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Gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre) – support in the fight against diabetes and weight loss. Learn about the properties of the Ayurvedic sugar destroyer!

Gurmar is a medicinal plant originating from Asia, which all people struggling with overweight and diabetic problems should pay attention to. It contains a unique ingredient – gymnemic acid (gymnenein), thanks to which it normalizes blood sugar levels and significantly reduces the desire for sweets, salty snacks or other products dangerous to health and figure. Regular consumption of gurmar, whether in the form of herbs or dietary supplements, makes it possible to reduce the consumption of sugars and thus minimize their negative effects on the body. Interestingly, gurmar also has other valuable health benefits. Learn about all the properties of gurmar.

Gurmar – a unique herb native to India

Gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre) is one of the most potent natural remedies for helping normalize carbohydrate metabolism in the body. It has been used for hundreds of years and plays an important role in the oldest systems of medicine, including traditional Hindu medicine (Ayurveda). In Hindi (the Indian language), “gurmar” means “sugar slayer.”

Gurmar is found in tropical climates, mainly in Asia (primarily India), as well as in Australia and Africa. It is a climber that grows on trees and shrubs. It has elongated, oval leaves equipped with soft hairs. The flowers of gurmar are small, yellow, have 5 petals each and are gathered in umbelliferous inflorescences.

Gurmar – composition

 Gymnema sylvestre (gurmar)

Gurmar contains large amounts of gymnemic acids, which make it an effective appetite blocker. However, this is only one of the numerous active substances present in this plant. There is also no shortage of chlorophyll and flavonoids, thanks to which the plant is a powerful antioxidant support for the body.

List of active ingredients present in the gurmar plant:

  • gymnemic acids,
  • flavonoids,
  • saponins,
  • alkaloids,
  • sterols (including stigmasterol),
  • lupeol,
  • chlorophyll,
  • glycosides,
  • terpene compounds,
  • anthraquinones,
  • inositol,
  • resins,
  • organic acids.

Gurmar – health-promoting properties

In ancient civilizations, gurmar was an antidote to a whole range of ailments. Among other things, it was used as an antiparasitic, antibacterial, expectorant, strengthening the heart and liver, antipyretic or to combat ulcers and urinary tract problems. Today its main uses are to help fight diabetes, overweight and obesity.

The main medicinal raw material is gurmar leaves. They have the highest concentration of biologically active substances. Fresh gurmar leaves are slightly bitter, but dried and prepared as an infusion, they have a neutral taste. Sometimes the root, bark and flowers of this plant are also used.

Gurmar has hypoglycemic (lowering blood glucose levels) and improving insulin secretion by the pancreas, which translates into an anti-diabetic effect. This is undoubtedly the most important (supported by studies) medicinal property of gurmar, but it has more.

Gurmar exhibits properties:

  • anti-diabetic and anti-cholesterol,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antimicrobial,
  • antiparasitic,
  • antioxidant,
  • antipyretic,
  • improving metabolism of sugars and fats,
  • expectorant,
  • shielding.

Gurmar regulates the activity of enzymes involved in burning carbohydrates in the insulin-dependent pathway, thus reducing the risk of persistently high blood sugar levels. Thanks to its properties, gurmar is increasingly popular among people who want to regulate by natural means glycemia, as well as those striving for weight reduction and having trouble limiting carbohydrate intake. Due to its anti-cholesterol properties, it also works well in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Gurmar as a method of lowering blood glucose levels, gurmar vs. diabetes

 powdered gurmar leaves

Thanks to gymnemic acids, gurmar has a complex effect on the body’s glucose-insulin metabolism, making it very effective in combating diabetic problems.

First of all, Gymnema sylvestre has an effect on reducing glucose absorption in the small intestine, slowing down the breakdown of carbohydrates and delaying the penetration of glucose into the bloodstream. As a result, it counteracts blood sugar spikes after meals.

Gurmar also improves the process of glucose distribution to tissues. It actively supports the functioning of the pancreas, participates in the regeneration of pancreatic islets responsible for the production of insulin and helps regulate the concentration of ins ulin in the body.

However, that’s not all. After consuming gurmar, there is a temporary blocking of the taste receptors responsible for the sensation of sweet taste. The result is a reduced craving for sweet. This directly protects us from over-consumption of products with carbohydrates.

It is worth remembering that the positive effects of gurmar are best seen through regular use (at least for several weeks) of this plant.

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Gurmar for weight loss – appetite reducer and metabolism enhancer in one.

Gurmar activates weight loss by improving metabolism and helping to control calorie intake. By affecting the relevant receptors, gurmar weakens the perception of sweet taste. Thus, it reduces the appetite for sweets, as well as other foods that contribute to weight gain, such as fast food, chips and other salty snacks.

Moreover, gurmar reduces the rate of carbohydrate breakdown and normalizes insulin secretion. As a result, it counteracts sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar levels that lead to attacks of wolf hunger. During such attacks of severe hunger, huge amounts of excess calories are very often consumed.

Systematic use of gurmar results in more stable blood sugar levels and less craving for sweet. This leads to better diet control and faster and more efficient shedding of excess pounds.

Gurmar – a powerful aid in lowering cholesterol

By improving fat metabolism, gurmar reduces the tendency for cholesterol, fatty acids and triglycerides to accumulate in the body. This has the effect of improving the lipid profile. Importantly, lower cholesterol means a lower risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. Gurmar also benefits the heart and circulatory system through its antioxidant activity (protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals).

Gurmar – contraindications and side effects.

Its ability to stabilize glucose and insulin levels makes gurmar very successful in controlling type I and type II diabetes. However, if we have been diagnosed with either of these diseases, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking remedies with gurmar. It is generally recommended to measure sugar levels frequently and regularly during gurmar treatment.

We should be especially careful if we are taking diabetes medications. Gurmar can potentiate their effects (and consequently lead to an excessive drop in sugar levels).

The use of gurmar is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

How to use gurmar?

Gurmar is commercially available in many different forms. The most traditional form of gurmar is dried leaves, from which infusions are made.

A teaspoon of the herb is poured over a glass of water at about 80 degrees. It is then brewed under a cover for 10 minutes, strained and drunk.

You can also find gurmar leaves ground into powder in stores, which can be added to smoothies or various health-promoting concoctions.

A somewhat original method of using gurmar is to chew the fresh leaves of the plant. This is a very effective method for express appetite suppression. When chewing Gymnema sylvestre leaves, there is a rapid, direct anesthesia of the taste buds, so that the craving for sweet immediately passes.

Gurmar in the form of dried herb and powder is available in health food stores, eco products, pharmacies and herbal stores. Fresh gurmar leaves are rarely available.

Supplementation of gurmar

A very convenient form of taking gurmar is capsules. They contain Gymnema sylvestre extracts distinguished by their high concentration of active substances and high efficacy. Dietary supplements containing gurmar should always be taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the label.



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