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Atinnuris – tinnitus capsules to help you combat the persistent ailment

Atinnuris is a preparation for reducing tinnitus in the form of convenient capsules. It contains a special composition of ingredients whose deficiencies in the body can translate into the formation of tinnitus. The supplement protects our hearing and relieves discomfort associated with involuntary hearing sounds inside the ears such as humming, screeching, buzzing, buzzing, ringing. Atinnuris is one of the few products on the market that counteracts such ailments. Its advantage is its rich composition, thanks to which the preparation works strongly, effectively and in multiple ways. It not only supports the auditory organ, but also the nervous system and the circulatory system, whose disorders are often the cause of tinnitus.

Symptoms and causes of tinnitus

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Tinnitus can occur for a variety of reasons. What they have in common is that they are severely annoying and interfere with normal daily functioning. Many times they also contribute to sleep problems.

Tinnitus can appear under certain circumstances or accompany us all or almost all the time. They make us involuntarily focus just on them. Frequently hearing sounds that we don’t actually want to hear is not pleasant. In fact, it can be extremely annoying, distract us, interfere with our daily tasks, interfere with the reception of environmental sounds, and negatively affect the quality of daytime and nighttime rest.

The main symptom of tinnitus is hearing a sound without an external acoustic stimulus. This sound is described in various ways, mostly as: ringing, screeching, buzzing, buzzing, whistling, rumbling, swishing. The symptom accompanying tinnitus is often a sensation of clogged ears. Sometimes the tinnitus is pulsatile (the patient has the sensation of tapping, throbbing in the ear).

In some people, tinnitus is present at the same intensity almost all the time, and in some it intensifies in given situations, such as when there is silence all around, in states of nervousness and stress, just before falling asleep.

The most common causes of tinnitus are:

  • deficiencies of certain nutrients (e.g. zinc, B vitamins),
  • exposure of hearing to high noise levels,
  • infections of the upper respiratory tract (sinusitis, rhinitis),
  • otitis media,
  • excess earwax,
  • abnormal functioning of the balance organ in the middle ear,
  • high blood pressure,
  • injuries to the skull, head, cervical spine,
  • aging processes,
  • disorders of the nervous system,
  • stress,
  • vascular disorders,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • certain diseases.

What to do when tinnitus troubles us? If a disease factor or injury is responsible for them, it is worth consulting a doctor. However, if mainly our lifestyle, minor health problems or bad nerve condition are the main causes of annoying sounds in the ears, it is worth using a suitable dietary supplement.

A preparation that supports the sensitive systems and organs that can affect the formation of noises, and at the same time provides us with vitamins, minerals and flavonoids important for hearing, will work well. Such a complete preparation against tinnitus is Atinnuris.

 Atinnuris tinnitus pills


Atinnuris – the apt answer to tinnitus

Atinnuris eliminates nutrient deficiencies that can affect tinnitus and equips the body with a complex of substances that benefit hearing. At the same time, it helps fight the problems that tinnitus causes, such as the inability to fall asleep quickly, increased nervous tension, feelings of discomfort, malaise, exhaustion.

Atinnuris hits many of the causes of tinnitus, so treatment with it usually brings very good results. First of all, it has a normalizing effect on blood pressure, and, as you know, too high pressure is one of the most common reasons for ringing, rumbling, buzzing and similar sounds in the ears. It also regulates circulation, increases cellular oxygenation, and strengthens and makes more flexible the blood vessels, which, when weak and permeable, can contribute to tinnitus.

Thanks to the compactness of numerous antioxidants, Atinnuris slows down the aging process, and the younger and more vital the body, the less nervous system dysfunction, as well as related ailments such as tinnitus. It is also not insignificant that Atinnuris equips us with ingredients to relax, eliminate tension, stress and improve the quality ofquality of sleep, which contributes not only to the reduction of murmurs, ringing and squeaks in the ears, but also to the overall improvement of the body’s condition.

Antinnuris – composition of the preparation

 Atinnuris tinnitus preparation.

