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Jelly Bear Hair – regain beautiful, healthy, strong hair with the help of vitamin super-gels!

Jelly Bear Hair are hair vitamins and minerals, which stand out among other competitive products in an unusual form. These are neither tablets, nor capsules, nor preparations for rubbing in, but jellies – teddy bears, which each of us had to deal with many times in childhood. Is this cute variant of the hair supplement up to the task?

What affects the condition of hair? Why Does Hair Fall Out?

blow-drying hair

At first glance, we take good care of our hair. In fact, without even realizing it, we are constantly exposing our hair to weakening, dryness and damage by dying, straightening or curling it (especially using a curling iron).

Exposure to strong sunlight, air conditioning, environmental pollution and finally improper diet, low in vitamins and minerals, which have a huge impact on the condition of skin and hair, also do not contribute to hair condition. Particularly dangerous in this context are all strict weight-loss diets that eliminate important nutrients from the menu.

Of course, good cosmetics improve the appearance and condition of hair, but proper nutrition is crucial for hair health. If your hair becomes dull and brittle and starts to fall out excessively, it is a sign that you should change your diet and reach for supportive preparations in the form of vitamin supplements. The kind of diet has a decisive influence on the functioning and health of the whole organism, including the skin and hair.

A sufficient amount of vitamins and trace elements in the diet also means beautiful, healthy and strong hair. B vitamins play a particularly important role here, although not the only one, as they directly participate in the process of hair growth and protect it against harmful external factors or disease.

Jelly Bear Hair is a specialised vitamin preparation, which may be a valuable supplement to deficiencies of important substances which are very much needed by our hair.

Jelly Bear Hair

Jelly Bear Hair – the composition of the preparation. A composition of several active substances provides exceptional care for your hair

Weakened, falling out, damaged, lifeless and dull hair requires comprehensive help in the form of a complete set of vitamins and elements, which are usually insufficient in our diet. Of course, you can try a variety of natural methods, ranging from the use of cosmetics designed to care for and strengthen the hair to such changes in the diet, which provide the body the necessary nutrients in this context.

While in no way diminishing the importance of such methods, on the contrary, supporting them wholeheartedly, it is worth paying attention to the supporting solutions, in a way, in the form of ready-made, high quality oral preparations.

Jelly Bear Hair is a dietary supplement, emphasizing the replenishment of all the mineral and vitamin components which have a beneficial effect on hair. What’s more, each of the elements is present here in a very high dose (500%, 200% or 100% of the daily requirement for a given ingredient in two jellies), which is an undoubted advantage of the preparation.

Here is its exact composition:

  • biotin,
  • thiamine,
  • vitamin B6,
  • niacin,
  • pantothenic acid,
  • vitamin B12,
  • folic acid,
  • vitamin A,
  • vitamin E,
  • zinc,
  • selenium,
  • copper.


Jelly Bear Hair vitamin gel for hair loss

The importance of the individual substances in the supplement formula


Biotin is also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. Because it participates in the metabolism of proteins and fats, the absorption of vitamin C and a number of other metabolic processes, it has an undeniable effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It improves their structure and prevents them from falling out, as it has a positive influence on the hair root, the so-called matrix.

It creates strong and flexible sulfur bonds binding hair stems, not only strengthening them, but also giving shine to those that are thin and dull. By maintaining a proper zinc concentration in the skin, it prevents greying of hair and hair loss. Moreover, conditioning the proper functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands, it reduces the process of hair greasiness and skin inflammations.

It is also worth knowing that biotin has many other beneficial properties – by improving the functioning of the heart and circulatory system it has an anti-atherosclerotic effect, supports the nervous system, normalizes blood glucose levels. Biotin deficiency may occur in pregnant women, smokers, alcohol abusers, and people taking certain drugs, antibiotics, or hormonal contraceptives.


Vitamin B1, or thiamine, is involved in the formation of amino acids, i.e. the building blocks of hair, and provides energy to hair cells and skin cells by nourishing them. But that is not all, vitamin B1 regulates the sebaceous glands, preventing excessive oiliness. Deficiencies of this vitamin may therefore cause dandruff, seborrhoea, brittleness, dullness and lack of elasticity of hair, as well as split ends, slow growth, hair loss.

Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is important for hair growth and helps maintain its colour. It is responsible for mechanical properties of hair, its strength, flexibility, elasticity, maintains proper moisture level, protects hair against unfavourable weather and environmental factors. Together with thiamine it prevents seborrhea, but also excessive dryness of hair.


Vitamin B3 or PP or niacin nourishes the scalp and has a positive effect on the condition of hair follicles. What’s more, clinical studies have shown that this substance is actively involved in the repair of DNA and thus also damage to the scalp and the hair itself. In addition, niacin supports the production of keratin, prevents hair loss, stimulates new hair growth, is responsible for its proper moisture content, improves the condition of the hair.

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenicacid is otherwise known asvitamin B5, also commonly known as panthenol. Its influence on the condition of skin and hair is multifaceted. The most important properties of pantothenic acid in this regard include

  • activation of matrix cells responsible for hair growth
  • stimulation of keratin production
  • participating in the metabolism of fatty acids and, as a consequence, nourishing and regenerating hair
  • formation of the protective layer of hair
  • maintaining proper moisture level of skin and hair

Pantothenic acid is an effective solution to many hair problems – it stimulates their growth, prevents split ends, makes them well nourished, shiny and resilient.

