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Fungalor Plus, the fast way to get rid of toenail and foot fungus

Fungalor Plus is one of the most popular remedies for tinea pedis. A unique combination of natural substances not only eliminates pathogenic fungi and symptoms of the disease, but also minimises the risk of reinfection. This is important because tinea, as any infection, can be easily infected. Not only walking barefoot in public places, but even on the carpet in your own home, may carry the risk of infection.

Tinea pedis – causes of the disease as common as it is troublesome

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Any type of ringworm most often attacks the body with weakened immunity, whether due to disease or other circumstances.

Undoubtedly, it is favoured by systemic diseases, such as circulation disorders of the lower limbs, hormonal disorders, diabetes, immune system disorders, and finally an inappropriate diet, containing too much sugar and fat.

It influences the accumulation of food toxins and disorders in absorption of vitamins and minerals, and this in turn results in the weakening of the organism and an increased susceptibility to fungal attack.

Excellent conditions for mycosis development are swimming pools, saunas, gyms, fitness clubs, rooms and bathrooms in hotels and boarding houses visited by many people. Therefore, this disease very often attacks, for example, athletes, or in general people who often use sports facilities. Therefore, it is necessary to absolutely refrain from walking barefoot in such places, and use publicly available sanitary facilities only in flip-flops.

Equally important is strict adherence to the rules of hygiene. Particularly vulnerable are also people who, for professional reasons, most of the day walking in protective shoes, or other, closely-fitting to the feet, made of plastic.

Foot mycosis – symptoms and accompanying ailments

Tinea ped is manifests itself in lesions of an erythematous and sc aling nature – scaling of the skin between the toes and on the soles of the feet, a specific plaque, itching, redness, excessive sweating. In many cases, fungal lesions also include the nails causing their permanent discoloration, keratosis and stratification of the nail plate.

Nail mycoses caused by mould and Candida fungus most often affect elderly people, which is connected with circulation disorders of lower limbs and slower growth of the nail plate.

It is worth emphasizing that tinea pedis may take on different character depending on individual conditions. However, in many cases advanced mycosis can lead to serious skin changes, for example wounds and complications in the form of inflammation of deep tissues or lymph nodes.

Tinea pedis – control and prevention

As already mentioned, it is essential to comply with the rules of hygiene. To prevent infection, you should either avoid public places, where it is easiest to contact with fungi, or take basic precautions.

It is worth taking care of a proper diet, which will be good for our health in general, and finally take care of your feet, use appropriate footwear and airy socks, wash your feet often, wipe them dry, apply antifungal agents, pay attention to any scratches or cracks in the skin.

Treatment of tinea should begin as soon as possible, then the prognosis will be much more favorable. Methods of treatment include topical action, involving the use of creams, ointments or aerosols and oral medication, the so-called general treatment. Oral preparations are used in cases of advanced, extensive changes, or when local treatment does not bring results.

Home remedies for ringworm. Is it worth using them?

If we are dealing with a fungal infection of a mild course or in its initial phase, we can try home remedies. Irreplaceable in this case are: tea oil, vinegar, garlic, grapefruit seed extract, as well as herbs with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea tree oil is particularly useful in treating ringworm. Apply it three times a day directly to the affected areas until the symptoms disappear and for another two weeks after they disappear.

Vinegar, garlic and grapefruit seed extract applied directly to the skin are good for peeling and redness between the toes. Known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, garlic and vinegar can also be applied internally, thus strengthening their effect.

In turn, herbs such as thyme, mint, sage, rosemary, oak bark, hawthorn, hops cones, sage can be made into an infusion for compresses or additives to the bath.

Fungalor Plus – a sensational way to treat tinea pedis

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The so-called home remedies will work better, however, if we treat them as a supplement to proper therapy. A prerequisite for effective combat with tinea pedis, however, is the use of specialized ointment with a suitable recipe.

Such a specification is, among others Fungalor Pluspreparation of confirmed action, which is the result of carefully developed formula. It eliminates all symptoms of mycosis, and positive effects of application are noticeable already after the first application.

This leading antifungal ointment allows to completely eliminate the annoying disease and its symptoms, moreover, it prevents its recurrence in the future.

It is safe to use and additionally restores a healthy look to your feet, reduces sweating and gives a pleasant fragrance.


What ingredients make Fungalor ointment?

The preparation contains the following substances: farnesol, klimbazol, vitamin E, essential oils, including peppermint oil, arnica, chamomile, sage, silver ions. The main active substances of the ointment are farnesol and klimbazole.

Farnesol, an organic chemical compound from the group of terpenes, blocks the development of fungal infection, closes sweat glands and inhibits bacterial growth, prevents the recurrence of infection.

On the other hand, klimbazole, showing strong antifungal properties, is widely used in many preparations used in various fungal infections of the skin. It not only effectively eliminates fungi from infected areas, but also inhibits their spread.

Vitamins play an important role in the treatment of mycosis, especially vitamin E. It contains natural alpha-tocopherol, a substance that is a strong antioxidant, destroys fungi, inhibits peeling, restores normal skin condition.

Essential oils , in turn, disinfect, relieve symptoms, including itching or burning, and give feet a pleasant smell. Not without significance is also the presence of silver ions, showing strong antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

The whole created composition causes Fungalor Plus effectively destroys fungal cells, eliminates unpleasant symptoms and consistently used effectively treats mycosis.

How does Fungalor Plus work?

Fungalor Plus

Perhaps the most important feature of the cream is the way it works. Due to the fact that, unlike other antifungal preparations, it penetrates deep into the skin, it proves to be effective even against fungi that are deeply rooted in the skin, and not only present on the surface.

The unique formula of the ointment, based on known medical antifungal substances and ingredients of plant origin, makes the ointment works well as a means to combat different forms of tinea pedis.

Combats such symptoms as:

  • redness,
  • itching,
  • burning,
  • flaking of the skin,
  • excessive sweating,
  • unpleasant odors.

More importantly, it destroys infected cells, disinfects, soothes irritation and enhances skin regeneration. Systematic use of the ointment also has a preventive dimension, because it prevents recurrence of the disease. Fungalor Plus also proves effective in case of onychomycosis. By penetrating the skin, it contributes to the reconstruction of the nail plate damaged by fungi.

Fungalor Plus – product opinions

Over-the-counter remedies usually find a wide response in comments posted on the internet. However, unlike many other such specifics, Fungalor Plus it gets the vast majority of positive feedback. Those who have already used the ointment, primarily emphasize its effectiveness. It turns out that applied 2-3 times a day on the affected areas, even after a week eliminates the annoying symptoms, and in the long term fights ringworm completely.

What’s more, numerous comments emphasize the beneficial effect of the ointment on the appearance of feet, which become moisturized and smooth. It is difficult to describe the satisfaction of those customers who thanks to Fungalor Plus once and for all got rid of this unpleasant and characterized by extremely unsightly symptoms disease.

Fungalor Plus – where to buy the ointment?

Due to the innovative formula of the specific product, it is best to use directly from the manufacturer‘s website. This way of purchase guarantees the quality and originality of the preparation and, consequently, a guarantee of effectiveness. It also allows you to take advantage of one of the numerous promotions.

Fungalor Plus


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