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Nutrigo Lab Mass – a striking dose of ingredients for muscle mass gain

Nutrigo Lab Mass is an advanced formulation that accelerates muscle growth. No other manufacturer has ever used such an interesting and rich formula in a mass gainer supplement, combining several different types of protein and a number of other valuable components for strength training. If you’re looking for fast mass-building results, Nutrigo Lab Mass may be a great success, especially if you confront the supplementation with a good training plan and diet.

Nutrigo Lab Mass is the key to a muscular physique

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Nothing boosts the feeling of self satisfaction more than the view of your own well-muscled physique! That’s why more and more men decide to look after their musculature, and at the same time eliminate body imperfections such as an unsightly belly button or excess fat around the chest and arms.

The key to success here is of course appropriately arranged training plan. However, as every body shaping adept knows, proper diet and supplementation are equally important.

To get the best and fastest results on the grounds of improving the appearance of the silhouette, it is worth combining all three methods.

For those aiming for the effect of developed and nicely sculpted muscles, a dietary supplement Nutrigo Lab Mass available in the form of a nutritious shake can become a very valuable purchase.

Nutrigo Lab Mass packaging

The manufacturers have selected the ingredients of the formula very carefully, choosing 3 different types of protein to ensure optimum growth potential for your muscles. The supplement also contains 3 types of carbohydrates with varying absorption rates, so you can count on a constant supply of energy. The formula also contains amino acids, including BCAA, and creatine.

In short, Nutrigo Lab Mass is a rich composition of ingredients stimulating muscle mass growth and a solid source of energy needed by every adept at strength training.

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Nutrigo Lab Mass composition

In the composition of Nutrigo Lab Mass you will find the following elements:

  • Protein complex, and in it: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate Isolac® and whey protein hydrolysate Optipep®. The presence of 3 types of proteins with different absorption rates in one formula means that your muscles will have a constant supply of building material, which they can use not only during training, but also at rest. This results in more efficient and faster muscle mass gain, as well as an increase in muscle endurance and their ability to regenerate.
  • Carbohydrate complex, including: glucose, maltodextrin, oat flour. As we know, carbohydrates are the basic source of energy for our body. Delivering the right amount of carbohydrates is essential during muscle mass gaining cycles. Especially on training days, your body needs a steady supply of carbohydrates to eliminate the risk of sudden decreases in strength and physical performance, and to help your muscles work harder. The combination of 3 types of carbohydrates in Nutrigo Lab Mass is a patent for balanced energy levels all day long, whether you’re before, during or after your workout.
  • MCT Creatine Monohydrate and Oil Powder. Monohydrate is a well-proven form of creatine, perfectly absorbed by the body. As a result of its action the process of protein synthesis is intensified and our muscles immediately gain more volume. Thanks to creatine we can also count on an additional portion of strength and energy and reduction of the effect of fatigue, which will help us complete even the most demanding workout. A valuable complement to this complex is MCT oil, which is a well-absorbable fuel for muscles.
  • A complex of amino acids supporting the building of muscle tissue (BCAA and L-glutamine). Amino acids such as L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine, abbreviated as BCAA and L-glutamine are an extremely valuable combination of amino acids during mass gaining cycles. When training with heavy weights, you are at risk of damaging your muscles and joints and overtraining your body, which may result in reduced fitness and interference with your training plans. Amino acids BCAA combined with L-glutamine are an excellent way to protect cartilage, joints and muscles, and to improve the regeneration process after exercise. Additionally, amino acids BCAA and L-glutamine support the growth of muscle mass and have a positive effect on concentration.
  • A mixture of AAKG, L-ornithine and L-lysine – accelerates the building of lean muscle mass, improves the condition and resistance of the body, facilitates rapid regeneration, stimulates the production of the growth hormone. Of particular importance here is AAKG, which increases the blood supply to muscles during training and produces a muscle pump effect.

Nutrigo Lab Mass effects

There’s no shortage of protein supplements on the market which help you build mass, but Nutrigo Lab Mass stands out among competing products due to its excellent selection of ingredients and the use of proportions of individual elements appropriate for the needs of a person on a mass gaining cycle.

The effect of regular use of Nutrigo Lab Mass is a rapid increase in the level of muscle tissue and muscle volume, which goes hand in hand with consistently high physical performance. You can count on building muscle mass in a relatively short period of time and high levels of energy and motivation to further improve your physique.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – Dosage

Nutrigo Lab Mass It is available in two tasty flavours – chocolate and vanilla. Pour 4 scoops of the product into a glass of water or milk, mix and drink. Take the shake after training or between meals, e.g. between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. A good idea is to take one dose of Nutrigo Lab Mass before training and one after training.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – opinions

Nutrigo Lab Mass

Nutrigo Lab Mass mass gain supplement is positively evaluated by its users. Commentators emphasize that it is a high quality product, tastes good, does not cause any gastric problems (which, unfortunately, is the case with many other supplements) and, most importantly, works exactly as it should.

According to numerous reviews, Nutrigo Lab Mass noticeably boosts energy levels, helps in training and accelerates the formation of muscle mass. It also supports regeneration, which is perfectly reflected in the way the body functions – it copes with fatigue more easily and gets better rest.

Nutrigo Lab Mass – purchase

If you are interested in Nutrigo Lab Mass muscle mass product, it is best to go to the official website of the product. You can order the supplement on there, and you can also take advantage of attractive promotions (e.g. buy 2 packs and get 1 pack free).

Nutrigo Lab Mass


Go to Nutrigo Lab Mass website

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