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Glucobalance – a natural preparation which helps to normalize blood sugar levels

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It is no exaggeration to say that diabetes is the scourge of our times. It is one of the most common diseases of civilisation, it is estimated that over 300 million people suffer from it. Glucobalance is a product that should interest every person with diabetes, as well as people in a pre-diabetic state and those who are noticing more and more frequent symptoms indicating disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism in their bodies.

Thanks to a well-composed mix of natural ingredients known for their positive influence on carbohydrate metabolism, Glucobalance helps to normalize sugar levels, inhibit the progress of diabetes and prevent its complications. A positive side effect of Glucobalance is also acceleration of the process of losing weight.

Diabetes is a silent destroyer of the body

Causes of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes belongs to civilization diseases, that is, diseases which develop as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and environmental conditions. The direct causes of type 2 diabetes are abnormalities in carbohydrate metabolism and impaired insulin secretion leading to persistently high blood sugar levels.

Where do such abnormalities come from? Unfortunately they have to do with our diet , and more specifically with too much simple sugars in the diet and excessive body weight. In addition to a poor diet, physical inactivity and alcohol abuse are also common factors contributing to the development of diabetes.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

  • rapid and easy weight gain,
  • excessive daytime sleepiness,
  • disorientation, distraction, malaise,
  • problems concentrating,
  • nervousness,
  • constant fatigue,
  • weakness,
  • attacks of ravenous hunger,
  • increased craving for sweets,
  • increased thirst,
  • vision problems,
  • hearing problems,
  • decreased immunity,
  • recurrent infections and inflammation,
  • dry skin,
  • frequent skin complaints,
  • apathy,
  • headaches,
  • abdominal pains,
  • excessive dry mouth,
  • tachycardia,
  • cramps.

What is the mechanism for the development of type 2 diabetes?

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When our diet is dominated by products with a high content of simple sugars (e.g. products made of white flour, ready-made meals, fast food, sweets, crisps), notorious spikes in blood glucose occur after meals. In order to compensate for the level of glucose in the blood, the pancreas secretes insulin (a hormone whose task is to deliver glucose from the blood to the tissues and thanks to which the sugar level is normalized).

The more rapid and frequent the spikes in blood sugar, the larger the deposits of insulin secreted. If a diet saturated with sugars accompanies us all the time, our tissues become more and more resistant to the action of insulin and stop capturing glucose from the blood.

As a result, instead of being used by tissues as an energy source, glucose circulates in the bloodstream in excess. Although insulin is produced more and more intensively, the concentration of glucose does not return to normal levels. Hence the phenomenon of constantly elevated sugar, and hence the difficulty in reducing it in diabetics.

Such a constant high level of glucose in the blood is a very unfavorable phenomenon, resulting in abnormalities in the functioning of many organs and systems, and as a result, increasing health problems in many areas.

Usually diabetes is preceded by pre-diabetes, which in turn is preceded by insulin resistance. Regardless of what stage of glycemic disturbances we are on, it is worth to modify our eating habits and introduce a diet conducive to lowering sugar levels.

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Preparations containing extracts from medicinal plants having sugar lowering effect are also invaluable support. Glucobalance is one of such preparations. The product is all the more interesting because it contains some of the best known natural substances as an antidote for high sugar.


Whether you have insulin resistance, are in a pre-diabetic state, or are struggling with type 2 diabetes, Glucobalance will help you stabilize your carbohydrate balance and improve your health.

Glucobalance works in 4 ways:

  • increases tissue sensitivity to insulin, thereby reducing insulin resistance,
  • leading to lower blood sugar levels,
  • reduces overweight and other conditions related to high blood sugar levels (e.g. drowsiness, fatigue, increased appetite for sweets, digestive disorders),
  • Protects organs and blood vessels from damage which may occur as a result of hyperglycemia (over-sugarosis), reduces the risk of diabetic complications.

Glucobalance – provides balance in sugar metabolism, takes care of the proper functioning of organs

Glucobalance is a specific controller of carbohydrate metabolism in the body. By normalizing sugar levels, it simultaneously ensures good condition and proper functioning of organs. By inhibiting the development of diabetes, it reduces the risk of kidney failure, heart attacks and strokes, eye diseases, neuropathy, and vascular disorders.

