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Psoridex, a new tool to fight psoriasis symptoms

Psoridex, a novelty on the dermocosmetics market, is an excellent cream for psoriasis, fully natural and safe, characterized by high effectiveness. Psoriasis is one of the most common skin diseases, what’s worse, it is chronic, recurring and basically incurable. This makes it even more important to use an appropriate treatment, thanks to which you can reduce the unpleasant symptoms to a minimum.

Psoriasis – causes of disease occurrence


Statistically speaking, psoriasis affects about 2-3% of the white population, and up to 5% in highly developed countries. This one of the most common skin diseases can occur at any age and in people of both sexes equally, although one of its varieties, the so-called arthritic, more often affects women, and the groups most at risk are adolescents during puberty and older people.

Its causes are not fully diagnosed, it is only known that genetic factors play a major role. Heredity of psoriasis concerns about 30% of patients. While in a family free of this ailment the risk of occurrence is 1-2%, in case of illness of one of the parents the probability is already 10-20%, and if both parents are ill, it increases up to 50-70%.

In addition to the genetic background, specialists point to the importance of immunological and environmental factors.

Certainly, on the onset or exacerbation of symptoms affect such circumstances, as: infection, mainly with streptococci or staphylococci, hormonal disorders, taking certain drugs (beta-blockers, progesterone, lithium, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), alcohol and cigarettes, stress, overweight, poor personal hygiene, other diseases, for example, type II diabetes.

The most common types of psoriasis

Taking into account the causes and timing of symptoms, medicine distinguishes two basic types of psoriasis:

  • the first type is characterized by the appearance of the disease before the age of 40, usually between 18 and 22, and a predominant hereditary factor;
  • The second type, on the other hand, is characterized by late onset, generally after age 40 (peak incidence after 55), and more frequent environmental factors.

Another category of division is based on the type of symptoms. Thus, among others, the following are distinguished:

  • psoriasis vulgaris, for which convex areas of reddened skin covered with white scales are typical;
  • Plaque psoriasis, characterized by large, conglomerate lesions;
  • pustular psoriasis, in which pustules are filled with pus, lesions appear on the hands and feet, and erythematous lesions are often present
  • generalized psoriasis, where skin lesions cover large parts of the body and are accompanied by itching, pain, swelling, sometimes fever
  • psoriaticarthritis, a disease of rheumatic origin involving the joints and which may lead to permanent disability.

Psoriasis – the most common and somewhat less specific symptoms

The most common symptom of psoriasis vulgaris are inflamed plaques covered with whitish scales. These changes are the result of disorders of the natural process of epidermis regeneration, which builds up too quickly, forming characteristic scales on the surface of the skin. Quite often there is itching, burning, cracking of the skin and bleeding.

Skin lesions usually occur on the hands, feet, face, back, knees, elbows, and often begin on the scalp and are then confused with ordinary dandruff. Localization of changes can be very different, what is more, in psoriasis vulgaris changes can persist in one place for a long time and do not spread to other areas of the body.

Another typical feature is the so-called Auspitz symptom. It occurs when blood appears after the scales are removed as a result of damage to the subcutaneous vessels. However, different types of psoriasis also give different symptoms. For example, pustular psoriasis, which differs significantly from common psoriasis, is manifested by the presence of purulent pustules instead of scales. In turn, inverted psoriasis means oozing changes involving the bends under the knees or in the elbow joint.

Course of psoriasis and treatment

Although it is not a contagious disease, but because of its duration and tendency to recurrence, extremely annoying. Its chronicity and recurrence cause that for years can last periods of no symptoms, and then the disease attacks again, usually in spring and autumn.

Its treatment is not simple and, despite the continuous progress of medicine, has not yet been able to eliminate it completely. In the first phase of treatment external agents are used, in the form of various ointments or creams, whose aim is to get rid of scales, and then inhibit excessive growth of the epidermis. In more severe cases, the patient may benefit from pharmacological agents, phototherapy, photochemotherapy or photophoresis.

How to prevent the disease and alleviate its symptoms on your own?

Vegetables, broccoli, leek

Although with home remedies we can not completely cure psoriasis, we are able to block its recurrence or alleviate the symptoms. It only needs to change some negative habits and consistency in applying the necessary measures.

First of all, it is worth taking care of a proper diet – avoid spicy food, sugar, red meat and, unfortunately, fruits that contain histamine: oranges, strawberries, pineapples and tomatoes.

However, you should enrich the menu with green vegetables with a high content of folic acid: broccoli, spinach, kale, salads, as well as fish, due to the presence of omega-3 acids and vitamin D. In addition, the body must be well hydrated.

It is necessary to give up stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes, and even strong coffee. As much as possible, we should also limit stress, because it increases the occurrence of symptoms of the disease, just as in the case of allergies. The skin should be protected from even minor damages, and if no adverse reactions are observed, it should be exposed to sunlight.

A very important aspect of prevention and care of the already affected skin is the use of high-quality dermocosmetics, preferably dedicated to people with psoriasis. One of the most valued by consumers cosmetics of this kind is Psoridex, cream for psoriasis with high effectiveness.

Psoridex psoriasis cream – a home remedy for the disease


The main goal in the fight against psoriasis is to eliminate its symptoms and stop it from recurring. These tasks are fulfilled by Psoridex.

The natural formula of the cream makes it safe to use without fear of causing side effects. Gentle yet effective, it simultaneously stops the development of damaged cells and controls inflammatory processes, as well as blocks relapses by keeping the disease in remission.

Psoridex – composition of the specific product

The formulation of the cream consists of natural substances, namely:

  • Rosehip oil containing vitamins A and C and valuable unsaturated acids. Thanks to these components it not only fights psoriasis but also inhibits aging processes.
  • Almond fruit oil, perfect for dry and irritated skin as well as skin affected by psoriasis or eczema.
  • Wheat germ oil, rich in vitamins A, D and E, prevents skin flaking.
  • Sunflower seed oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, lecithin, carotenes, vitamin E. It lubricates and moisturizes the skin, prevents flaking.
  • Liquid paraffin, has antibacterial and regenerative properties, facilitates penetration of therapeutic substances into the skin.
  • Antiseptics such as vitamin C, geraniol and eugenol disinfect the skin, improve microcirculation, block cell division processes.

Psoridex – action and how to use the cream


This is an agent with multifaceted effects, both preventive and curative. Unlike many pharmaceuticals, it does not contain synthetic chemical compounds or hormonal substances.

Itcomprehensively affects the condition of the epidermis, eliminating inflammation and its symptoms – itching, redness, flaking of the skin. At the same time it moisturizes, tones and regenerates the skin, improves microcirculation, has an anti-aging effect. By stopping the development of damaged cells and eliminating inflammation, it prevents the recurrence of the disease.

The natural formula of the cream makes it suitable for use regardless of the type and stage of advancement of psoriasis. It can also be treated as a complement to the traditional method of treatment. The cream should be applied in a small amount on clean and dry skin and for the next half an hour the given body area, for example hands, should not be subjected to any other hygienic or cosmetic procedures.

Psoridex – opinions of specialists and patients

As far as dermocosmetics specialists are concerned, they emphasise the fact that the psoriasis ointment is very well formulated . Psoridex. Thanks to the presence of natural substances it is suitable for people of all ages and at all stages of the disease. It is also impossible to deny the positive results of its use, which in turn is emphasized by Internet users.

Most psoriasis patients are satisfied with the treatment with Psoridex, noting above all that the unpleasant and unsightly symptoms disappear after a few weeks of using the cream.

Here you can go to the official website of Psoridex and order the product

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