement designed to increase brain potential and eliminate all the problems that stand in the way of personal development. If you’re familiar with the phenomenon of slowed thought processes, decreased concentration and intellectual performance, inner blockade, difficulty in making decisions or lack of creativity, Extra Mind shouldn’t escape your attention. It is based on a special formula that improves the functioning of neurons and enhances the capabilities of the human brain. The comprehensive action in improving mental performance is one of Extra Mind‘s most important assets. The supplementation will benefit virtually anyone who feels that their mind could work more effectively and quickly, as well as anyone who struggles with lack of confidence or difficulty communicating with others.

Brain in slow motion? Poor mental health? These are symptomatic of today’s society!

A large part of society is affected by larger or smaller problems related to the work of the psyche. These problems are of different types and with varying degrees of severity. Less frequently we deal with typical mental illnesses or more severe disorders, such as depression or schizophrenia. On the other hand, we can most often encounter relatively mild, but not without a negative impact on our quality of life, ailments such as:

  • neuroses,
  • depressive disorders,
  • chronic stress,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • concentration and memory disorders,
  • reduced intellectual productivity,
  • emotional instability,
  • mood disorders,
  • social withdrawal,
  • low self-esteem,
  • problems with self-acceptance,
  • decreased motivation in life,
  • interpersonal problems.

The mentioned disorders almost always cast a shadow over our whole life. They result in chronic deterioration of well-being, negatively influence our behaviour and social relations, inhibit our emotional, intellectual and professional development, and simply disturb our everyday functioning.

What are the causes of psychological problems?


Mental deterioration and various mental problems are usually associated with a disturbed neurotransmitter balance in the brain.

Neurotransmitters (e.g., dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, epinephrine, GABA) are substances that enable impulses to be transmitted between neurons and, as a result, regulate mood, improve mental function, and increase intellectual potential.

If the concentration of neurotransmitters is too low, it adversely affects our mood, emotions and mental abilities.

If we don’t want mental problems to block our development, negatively influence our contacts with other people, and lower our quality of life, it’s worth trying to normalize the levels of neurotransmitters, and the most effective way to do that is by using dietary supplements rich in substances with a nootropic (pro-cognitive) effect.

Plant nootropics (e.g. gotu kola, rhodiola rosea, Bacopa monnieri and others), by influencing the activity of neurotransmitters, improve cognitive processes, increase brain plasticity, relieve stress and tension, stabilize the nervous system, and trigger positive states and traits in us, such as:

  • self-confidence,
  • high motivation,
  • satisfaction,
  • the will to act,
  • creativity,
  • high intellectual performance,
  • multitasking,
  • courage,
  • The body has a high level of energy, and this is why it has been shown to have a positive effect on the functioning of the brain.

One of the dietary supplements containing high quality substances which improve the work of the brain and comprehensively improve mental functions is this Extra Mind.

Extra Mind – a multi-tasking brain activator

Extra Mind

Life in the modern world presents us with many difficult tasks. In order to cope with them, we must act dynamically and make decisions quickly, as well as stay in good mental and physical shape at all times.

Today we also need to be able to communicate with others, be resistant to stress and pressure, be able to distance ourselves from problems and quickly put out bad emotions and release good ones. However, many of us lack these qualities.

To improve mental shape, increase intellectual potential, and develop traits and abilities that will allow us to function better in the modern world, it is worth implementing a few simple tips on working on yourself, and at the same time use brain boosters such as Extra Mind.

This is the best way to achieve internal balance, stress reduction, comprehensive improvement of thought processes, and at the same time spread wings in many areas of life.

Tips to improve concentration and memory and increase intellectual potential

  • Take care of proper oxygenation of the brain – bet on regular physical activity, spend time outdoors, work mentally with the window open, often ventilate the rooms in which you spend time.
  • Ensure a diet rich in nutrients important for the brain. Say no to junk food! Eat a healthy and varied diet. Eat foods rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, protein, B vitamins and magnesium.
  • Take care of a good quality of sleep. The mind in an unrested, unregenerated body works much worse, so it is worth taking care of a good quality, adequately long sleep. Try to go to bed always at the same time, sleep in a ventilated room, before going to bed try to relax and calm your nerves, devote about 7-8 hours of sleep (read more: How to sleep better).
  • Read! Reading not only enriches your imagination and increases the plasticity of your brain, but it also helps to improve concentration and mental productivity. Try to set aside at least half an hour or an hour every day for reading. This may or may not be books, newspapers or articles on the Internet on topics that interest us will also work.
  • Train your mind! Try to keep learning new things – it’s a great way to develop your brain. Do simple exercises to improve memory and activate the brain to work (such as counting backwards, memorizing all the objects encountered, trying to repeat passages of text, trying to write and draw with the left hand, etc.). An excellent workout for the brain are also various word games, number games, logic games, memory games, puzzles.

