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Bravona Forte – a two-phase specialist in natural bust enlargement and firming

The breasts are among the most frequently mentioned body parts by women that we would like to change or correct. Inadequate shape, too small size, poor skin condition, too little lift and firming, not very attractive breasts – these are the most frequently mentioned shortcomings of our breasts. In all these imperfections is able to help us with the market novelty – Bravona Forte. This is a real gem among products for home bust correction and modeling. It stands out for its high effectiveness, as it consists of not one, but two intensively acting preparations. One of them is designed for external application, and the other for internal use. If you treat yourself with such a double treatment, you can count on better and faster results than if you used only capsules or only cream for breast enlargement.

Intensive bust preparations patent to improve breast size and beautify breasts

 a woman measures her breasts with a centimeter

Like any part of the figure, the bust can also deviate from the ideal. The main reasons why we complain about the appearance of our breasts are two – either by nature we are the owners of small, petite, unspectacular breasts, or with age or after pregnancies and breastfeeding, our breasts lose their quality.

Like other beauty deficiencies, bust deficiencies can be corrected by a variety of methods. We can go to an aesthetic medicine office, optionally to a professional beauty salon, for various bust firming, shaping and rejuvenating treatments, or to a plastic surgery clinic for silicone implants. We can also perform breast correction in our own home with the help of ready-made preparations in the form of creams, serums or oral specifics.

Although treatments and surgeries can be an effective way to model the bust, many women reject this option at the outset. There are several reasons for this: high costs, too much interference with the breasts (e.g. scalpel, puncture, laser stimulation), the possibility of dangerous complications (in the case of implants), time-consumption, the need for repeated treatments (in the case of mesotherapy, carboxytherapy and other aesthetic medicine procedures), a long list of contraindications, etc.

Much safer, cheaper, less time-consuming and involving less interference with the body are home preparations. The more intensive, more extensive the agent, the better the results. What’s more, if you combine supplementation with preparations to increase bust volume with the application of creams with a similar effect, the results will be even better. Many women also praise the performance of simple breast exercises and massages, recognizing them as a good method for lifting the breasts, improving their firmness and elasticity.

Bravona Forte – a potent duo of high-activity preparations

 Bravona Forte

Bravona Forte is a high-quality set designed for women who would like to naturally increase the size of their breasts, as well as toas well as comprehensively improve its appearance, both in terms of the degree of firmness, shape and condition of the skin within the breasts.

Bravona Forte consists of two products to be used in parallel: an active-rich cream and capsules filled with valuable extracts. The cream is rubbed twice a day into the skin of the breasts and décolleté, while the capsules are used once a day for 2 capsules or twice a day for 1 capsule each.

Both the cream and Bravona Forte capsules are abundant in natural breast growth boosters, or phytoestrogens. Since phytoestrogens behave the same way as estrogens (female sex hormones) in our body, they show the ability to improve hormonal balance and help enhance the feminine features in our bodies, including helping to increase breast volume and improve breast quality and density.

Advantages of Bravona Forte:

  • the product contains a rich composition of high-quality ingredients, including several plant extracts considered the best sources of phytoestrogens,
  • the active substances contained in the product perfectly complement each other, giving maximum good results,
  • the product meets the needs of women who value ecological, natural solutions,
  • the use of the product is safe for health and has no risk of any negative side effects,
  • Bravona Forte set nourishes the breasts from the inside and outside, naturally stimulates the work of the mammary glands, influencing an increase in bust size,
  • works comprehensively – not only increases the volume of the bust, but also takes care of the skin, smoothing it, increasing its tone and rejuvenating it,
  • gives natural results, which makes it definitely different from plastic surgery that gives artificial, “plastic” results,
  • is an affordable, natural and woman-friendly alternative to invasive breast augmentation procedures.


Bravona Forte – composition

 Bravona Forte

Selected oils and extracts from medicinal plants plus revitalizing hyaluronic acid are the base active ingredients in Bravona Forte capsules and cream.

