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Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt (Balteo belt) – an innovative magnetic belt to combat back pain

Do you suffer from back pain? Are you fed up with taking pills and looking for other ways to get rid of this ailment? Apart from home methods such as well-chosen exercises, baths, compresses, ointments or plasters, it is worthwhile to use the latest achievements of medical technology such as magnetic field spinal stabilizers.

Back pain – another disease of civilisation

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This commonly encountered ailment may have a very different basis. Most often it is temporary and results either from taking an uncomfortableposition for a longer period of time, or from overloading of muscles or tendons, or finally it may be a result of obesity or lack of physical activity.

In this case, we talk about overload back pain, which increases after physical effort and subsides after rest, is usually not felt at night and is not accompanied by stiffness of the joints in the morning.

Sometimes, however, this type of pain may be a symptom of a more serious disease of an inflammatory nature. Then, the pain does not go away with time, but intensifies, also appears at night, and in the morning there is stiffness in the joints that lasts for a long time. In addition, there may be numbness in the legs and a problem with locating the source of pain.

These types of symptoms are highly alarming and should absolutely be consulted by a doctor. This is because they may not be the result of injury or overload, and not even degenerative changes, but serious internal diseases – kidney infection, pancreatitis or cholecystitis, heart attack, or even cancer.

In the vast majority of cases, however, back pain is the result of a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, overweight and excessive loads, for example, in the form of carrying too heavy things, and therefore such factors that can be eliminated.

Treatment by a specialist and home remedies

Although usually not very serious, back pain can definitely make our lives miserable. After all, problems with moving or bending make it impossible to function normally, and constant use of painkillers is certainly not good for your health.

There are several home remedies to deal with back pain, although it must be remembered that if they do not give results, and the pain is intensified, does not let us sleep, is accompanied by the appearance of swelling and significant restriction of mobility, you need to see a doctor. The more so, because it can cause permanent deformities and disability, and sometimes, as already mentioned, such ailments can be symptoms of dangerous diseases.

Among the home remedies you can use:

  • not too strenuous stretching exercises, but carried out rather after consultation with a doctor or physiotherapist
  • hot baths with the addition of aromas such as lavender oil, herbs or sea salt;
  • warm compresses, are useful in cases of chronic injuries without swelling, they relax the muscles ;
  • cold compresses, or cryotherapy, used mostly in cases of acute injuries, reducing swelling and pain;
  • alternating cold and warm compresses, this treatment should be consulted with a doctor or physiotherapist.

As for strictly medical methods, in addition to rehabilitation treatments such as exercises, compresses, massages, ultrasound or current stimulation, doctors administer analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. In extreme cases, it may be necessary to perform a surgical procedure, for example, removal of part of the disc.

Innovative treatment methods for back pain

To cope with this unpleasant ailment, there is no need to reach for painkillers. Various joint ointments are widely available which have an anti-inflammatory effect and combat pain and swelling. They are composed of herbal extracts and specially selected minerals and other substances easing symptoms. Apart from them, the pharmaceutical market offers various oral joint preparations in the form of multi-ingredient supplements, joint patches, gel compresses, compression bands, and specialised mattresses.

These methods of combating pain are more or less traditional. However, constantly developing medical technology has more innovative solutions to offer to patients. One of them is magnetotherapy, a technique already widely used in the field of orthopaedics, rheumatology and even in internal diseases.

It is a method based on the treatment of magnetic fields, safe and effective, and in relation to ailments related to the spine, very effective. An interesting example of the application of magnetotherapy technique is a device called Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt.


The Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt – properties

The Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt

The unquestionable and most obvious advantage of the device is that we can perform physical therapy on our own, without incurring additional costs in the form of expensive treatments or massages.

This kind of investment is certainly worthwhile. The medical technology used here consists in the local application of an impulse magnetic field of a specific frequency and intensity.

The magnetic field penetrates cell membranes and reaches the inside of the cells, stimulating the process of supplying oxygen and nutrients. As a result, it speeds up regeneration mechanisms and has a positive effect on health.

The Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt, otherwise known as the Balteo Magnetic Belt, is a high quality spine stabilizer which has a very wide range of applications.

The belt not only has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, but also supports the regeneration of joints, bones and muscles and improves blood circulation, thus relieving suffering while promoting overall regeneration of the body. Thanks to magnetic impulses penetrating deep into tissues, it improves the process of nutrition and tissue respiration, which consequently contributes to faster recovery.

The device is made of washable, durable and resistant to damage material. Thanks to its elastic fibres it adapts well to the shape of the body, at the same time exerting sufficient pressure on a given area of the body. It does not cause problems when worn and is completely invisible under clothing.

Magnetic belt Balteo – function

Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt allows you to avoid restrictions and discomfort resulting from back problems. It works well for sciatica as well as for injuries, contusions or strains. Apart from people suffering from specific ailments, it is recommended for people who, due to their occupation, remain in one position for a long time, sitting or standing, thus exposing themselves to excessive strain on certain groups of joints, bones and muscles.

The use of the belt in the long term brings good therapeutic effects. It allows to forget about the pain, significantly improves the range of mobility, contributes to the elimination of swelling and inflammation. Long-term positive effects of wearing the magnetic belt include both permanent tissue regeneration and, which is not without significance for the comfort of our lives, improvement of health and the condition of the whole body and a better feeling of well-being.

Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt – opinions about the device

Conventional methods of combating back pain often do not bring the expected results. This is why modern devices based on innovative, highly effective technology, such as the Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt, are very popular among people suffering from this type of ailment.

Customers who have purchased the Balteo Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt report quick positive effects in the form of muscle relaxation and gradual pain relief, followed by an overall improvement in fitness and mobility. The final results are, of course, individually dependent. Nevertheless, it can be concluded that the Balteo belt fulfils its tasks very well.

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Balteo Hip+Knee Magnetic Belt


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