Glucobalance, especially when combined with a change in eating habits, gives fast and clear results in stabilizing sugar levels. The effectiveness of the preparation is due to its carefully designed formula. The supplement contains a composition of natural substances known for their positive effect on blood sugar levels. The duet of extracts from white mulberry and cinnamon bark plays an extremely important role here. It shows high activity in regulating carbohydrate metabolism.



How do the key ingredients in Glucobalance work?

White Mulberry Extract

Thanks to the alkaloid DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin), white m ulberry has a hypoglycemic (sugar lowering) effect. It slows down the digestion of carbohydrates and prevents their rapid absorption into the blood. In this way, it inhibits the phenomenon of sugar spikes and reduces the unpleasant symptoms associated with them (e.g. sluggishness and fatigue after meals, digestive disorders, sudden uncontrollable craving for sweets).

Along with reducing blood glucose levels, mulberry increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin and stabilizes its secretion. Regular use of white mulberry extracts prevents progression and aggravation of diabetes and reduces the risk of its complications (such as diabetic foot, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, vascular damage of the nervous system, nephropathy).

Cinnamon bark extract

Applied systematically and for a longer period of time, theextract from the bark of the cinnamon tree contributes to a pronounced lowering of the glucose concentration in blood (even by about 30%). At the same time it regulates insulin production and increases insulin sensitivity in tissues. By mobilizing cells to capture glucose and convert it into energy, it helps restore normal sugar levels. It also reduces the risk of diabetes complications such as retinopathy, kidney disease, vascular disease. Moreover, the ingredient also contributes to lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides, thus supporting the cardiovascular system.

In addition to restoring balance in the glucose-insulin balance, cinnamon bark extract also shows a number of other beneficial effects on our health: it speeds up metabolism, helps reduce fat tissue, reduces inflammation, warms up, has a mild analgesic effect, fights bacteria, viruses, fungi, alleviates digestive disorders.It fights bacteria, viruses, fungi, relieves digestive disorders, exhibits antioxidant properties (fights free radicals, protects cells from damage and acts anti-aging).

Glucobalance – efficient action, fast results

Thanks to an optimally selected blend of ingredients, Glucobalance provides comprehensive protection against diabetes – both its symptoms and consequences. By reducing blood sugar levels, it improves the work of the entire body. Importantly, its composition includes only natural ingredients that are completely safe for our health.

How Glucobalance works:

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  • lowers blood sugar levels,
  • regulates carbohydrate metabolism,
  • improves the functioning of the pancreas and liver,
  • regulates insulin secretion, reduces insulin resistance (makes tissues react better to glucose, which is efficiently converted into energy),
  • reduces excessive appetite, limits snacking between meals,
  • supports digestive processes,
  • supports the cardiovascular system, regulates blood pressure, lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides,
  • improves immunity, fights harmful free radicals and microorganisms, eliminates inflammation, reduces susceptibility to infections, allergies, colds,
  • inhibits aging processes, reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease, vision diseases,
  • positively influences our mood,
  • inhibits the development of diabetes and reduces the risk of its complications,
  • improves metabolism, facilitates weight loss.

Glucobalance – opinions

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Glucobalance in the opinions of users presents itself very well. Most commenters consider this preparation as an effective, and importantly, a very convenient way to lower sugar levels and improve health. For many people, the most important advantage of Glucobalance is the fact that when using this supplement, there is no need to take medications, herbs or any other supplements. The Glucobalance capsules are enough to gradually return sugar to normal.

It is worth noting that according to many opinions, Glucobalance not only regulates sugar, but also reduces other troublesome ailments. For many people the preparation has also become a valuable aid in weight reduction, and as we all know, returning to normal weight is a priority in the fight against diabetes.

Glucobalance reduces the appetite, eliminates the feeling of gastric suction, helps to regain control over calories consumed, also helps to switch to a healthier diet and limit sugar intake. What’s more, it accelerates the process of elimination of accumulated body fat, even from the most problematic areas (eg abdomen).





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