Key Bravona Forte ingredients and their most important properties:

  • Evening primrose oil – contains substances that are plant equivalents of estrogen and progesterone, the female sex hormones that affect the development of female characteristics, including breast growth. What’s more, evening primrose oil regulates the menstrual cycle, helps restore hormonal balance in states of disruption. Thanks to the content of vitamin E, polyphenols and unsaturated fatty acids, evening primrose oil has an excellent effect on the skin – it regenerates, nourishes and inhibits its aging process.
  • Extract from leaves and flowers of meadow clover [8% isoflavones] – isoflavones contained in the extract perform the same functions in the body as female sex hormones. These include such actions as stimulating the mammary glands to work and stimulating the growth of new cells in the glandular tissue of the breast, thereby increasing the volume of thebreasts and improving their structure and shape (they gain a more spherical, fuller, feminine form), normalizing the menstrual cycle, reducing PMS, increasing libido, improving the appearance of the figure, and improving the condition of the skin.
  • Fenugreek seed extract [25% saponins] – is a rich source of phytohormones which are specific replacements for our natural hormones and perform a similar role in the body. It also contains precious saponins, phytosterols, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to phytohormones, fenugreek increases the activity of estrogen receptors in the tissues that make up the breast structure. As a result, it improves their size, makes them firmer, shapelier and better accentuated, which helps emphasize our femininity.
  • Extract from the root of ruscus spikensis – as a treasure trove of phytohormones, it helps activate the proliferation of new breast cells, which translates into more intensive growth of breast-forming tissue, improving the structure of the bust, making it firmer, rejuvenated, more elastic and lifted.
  • Fennel seed extract – contains phytoestrogens, thanks to which we can not only look forward to more spectacular, larger breasts, but also preserve youth and beauty for longer.
  • Chinese angelica root extract – thanks to the phytoestrogens it contains, it normalizes the work of the endocrine system. Stimulates the growth process of breast tissue, making them fuller and firmer.
  • Hops extract – contains highly active plant hormones, which, being equivalent to female sex hormonesfemale sex hormones, intensify the process of bust growth (breasts become fuller, rounder, shapely, elastic, rejuvenated).
  • Grapeseed oil and sunflower seed oil – have a repairing and nurturing effect. They are excellent for damaged skin, flabby, dry, low vitality and in need of special care. They moisturize, deeply nourish and renew the skin. They provide it with softness and smoothness.
  • Hyaluronic acid – the guardian of good skin condition. Thanks to it, our skin becomes better moisturized, smoothed, elastic and revitalized.
  • Vitamin E – through its antioxidant and restorative effects, subtracts a few years from the skin. It increases its level of firmness, tone and nourishment. It also has a protective effect.
  • Vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid – support tissue regeneration, help regulate hormonal balance and metabolic processes, benefit skin condition, reduce susceptibility to fatigue, guard well-being.

How to use Bravona Forte and how long should the treatment last?

 Bravona Forte cream for breast enlargement

Both the cream and Bravona Forte capsules should be used regularly over a long period of time. How long? It all depends on the individual predisposition of the body. Some women see a big difference in the volume and level of breast lift after just a few weeks, others need a little more time. The minimum treatment time is one month. The first effects are visible after 2 weeks of use. Usually the optimal effect is obtained after 2-3 months of treatment.

The daily recommended serving of capsules is 2 pieces (take preferably after a meal, with a glass of water). Dosing the product in this way, 1 pack is enough for a month.

As for the cream, we apply it 2 times a day, for example, during the morning and evening toilet. We rub a small amount of the specific product using circular movements (from bottom to top) on the breasts. We can also spread the cream on the skin of the cleavage. The product is very efficient, so it will be enough for us for a long time (a month or more). Moreover, the cream has a very skin-friendly texture. It is instantly absorbed, is not sticky, does not leave a greasy film. It quickly penetrates into the tissues, stimulating the process of shaping and firming the breasts and regenerating the skin.

Effects of using Bravona Forte

The effects of Bravona Forte treatment most often cited by users are:

  • increased bust size,
  • improvement of breast structure and shape (fuller, more spherical, more shapely breasts),
  • breast lift,
  • firming of the breasts,
  • bust rejuvenation,
  • improvement of skin quality.

Bravona Forte – reviews

Bravona Forte is one of the best-rated products for breast contouring, rejuvenation and enlargement. Women primarily praise the product for its intensity and effects, but also such issues as affordability, natural composition, quick and hassle-free application, inexpensive cost compared to visits to clinics and aesthetic medicine offices are cited as pluses.

According to numerous reviews, Bravona Forte is a great way to enlarge and improve the appearance of the breasts at home, without having to undergo surgery and procedures. With Bravona Forte, many women have regained a sense of confidence and attractiveness, which has also improved their overall well-being and quality of life.

Bravona Forte – where to buy the product?

To purchase the Bravona Forte kit, just go to the manufacturer’s website and place an order. The transaction is fast and secure, and if you decide to buy more packs in one go, there are waiting for you attractive discounts .

 Preparation for breast enlargement Bravona Forte




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