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The Kyöko Uno corrective device, a revolution in hallux valgus rehabilitation!

Kyöko Uno – under this strange sounding name is hidden an interesting solution to one of the most common aesthetic and health problems affecting women, namely hallux valgus. This modern correction device not only prevents foot deformations, but also reduces existing deformations and pain and restores the natural functioning of the metatarsophalangeal joint.

Causes of hallux valgus

Hallux valgus, hallux valgus

It is commonly believed that the main cause of the formation of hallux valgus is wearing inappropriate shoes, especially high-heeled shoes with narrow, pointed toes. Indeed, to some extent, shoes, especially those with narrow tips, are responsible for foot deformities. However, other factors also have an impact on the formation and development of hallux valgus:

  • standing work,
  • high body weight,
  • genetic conditions.

And although this phenomenon occurs mainly in women, who generally have a slightly weaker foot structure, men are also affected, so it’s difficult to talk about a single, decisive cause of this condition.

How does hallux valgus develop, otherwise known as hallux valgus or hallux valgus in Latin? It usually starts almost imperceptibly, the toe gradually bends towards the other toes, towards the opposite edge of the foot. With time, the deformity grows, until sometimes the toe lies on top of the other toe or curls up under it. This is accompanied by changes in the metatarsal bones, their displacement and protrusion to the outside. Painful thickening, often very large, occurs, the load on the foot is distributed unevenly, and the symptoms are increasingly troublesome.

Foot deformation is always a cause of great discomfort, both aesthetically and because it causes pain and difficulty in walking, and finally causes problems with fitting reasonably comfortable and pain-free footwear. Moreover, a deformed toe may cause lesions and inflammations.

Hallux valgus – treatment and prevention

We should visit an orthopedist as early as possible because most non-invasive treatment methods are effective only at the stage of first symptoms appearance. Later, only surgical operation is left. Non-invasive methods include:

  • patches and gel shields to protect the painful areas,
  • separators restoring proper toe position,
  • cushions, in soles which spread the load appropriately,
  • bands protecting against abrasions and keeping the toe in natural position,
  • corrective braces, such as Kyöko Unowhich effectively eliminate pain and inhibit the development of hallux valgus, useful in treatment and prevention.

Surgical methods include:

  • correction of the joint capsule and tendons with partial removal of the head of the metatarsal bone,
  • osteotomy consisting in the excision of bone fragments and their removal or dislocation (after cutting the bones, they are fused with screws).

Analogically as in the case of other diseases, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is worth taking into account genetic factors – if there is a history of hallux valgus in the closest family, we must be especially careful and think about getting ourselves a corrective brace. Apart from that, it is always better to lose a little bit of weight and, if you have a standing job, to choose your footwear, which you wear most of the day, very carefully.

Comfortable shoes with a physiological shape and not too high heels, physical activity and avoiding overweight are the principles which should always guide us, and especially when there is a risk of foot deformation.

Kyöko Uno – product characteristics

Kyöko Uno

Even if it has already happened and we have noticed unfavourable changes on our feet, there is no need to despair. However, you should not use half-measures; gel patches or insoles will not solve your problem and may only bring temporary relief. You need to reach for more sophisticated solutions.

The Kyöko Uno corrective apparatus is an innovative Japanese device, which allows to get rid of bothersome ailments without medical intervention. The essence of the device is a technologically advanced special orthopaedic splint developed by Kyöko Yokoshima, an orthopaedic surgeon, physiotherapist and medical tutor of many Japanese sportsmen and women, including Olympic champions.

The device consists of three main elements:

  • acushion made of medical nanofibres to relieve pain and inflammation, and a band attached to it to support the metatarsal bones and minimise transverse flat feet,
  • a toe cap to correct its position,
  • aspecial spl int in the form of a joint which reduces pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint and, at the same time, enables natural foot movements.

Thanks to the biomechanical structure of the splint, the device adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot and the type of footwear worn. Its multilateral effect makes the corrector applicable not only in prevention but also in treatment of various joint and bone ailments. It applies to hallux valgus as well as all types of degeneration, swelling or transverse flatfoot, which often accompany foot deformities.

Kyöko Uno corrective brace – operation

Kyöko Uno corrective device

This unique orthopaedic device enables permanent and, what is important, non-invasive withdrawal or at least minimization of toe deformity at home. Thanks to the device, the big toe and, consequently, the metatarsal bones assume the correct position and the foot loads are properly distributed. Joints, muscles and ligaments are strengthened, their flexibility improves, tension and pain disappear, walking in shoes is not connected with any discomfort.

In addition, since the corrective device Kyöko Uno is made of modern, breathable materials, it not only perfectly fits the foot but also does not cause any irritation or abrasion. Moreover, it improves blood circulation and accelerates regeneration of damaged tissues, eliminating existing inflammation as a result.

Already within the first few days of application, you will notice visible effects in the form of pain and inflammation disappearance. The following weeks bring measurable results in the withdrawal of bowing. Feet are not tired, they regain efficiency and aesthetic appearance. In order to achieve the expected results, it is recommended to use the corrective device for at least 5 hours a day and, above all, while walking. While the beginning may seem a little difficult, with each hour, in connection with the improving condition of the feet, we will see the advantages of using the corrector.

Kyöko Uno – patients’ opinions on the Japanese motor aligner

From the comments posted in the network, it seems that this technologically advanced device has gained the approval of Polish patients. Many of them point out the ineffectiveness of measures taken so far, claiming that various types of patches, pads, bands and separators did not bring the expected results in their case, only the Kyöko Uno device helped. It is not difficult to guess how much their life standard has improved since then. After all, for people suffering from hallux valgus it’s not just a question of pretty or ugly feet, but first and foremost it’s about being able to walk smoothly and freely in normal shoes.

Where to buy the Kyöko Uno corrective device?

Since the device is only effective when dealing with the original, it is best to order it Through the manufacturer’s website. The more so because we are dealing with a highly technologically advanced product, both in terms of construction and materials used. A purchase made this way is also an opportunity to take advantage of price promotions.

Go to the official website of Kyöko Uno and check the promotions

Kyöko Uno

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