Eternelle Gold Day – a serum that will quickly remove visible wrinkles

Smooth, perfect skin is a dream that is sometimes difficult to realize, especially when not using the right cosmetics for daily care. The biggest problem is wrinkles, which are caused, among other things, by the loss of skin elasticity that comes with age. Fortunately, you can take steps to effectively inhibit this process with a rejuvenating face serum Eternelle Gold Day , precisely for daily skin care. It has a natural formulation, and the use of nanocolloidal gold particles, in turn, is of considerable importance in reducing wrinkles .

What are wrinkles and what are their most common types?

 The effect of the anti-wrinkle serum

To fully understand the composition and effect of Eternelle Gold Day, it is important to simultaneously understand the nature of wrinkles and the factors that contribute to their development. Wrinkles are an outward sign of skin aging, manifesting as furrows and creases of varying widths, primarily on the delicate skin of the face and neck.

These wrinkles appear due to a combination of various factors, such as age, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, repetitive facial movements and the loss of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of the skin. Specialists, both in medicine and cosmetology, distinguish a few of the most important types of wrinkles that can be effectively addressed by the active ingredients in Eternelle Gold Day serums:

  • facial wrinkles, visible as fine lines or furrows on the surface of the skin, are a common phenomenon that comes with age, caused by repetitive muscle movements. They can also form as a result of overexposure to sunlight or other atmospheric factors, even at a younger age. They take the form of fine lines at the corners of the eyes, so-called crow’s feet, smoker’s wrinkles around the mouth, lion’s wrinkle between the eyebrows or horizontal lines on the forehead;
  • Post-sun wrinkles, formed, as the name suggests, as a result of exposing unprotected facial skin to UV radiation. Wrinkles of this type are characterized by great depth, and are further increased by excessive drying of the skin by sun exposure;
  • gravity wrinkles, which begin to be particularly visible after the age of 40, resulting from increasingloss of subcutaneous adipose tissue, which causes “drooping” of the cheeks, chin or skin on the neck;
  • sleep wrinkles, formed by the imprinting of a pillow or quilt on the skin during sleep, forming primarily on the face, temporal area, neck, neckline, but interestingly, usually only on the side on which we sleep.

Eternelle Gold Day – positive reviews from women satisfied with its effectiveness

 eternelle gold day

Serum rejuvenating Eternelle Gold Day has already earned a name for itself as a natural and powerful “golden facelift” since its appearance on the market, allowing to quickly and effectively get rid of most wrinkles disfiguring the complexion on the face, neck and décolleté. Specialists and women satisfied with its performance, emphasize the most significant benefits it provides in the daily care of any skin type:

  • reducing the visibility of all types of wrinkles mentioned above;
  • prevention of skin sagging and restoration of skin elasticity and tone;
  • minimizing the appearance of bags under the eyes;
  • improving the contour of the face shape;
  • Improving hydration and oxygenation of all layers of the skin;
  • acceleration of the skin renewal process;
  • can be used by women of all ages;
  • simple use, the serum only requires gentle massaging into clean skin every morning;
  • natural and safe formulation with no side effects, but you need to verify in advance if you have an individual allergy to any of the ingredients.


Eternelle Gold Day – which ingredients make it such a breakthrough rejuvenating serum?

To prevent wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging, why not use the revolutionary Eternelle Gold Day serum, developed as a non-surgical facelift. With it, there is no longer a need for painful surgery or uncomfortable Botox injections to achieve similar results. The effectiveness and safety of the serum’s use is made possible by a careful selection of active ingredients, such as:


Also known as glycerol, it is the first essential ingredient in the Eternelle Gold Day rejuvenating and wrinkle-reducing serum. This is due to its numerous beneficial properties, including its ability to effectively retain water in the deeper layers of the skin, deeply moisturizing and lubricating it. At the same time, it strengthens the natural defense layer on the skin’s surface and participates in the transport of other equally essential nutrients.


A safe and side-effect-free silicone polymer, often used in cosmetic products, whose source is organic silicon compounds. This unique compound shows remarkable durability in a variety of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and humidity. In addition, its smooth texture facilitates easy application of the serum to the skin, and it has the ability to retain moisture, thus preventing dehydration of the skin. In addition, it is effective in reducing the appearance of signs of aging, particularly various types of wrinkles.

Caviar extract

Used not only in cooking, but in cosmetics, due to its rich composition. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, vitamin D, vitamin E and numerous amino acids, as well as minerals, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, silicon, magnesium, potassium, selenium and calcium. It is these active compounds that are responsible for the properties of caviar extract, its strong ability to fight wrinkles, improve skin texture, inhibit natural aging processes, strengthen skin protection against external factors. In addition, it moisturizes the skin to the deepest layers and strengthens collagen fibers,

Gold particles

Gold nanoparticles dissolved in distilled water, forming a unique suspension that promotes health and improves the appearance of the skin, and it is thanks to it that Eternelle Gold Day gains its rejuvenating properties. Gold is also essential for stimulating collagen synthesis, counteracting wrinkles and sagging skin, soothing irritation and speeding up wound healing, having an antibacterial effect, reducing visible discoloration and removing dangerous free radicals.

Lactic acid

A natural compound that is a by-product of the breakdown of glucose in the absence of oxygen, while having beneficial effects on the body, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it takes care of proper hydration of the skin, accelerating its regeneration, reducing irritation or redness, creating a natural protective barrier, smoothing and firming the skin.ackling and firming of the skin, easier removal of the keratinized layer of the epidermis, rejuvenation of the skin and giving it a natural glow.

Collagen amino acids

Amino acids that co-form the important building material of connective tissue, collagen, are also an important component of Eternelle Gold Day. The most important here are two in particular, proline and glycine, which, together with their derivatives, provide a reduction in the depth of wrinkles, improve the oval of the face, reduce the appearance of cellulite, enable the skin to maintain the right level of hydration, effectively inhibit the natural processes of aging.

Retinyl palmitate

This is a derivative of vitamin A, like retinol for example, which can be found in many cosmetic products, due to its numerous properties that promote skin or hair care. Among other things, it has antioxidant properties, helping to rid the body of dangerous free radicals, takes part in the synthesis of collagen fibers, improves skin firmness, prevents skin aging. Reduces most of the visible wrinkles and discoloration, accelerates the process of regeneration and healing of damaged skin, protects it from weather, moisture, temperature changes and sunlight.

How and where can I buy Eternelle Gold Day rejuvenation serum?

Buying this rejuvenating and wrinkle-reducing ser um is very easy, as its distribution is handled by the manufacturer itself, which gives you 100% assurance that you are always buying an original and fully effective product. To do this, you need to go to manufacturer’s corporate website and fill out the contact form placed there. In it, you provide only your first name, last name and your phone number, and the rest of the issues related to the purchase of Eternelle Gold Day will be handled in a conversation with a company representative who calls you back. You can also reduce the cost of the purchase and take advantage of current price promotions.

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