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Tinnitus is an annoying and difficult to treat health problem that is estimated to affect around 20% of the population. The unpleasant phenomenon of experiencing sounds that do not really exist makes normal life very difficult, sometimes leading to serious nervous and psychological tensions. There are several methods of treating this condition, including the administration of anti-inflammatory drugs, oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber, and finally psychotherapy. We can also help ourselves by using an ear preparation such as Tonosin, which has a specially developed, innovative formula.

Causes of tinnitus

The acoustic phenomenon of tinnitus – the sound that appears in the ears without any real source – is not, strictly speaking, a specific disease. However, it is so disconcerting that it can cause irritation, anxiety, and even depression.

It is impossible to function normally when you are exposed to a constant stream of noises, clicks, buzzes, whistles, bells, and other auditory stimuli. It is difficult to concentrate, to work, to rest, to sleep. If we are aware of the fact that such ailments may be a sign of a serious illness, it is difficult to live peacefully.

Fortunately, although the mechanism of tinnitus has not been fully investigated, it is known that 80% of cases are the result of small but irreversible changes in the inner ear , consisting of damage to the auditory cells in the cochlea. The remaining situations may be a result of diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, thyroid diseases, renal failure, but in the vast majority of people the symptoms result from degenerative processes harmless to health.

It is difficult to unequivocally define the origin and nature of the unwanted and illusory acoustic signals, because the development of tinnitus, as a result of changes in auditory cells, is a complex phenomenon. So-called auditory hyperacusis is the result of abnormal activity of the nervous system in the auditory canal. Neurons misinterpret certain signals as sounds, amplifying them and eliciting specific responses. As a result, we hear noises that don’t really exist, which causes us a lot of trouble.

How to deal with unwanted noises?

If we know that the genesis of the ailment is not strictly of a disease nature, we can try home remedies. The biggest problem seems to be the matter of a decent night’s rest. When we are disturbed in falling asleep by a nagging sound, we should first of all calm down and think about something pleasant. Don’t fall asleep in complete silence, turn on the radio and let it play all night. However, do not use a stopwatch, as it will not help anyway and may even increase the unwanted sound effects.

During the day, if you do not want to use strong pharmaceuticals, and we all know that taking them is not good for your body, you need to reach for external action. Such a natural method of combating persistent hearing sensations is proposed by the manufacturer of the preparation called Tonosin, ear drops with a carefully thought-out, complex formula.

Tonosin tinnitus drops

Tonosin – properties of the specific product

According to the makers of this non-invasive method of treating auditory hypersensitivity, its main advantage is the fact that it simultaneously acts on three levels. Namely:

  • The preparation strikes directly at the annoying symptoms, as it strengthens the barrier separating authentically audible sounds, from those that are the result of disorders of the nervous system, and the latter over time effectively neutralizes until their complete disappearance.
  • By reducing interference and improving blood flow through the inner ear’s blood vessels, Tonosin significantly improves hearing quality.
  • By strengthening the channel that leads sound waves to the eardrum and preventing damage to the inner ear cells from external factors such as noise, Tonosin significantly protects the entire auditory system.


Tonosin – composition of the preparation

The uniqueness and effectiveness of Tonosin is determined by its unique composition – natural ingredients with empirically known and confirmed properties. These are:

  • Ginkgo biloba – stimulates nerve fibres responsible for transmitting real acoustic stimuli, at the same time minimising subjectively perceived tinnitus. At the same time, by regulating blood flow and improving oxygenation, it widens blood vessels, contributing to proper hearing. Ginkgo biloba also has beneficial effects on other aspects of the body’s health, namely slowing down aging processes, improving skin condition and lowering cholesterol levels. The plant contains as many as 60 active substances which have positive effects on the body.
  • Zinc – similarly to ginkgo biloba, zinc strengthens and stimulates nerve fibers, widens blood vessels and improves blood flow, thus contributing to the elimination of unpleasant hearing sensations. In addition, this element performs a variety of functions in various metabolic processes, including participation in the synthesis of hormones and in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; it improves intellectual performance, and soothes skin irritation.
  • Magnesium – has a significant impact on the functioning of the entire nervous system, including the proper functioning of the auditory system and mental functions, such as memory, concentration and association. It also influences the immune system and thyroid gland, protects against toxins, and in combination with vitamin D prevents osteoporosis.
  • Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6 – has a beneficial effect on the nervous system by preventing problems with hearing: hearing weakness and auditory hypersensitivity. And since vitamin B6 also promotes blood flow, in addition to these properties, it is also useful in treating hypertension, which can be one of the causes of tinnitus.
  • Vitamin B12 – Like other B vitamins, cobalamin, or B12, is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. It stimulates the production of red blood cells, strengthens the immune system, participates in metabolism, and prevents many diseases, including hearing problems.

Tonosin – action and effects of the drops

The new preparation gives hope to all those who have had to endure the annoying effects of hearing hypersensitivity in the form of humming, whistling, rumbling or ringing, without the necessity to take strong medicines or undergo painful treatments.

The innovative formula of Tonosin drops makes us better able to distinguish apparent sounds from real ones, what is more, the former gradually disappear until they disappear completely.

According to its creators,Tonosin also has other beneficial effects by improving blood supply to vessels in the inner ear and strengthening the channel supplying acoustic signals to the eardrum.

Namely, it improves the quality of hearing, prevents degeneration of auditory cells and protects the entire hearing system. The manufacturer assures that by applying two or three drops a day, you will notice a significant reduction in unwanted sounds within just a few days, and after two weeks your hearing will noticeably improve and the interference will disappear.

Tonosin – opinions of people who have already used the drops

The product is recommended by specialists in the field of natural medicine as a safe, non-invasive and effective rem edy that can be used not only to treat acoustic hypersensitivity, but also in the prevention of any hearing ailments.

Tonosin also enjoys a positive opinion among patients. Most of them emphasize a significant qualitative difference between the previous state and the current one, when they started using Tonosin drops. Some even enthusiastically write about the complete disappearance of all annoying sounds and a significant improvement in hearing itself. It is hoped that this new treatment for tinnitus will benefit everyone else.

Where to buy the product?

The easiest and safest way to treat your tinnitus is to go directly to From the manufacturer’s website. In this way you will buy the product cheaper (you can take advantage of promotions), and moreover, with a guarantee of the originality of the product.

Drops for auditory hypersensitivity Tonosin


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