Tips to improve your mental condition, reduce tension, anxiety and stress, improve the quality of your inner life

Illustration showing the head, the outline of the brain and the inscription: reset your mind
  • Take care of a dose of rest every day. After fulfilling your professional and private obligations, take an hour for yourself and relax in your favourite way (e.g. by listening to music, taking a bath, reading, etc.).
  • Opt for meditation. Regularly meditating is a highly effective way of distancing yourself from everyday problems, relaxing, reducing stress and regaining inner balance.
  • If you’re bubbling with anger and negative emotions, relieve them! In this case, the best solution is physical exercise, such as running out, increased training, intensive cleaning, etc.
  • Use affirmations. Think of yourself in a positive way, convince yourself that you have a lot of value, that you have the strength to do a certain thing, that you will definitely succeed. Don’t let negative thoughts and emotions dominate you. Look at life optimistically. Learn to catch bad emotions and nip them in the bud. Positive thinking and turning intentions into action is the key to personal growth and success in life.
  • Use dietary supplements that will make you immune to stressors and activate and strengthen your mind.

Extra Mind and its unique advanced formula

Extra Mind

The creators of Extra Mind have developed a formula consisting of some of the strongest substances known for their mind stimulating properties. It is worth noting, however, that these substances are fully safe, do not cause any side effects and are not addictive. They work in accordance with the natural rhythm of our body, they are well absorbed and highly effective in improving the functioning of the intellect.

Thanks to a special, intelligent combination of ingredients, Extra Mind activates the four parts of the brain responsible for memory, concentration, mental productivity and mental energy, thus expanding our mental abilities.

Stimulation of the brain, broadening of horizons, greater clarity and openness of mind, better memory, concentration and assimilation of new knowledge, better mood and greater ability to develop oneself, discovering the true potential of our brain – these are the properties of Extra Mind resulting from its unique formula.


For whom is Extra Mind a good choice?

TheExtra Mind formula has a multi-level effect on our mind, so it will benefit a wide range of people with different expectations. It is directed practically to anyone who would like to improve brain function, regenerate nerves, improve mental condition, increase mental abilities, get rid of limitations that hinder personal development and career.

Here are some specific examples of Extra Mind applications. Who will benefit from supplementation?

  • All people who do intellectual work requiring creativity, the ability to formulate thoughts quickly and efficiently, and analytical skills.
  • Learners who want to increase their ability to absorb new information, improve their ability to remember and later retrieve acquired knowledge, and improve their concentration.
  • People who want to eliminate stress, bad emotions, fears, low self-esteem and other negative factors that inhibit self-development and promote social isolation.
  • People whose work requires dynamic action and rapid reaction and decision-making.
  • Those wishing to accelerate their professional careers.
  • Want to improve your speaking and dialogue skills.
  • Those who want to be more confident and better perceived in their environment.

Undoubtedly, if you are in any of the above or similar situations, it is worth reaching for this supplement.

Extra Mind – opinions, effects

man showing thumb gesture ok

Extra Mind is one of the most interesting dietary supplements that improve brain function. It works in many dimensions, solving numerous problems and psychological ailments that modern man has to deal with. Opinions about Extra Mind are mostly positive. The most frequently cited effects of the preparation include:

  • more efficient brain work,
  • better ability to focus attention,
  • increased creativity and mental agility,
  • greater alertness, quicker reactions,
  • elimination of chronic fatigue, apathy, sluggishness, unwillingness to act,
  • reduction of stress, tension, neurotic problems,
  • greater distance from problems,
  • improved memory, reduced forgetfulness,
  • greater absorption of the mind, more effective learning, better results in exams,
  • Improved relationships with other people at work and in private,
  • faster climbing the career ladder,
  • greater self-confidence, strengthening of positive personality traits,
  • more open mind, development of previously unseen abilities and positive character traits.

Extra Mind – purchase

If you are interested in purchasing the mind booster Extra Mind, we refer you directly to the safe website of the manufacturer of the preparation, where you can purchase it at a promotional price.

Extra Mind



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