Jelly Bear Hair vitamin jelly

Vitamin B12

Also called red vitamin, cobalamin or cyanocobalamin, vitamin B12 is an important nutrient not only for the condition of the skin. Its deficiency, often combined with iron deficiency, leads to anemia. Lack of vitamin B12 in the body manifests itself with characteristic signs in the form of unhealthy, yellow-brown skin, delaminating nails, increasingly weak, dry and brittle, and then hair loss.

Folic acid

Folicacid, or vitamin B9, has a ton of important functions in the body. There are so many of them, and they are so important, that thousands of scientific treatises have been devoted to the role of folic acid. Since folic acid is an exogenous substance, that is, the body does not produce it on its own, it must be supplied with food. Vitamin B9 is essential for growth and reproduction, because it participates in the synthesis of nucleic acids, i.e. the genetic material of cells. One of the reasons for that is that hair grows strong and healthy and does not fall out too much.

Among other significant effects, only a few should be mentioned in order to realize the importance of this substance. These include aspects such as: beneficial influence on the functioning of the nervous system and participation in the production of serotonin, participation in the formation of red blood cells, supporting the functioning of the digestive system, in particular the stomach, liver, and intestines, and finally reducing the risk of colon, stomach, and cervical cancer.

Vitamin A

It is a substance consisting of retinol and its derivatives – beta carotene and carotenoids. Its importance for hair health cannot be overestimated; next to B vitamins, it is probably the most important one. Since it is responsible for proper metabolism of body cells, including hair cells, the condition of skin, hair and nails depends on it. Vitamin A is very often used in cosmetics and dietary supplements, which are supposed to prevent hair loss, its excessive dryness, fragility, slow growth, split ends.

Vitamin E

Called the vitamin of youth, vitamin E is a group of organic compounds which play a huge role in many life processes. Due to high antioxidant activity, it protects cells, including hair cells and hair bulbs against free radicals. It also ensures better blood circulation in the scalp. It makes the hair soft and supple, shiny and very healthy looking.


In addition to vitamins, our hair needs minerals for a healthy and healthy appearance. These include mainly zinc, copper, selenium, iron, sulphur, silicon and iodine. Zinc has a significant impact on the proper hair structure and its saturation with protein and creatine. Additionally, it protects against free radicals and UV radiation. Copper, by stimulating the pigmentation process, prevents greying and discoloration; it also influences hair elasticity, flexibility and strength.

Selenium, taken in appropriate doses, thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, protects hair against excessive oiliness, dandruff, seborrhea and any inflammations of the scalp. At the same time, it is helpful in maintaining elasticity and resilience of hair, promotes its density and growth.

Jelly Bear Hair – effects of use. How does the supplement improve the condition of our hair?

Jelly Bear Hair

A dietary supplement in the form of a tasty orange-flavoured snack Jelly Bear Hair is directed towards people whose problem is lowered condition of hair, which has its source in: past diseases, hormonal disorders, recent pregnancy, too poor diet, hair dyeing, excess of stimulants, exhaustion of the organism, weakened immunity and other reasons.

Particularly noteworthy is the form offered by the manufacturers. These gel products will certainly be appreciated by people who are fed up with capsules and tablets, but first of all by everyone looking for a professional vitamin and mineral preparation with a broad composition, which has a beneficial effect on hair.

The ingredients contained in Jelly Bear Hair help maintain healthy, strong hair in several ways. They participate in the transport of nutritional and building components to the hair matrix, strengthen hair bulbs, support hair cell division processes, promote hair regeneration.

What is more, they help to keep the scalp in a proper condition, protect hair cells, positively influence hair pigment, add strength and shine to hair.

By consuming 2 Jelly Bear Hair gelcaps daily for a long time you can count on such effects as:

  • significant reduction of hair loss or its complete inhibition;
  • faster growth of hair and appearance of many new baby hair;
  • better condition of the scalp;
  • less brittle hair, more resistant to damage;
  • nicer, more vivid hair color, more shine;
  • hair more vital, thicker, smoother, more manageable.

Jelly Bear Hair – opinions

a smiling woman with long, beautiful hair

Jelly Bear Hair is a relatively new product on the market, but there are already many favorable reviews about it. Customers praise its sophisticated form of sweet fruit gels. It is not common to find dietary supplements in this form, usually we are doomed to take tablets, Jelly Bear Hair is a nice change. However, it is not the form itself, but what is hidden inside Jelly Bear Hair that is the biggest advantage of this preparation.

The complex of vitamins and elements used worked very well for problematic hair, which was confirmed by the majority of people interviewed. And it does not matter whether someone complained about hair falling out or about brittle, dull, damaged, thin, slow-growing hair etc., Jelly Bear Hair was up to the task.

Jelly Bear Hair – price, where to buy the product

One package of Jelly Bear Hair contains about 60 gels, which is enough for one month of treatment. In this form, the supplement costs 30 €. The price is not dizzying, but it is also not a few eurocents. Nevertheless, it is certainly much more economical to buy a good quality preparation than to test various tablets or capsules of limited composition and low doses of individual elements.

Speaking of economy, it is worth noting that when you buy the Jelly Bear Hair preparation on the manufacturer’s website, you can also choose packages of 2 and 3 packs. Using them you will pay less, you can also count on free shipping.

Go to the manufacturer’s website Jelly Bear Hair, where you can quickly and easily order jellies


Jelly Bear Hair

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