As we read on the product page, Atinnuris is a way to finally hear silence. The following active ingredients are responsible for reducing tinnitus:

  • Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo biloba) – a medicinal plant used for centuries with invaluable effects on circulation, especially cerebral circulation. Stimulates blood flow, contributes to better oxygenation of cells and tissues, dilates blood vessels and improves their capacity. It reduces tinnitus, but is also very beneficial for mental performance.
  • Vitamin C – is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from harmful free radicals and counteracts the aging process. It also has a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels, so it can reduce vascular tinnitus.
  • Garlic – one of the best natural antihypertensive agents. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. By reducing blood pressure, it leads to a significant reduction in tinnitus. Excessively high blood pressure is not the only cause of tinnitus that garlic combats. It is also an effective antidote to this ailment if it is caused by sinus problems and infections in the upper respiratory tract and ear.
  • Bitter orange – reduces stress, which is one of the more common causes of tinnitus, squeaks and ringing in the ears. It relieves tension and stabilizes mood. It has a relaxing and relaxing effect, while supporting the cardiovascular system. Thanks to flavonoids, mainly hesperidin, it helps stabilize blood pressure, strengthens and seals blood vessels, and improves blood flow through the vessels, resulting in less tinnitus.
  • Zinc – a large dose of one of the most important bio-elements for our health. Its deficiency in the body is one of the common causes of tinnitus. Atinnuris is an excellent way to replenish it quickly.
  • Riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 – important B vitamins in high doses for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Deficiency of these vitamins can affect the appearance of tinnitus, as well as a number of other symptoms such as: visual disturbances, photophobia, nervousness, sleep disturbances, numbness in the limbs, worse mental condition, feeling of mental exhaustion, concentration problems, skin problems.
  • Melatonin – helps overcome one of the common symptoms accompanying tinnitus, which is sleep problems. Melatonin makes it easier and faster to fall asleep and ensures that our sleep is sufficiently long and productive, and that we wake up restored and full of vitality.
  • Spikenard – makes blood vessels more flexible and seals them and improves blood circulation, which translates into a reduction in tinnitus. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects.

Atinnuris – effects. Tinnitus reduction and more!

 Atinnuris tinnitus pills.

Tinnitus can be very annoying. To combat them, you must first fight their causes. This is exactly what Atinnuris will help us with. It will deal with excessively high blood pressure, circulatory disorders and respiratory infections. Thanks to garlic, which has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, it will help with otitis media, which is also often the direct cause of noises, squeaks and ringing in the ears. By the way, Atinnuris will bring us an improvement in our mood.

Atinnuris is used once a day, preferably after a meal, drinking the capsule generously with water.

The effects of regular intake are mainly:

  • reduction of noise and other sounds in the ears,
  • reduction of the feeling of clogged ears and worse hearing of external sounds,
  • supplementation of vitamins and minerals important for hearing, nervous system and circulatory system,
  • protecting hearing by slowing down the aging process,
  • faster extinction of upper respiratory tract and ear infections,
  • better immunity of the body,
  • normalization of blood pressure,
  • sealing, making blood vessels more flexible and more permeable,
  • better blood circulation, better oxygenation of tissues and organs,
  • improvement of brain function,
  • reducing stress, soothing nerves, improving mood,
  • easier falling asleep and improving the quality of sleep (and thus better recovery).

Atinnuris – reviews

 Atinnuris tinnitus reduction pills.

Persistent noise in the ears in the form of humming, squeaking, ringing or other sounds is a relatively common affliction. It most often appears as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, high blood pressure, stress, poor nervous condition and circulatory problems. Regardless of the cause, it can make life very difficult. Therefore, capsules and pills to counteract this ailment are an increasingly sought-after category of dietary supplements. There are several on the market, but Atinnuris definitely wins among the competition. Its good quality and effective action is evidenced not only by its rich composition, but also by customer ratings.

Atinnuris, in the opinions of Internet users, copes very well with tinnitus, especially when used regularly for a couple of weeks. It clearly reduces unwanted sounds in the ears and brings real relief from this very annoying ailment, and what’s more, it has a positive effect on mood, immunity and sleep quality. According to customer reviews, Atinnuris is the best tinnitus product on the market.



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