Reaction Extra a safe and effective way to improve potency

Reaction Extra are capsules created to solve typically male problems. They are potent, but this is power derived from nature, so there is no need to worry about any negative side effects. The supplement is a good alternative to synthetic erection and potency enhancers which not only give short-lived effects but are not fully safe for health. With Reaction Extra it is very simple – you just take a capsule and the composition of ingredients it contains “fixes” all the disturbances in your body which were causing erectile dysfunction and low potency.

Simple ways to solve male problems

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The issue is embarrassing and no one talks about it out loud, but in fact most of us are struggling with bigger or smaller problems related to sexual performance. It is a myth that erection problems are the domain of older men and low libido is the domain of stressed, frustrated forty-year-olds.

No matter what age we are and what lifestyle we lead, we may experience such problems as: problems with achieving a full, long-lasting erection, premature ejaculation or lack of desire for sex. If these kinds of problems affect you too, you shouldn’t worry about them so much, especially since there are simple and effective ways to solve them.

Problems with erection and sexual performance can have different causes, both physical and psychological. Sometimes they are associated with other health problems, for example: hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, overweight and obesity, hormonal disorders (mainly low testosterone levels), spinal injuries, urinary tract diseases, prostate hypertrophy.

However, more often erectile dysfunction or low potency are the result of a lifestyle that is not entirely healthy (including: poor nutritional value, unhealthy diet, failure to keep fit, smoking, alcohol abuse, overwork, too little sleep), as well as impaired mental condition, nervous problems, depression, chronic stress, internal blocks that paralyze us.

If we suspect that our problems in the sexual sphere have a physical basis, certainly it is worth seeking advice from a doctor, nevertheless, if they are related to lifestyle, overtiredness or the current poor mental form, we can deal with them ourselves. All you need to do is implement these few tips:

  • Change your diet to a healthier one, eliminating junk food and instead introducing increased amounts of dairy, eggs, fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruits, cereal products (recommended article: What to eat for potency);
  • Limit stimulants;
  • increase your level of physical activity;
  • rest more efficiently (make sure you get enough sleep, don’t overwork yourself, find time for some relaxation during the day);
  • improve your mental condition (distance to yourself and your environment, become more resistant to stress factors, introduce positive thinking, gain self-confidence);
  • take dietary supplements that support male health and improve sexual function, such as Reaction Extra.

Reaction Extra composition

Reaction Extra

Reaction Extra can be a good antidote to troublesome erection and potency problems that lower the quality of life. Reaction Extra is a supplement consisting of four selected extracts from highly regarded medicinal plants.

They have been selected for their beneficial effects on the male sexual system. They increase blood supply to the genitals, stimulating erections, increasing penis sensitivity, and stimulating testosterone production at the same time.

Thanks to the composition of ingredients contained in Reaction Extra, we receive complex help for all male problems, such as low libido, problems with getting and maintaining an erection, reduced sensations, insufficient ejaculations and others.


The components of Reaction Extra are:

  • Maca Peruvian – an extremely valuable ingredient, both when it comes to improving sexual function as well as adding energy, vitality and strengthening the entire body. maca root is considered to be one of the most effective natural ingredients that not only eliminate erectile dysfunction, but also affect the quality of sex and fertility. Increased desire, easy achievement of a full, long-lasting erection, improved quantity and quality of sperm, increased sexual sensations, better sexual performance – all these are properties of Matanza Peruviana.
  • Echinacea, or echinacea purpurea, is an ideal supplement for Matanza Peruviana. In combating erection problems and low potency, it is extremely important to affect not only the sexual system but also the entire body. While maca acts in a repairing way on disturbed sexual functions, echinacea at the same time “takes care” of the body’s damaged condition – it increases immunity, adds vigour, revitalises the body, improves physical performance and at the same time increases sexual efficiency.
  • Hops – a treasury of antioxidants, flavonoids, lupulin, vitamins. It helps to maintain high immunity, good condition of the body, vitality and youth, protects against civilization diseases and premature aging of the body, soothes nerves, facilitates entering the state of rest, relaxes, improves mood, and at the same time actively supports our sexual functions and leads to increased sensations.
  • Aloe Veraand Cinnamon Extract. Aloe vera and cinnamon are two medicinal plants with a remarkable effect on the quality of sexual life. They increase libido, lead to an increase in testosterone production in the body, improve blood supply to the penis, and thus guarantee a strong, long-lasting erection, provide excellent sensations during sex.

Reaction Extra – effects and action

Reaction Extra supplement

The alpha male is hidden in each of us, we just need to find a way to release it, and one of the products that can help us do that is Reaction Extra.

The supplement gives long-lasting effects, it is safe for the body, taken regularly it permanently improves sexual performance, providing full, long-lasting erections, spectacular orgasms and impeccable quality of sexual life for both partners.

Here are 5 effects you will get after a few weeks of Reaction Extra supplementation:

  • higher sex drive, more frequent desire for sex,
  • strong erections that last as long as it takes for both men and women to achieve full satisfaction,
  • better sensations,
  • more intense ejaculations,
  • Significant improvement in mood and self-confidence.

Reaction Extra – opinions

Reaction Extra is an effective dietary supplement, helps regain a sense of masculinity and repairs disrupted sexual function, as evidenced by the many positive reviews directed towards the product. In many comments we read that thanks to it Reaction Extra there has been a visible revival in relationships, renewal of relations between partners, increase in satisfaction from sex. In some cases even a thorough reconstruction of already loosened relationship is mentioned.

Positive feedback also comes from men who do not have steady female partners. The supplement helped them regain self-confidence, break down their own barriers and open up to new friendships.

From the purely physical observations emphasized by men, the following come to the fore: penis enlargement during erection, prolongation and increase of erection intensity, end of premature ejaculations, rising to the occasion every time, improvement of physical form and sexual performance, greater appetite for sex.

Reaction Extra – where to buy and how to take the product?

Reaction Extra packaging

You can use the Reaction Extra dietary supplement in any way you like, depending on your convenience and needs – either take it every day or right before intercourse. However, keep in mind that maximum results come with regular use of the capsules, so it’s best if you take the pill a few times a week.

When it comes to purchasing the product, it is best to use the official website of the supplement manufacturer. Although the product also appears on other sites and websites, only this site guarantees the originality and quality of the supplement.


Click and go to the official Reaction Extra website

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