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Lipid Control Plus – guardian of normal cholesterol levels in the form of well-absorbable capsules

Natural ingredients can be extremely helpful in normalizing cholesterol levels. However, you need to consume them regularly and in the right amounts. Lipid Control Plus capsules is a preparation that, with the help of a composition of proven ingredients, will improve the metabolism of fats, and thus affect the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. The remedy works intensively and effectively, and, importantly, is very convenient to use. We do not need to brew herbs, take several specifics at the same time or prepare health-promoting concoctions, just take 2 capsulesa day to gain comprehensive support for our arteries, veins and heart and better protect ourselves from atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Importantly, Lipid Control Plus also contains ingredients that benefit the liver and digestion. If one is looking for comprehensive health support, Lipid Control Plus is worth considering.

What is cholesterol and what are the causes of too high blood cholesterol levels?

 Graphic showing the heart and electrocardiograph recordings

Increasing numbers of people are complaining of elevated chole sterol. On average, 7 out of 10 people face this problem. The phenomenon of high cholesterol mainly affects people over 50, but as it turns out, not only.

The likelihood of blood cholesterol spikes begins to increase as early as age 20. With an unhealthy lifestyle and, above all, a fat-rich diet, as early as 30 or 40 years of age, the cholesterol standard can be significantly exceeded, resulting in an increased risk of serious heart disease and syndromes such as heart attack or stroke.

Cholesterol is a type of fatty substance that occurs naturally in cell membranes and in the blood. Cholesterol performs many important functions in the body (such as. affects proper brain function, stabilizes cell membranes, participates in the synthesis of hormones, vitamin D and bile acids) and only when there is too much of it in the body does it become dangerous.

Cholesterol comes in two fractions:

  • Cholesterol LDL (so-called bad cholesterol) – low-density lipoproteins responsible for transporting cholesterol particles from the liver to the cells. When there is too much of them, they are deposited in the form of deposits in the blood vessels, endangering our health (therefore, excess LDL cholesterol is very bad for us).
  • Cholesterol HDL (the so-called good cholesterol) – high-density lipoproteins whose role is to carry excess cholesterol to the liver, where it is metabolized and used to produce bile acids or excreted.

It is most desirable to have high levels of HDL cholesterol and low levels of LDL cholesterol. However, these values are unfortunately reversed in a significant portion of the population. To make matters worse, too high LDL cholesterol usually goes hand in hand with elevated triglycerides. Triglycerides are one of the fat fractions that make up the main component of adipose tissue. Excess triglycerides in the body contribute to an increased risk of acute pancreatitis, as well as strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

The main causes of elevated levels of bad cholesterol in the blood are:

  • overweight and obesity,
  • a diet high in animal fats and trans fats (trans fats are present in a whole range of products, including fast food, all ready-made and instant meals, candy, salty snacks, margarines),
  • lack of physical activity,
  • smoking cigarettes,
  • alcohol abuse.

Symptoms of high cholesterol are mainly:

  • leg pain, frequent leg fatigue, leg numbness, calf cramps,
  • stretched, shiny foot skin,
  • yellow thickening around the eyelids, elbows and under the breasts,
  • nodules on the wrists and Achilles tendons.

High cholesterol a prelude to serious cardiovascular diseases

Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are one of the main contributors to cardiovascular disorders. If this condition persists for a long time, the condition of our arteries and veins gets worse and worse, atherosclerotic plaque gradually forms, and the work of the heart and circulation of blood in the body becomes more and more abnormal.

The consequences of high cholesterol can be very severe, and include:

  • coronary artery disease,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • myocardial infarction,
  • stroke,
  • lower extremity ischemia,
  • abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Both symptoms indicating high cholesterol levels (such as leg pain and fatigue, yellow thickening on the body, pale, shiny skin on the legs, etc.) and bad blood test results indicating too high cholesterol levels should be a worrying sign for us.), as well as bad blood test results indicating excessively high levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. The first thing we should do, of course, is to introduce a healthier diet, increase physical activity and reduce the use of stimulants.

However, in order for the effects to be faster and more intensive, and for our body to deal much more efficiently with metabolizing fats and removing excess cholesterol, it is worth reaching for a specialized preparation such as Lipid Control Plus.

 Lipid Control Plus

The main role of Lipid Control Plus is to quickly help reduce the level of bad cholesterol, but the formula also shows other actions:

  • improves the metabolism of fats and prevents their excessive accumulation in the body,
  • regulates the digestive system, improves digestion,
  • has a beneficial effect on heart function,
  • protects the cardiovascular system from the harmful activity of free radicals (antioxidant activity),
  • protects the liver, supports its work and stimulates the process of its detoxification,
  • helps normalize blood pressure.


Lipid Control Plus – composition of the product

Lipid Control Plus is a set of 8 active ingredients, the selection of which is not random. Complementing each other, they comprehensively care for the health of the cardiovascular and digestive systems. This dual action is very important in the context of lowering cholesterol levels – the active substances simultaneously guard the good work of the heart and the good condition of blood vessels, and improve the metabolism of fats occurring at the level of the intestines and liver. They stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and favorably influence the process of breaking down triglycerides to glycerol and free fatty acids.

Lipid Control Plus Active Ingredients:

  • European olive fruit extract [3% hydroxytyrosol] Oli-Ola™ – an organic ingredient obtained from ancient olive trees from the Mediterranean region with high biological activity. Thanks to the content of a powerful antioxidant (hydroxytyrosol), it protects the cardiovascular system from oxidative stress, normalizes cholesterol levels and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic lesions.
  • Hepure™ fragrant cap flower extract and Hepure™ Italian blanket flower extract – a composition of extracts that comprehensively support the liver: protects the liver from damage, stimulates liver cleansing from toxins, improves liver regeneration processes, stimulates bile secretion and positively affects liver function. It also stimulates the secretion of gastric, pancreatic and intestinal juices, thus improving digestion.
  • Extract of the rhizome of the long-stemmed oyster [85% curcuminoids] Curcumin C3 Complex® – a high-quality extract of the long-stemmed oysterlong(turmeric) showing strong antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective and anti-atherosclerotic effects. By improving vascular endothelial function, it protects arteries from the formation of fatty infiltrates. It also inhibits platelet aggregation. Stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, improves fat metabolism. It has an effect on lowering the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood. Moreover, it helps stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Artichoke leaf extract – has a protective effect on the liver and supports its regeneration process, improves digestion of food, supports fat metabolism, cleanses toxins, helps lower blood cholesterol levels.
  • Common garlic head extract [6% allin, 3% allicin] – supports the immune system, while stabilizing the cardiovascular system. Helps normalize blood pressure, makes blood vessels more flexible and dilated, improves blood flow. Inhibits platelet aggregation, thus preventing the formation of blood clots.
  • L-ornithine L-aspartate – supports liver function. Participates in the process of removing unnecessary metabolic products from the body. Combats fatigue and accelerates regeneration of the body.
  • Choline – guards the proper metabolism of fats. Prevents excessive accumulation of cholesterol and fats in the blood and tissues, facilitates their removal from the system. Supports the detoxification process, protects the liver from damage and improves its work. It counteracts cardiovascular diseases, reduces blood pressure and stabilizes heart rhythm.
  • Piperine – regulates the functioning of the digestive system, speeds up metabolism, supports fat burning, improves immunity, increases the assimilability of the other components of the supplement.

Lipid Control Plus – action and effects, or 10 benefits in 1 capsule

 Lipid Control Plus

Lipid Control Plus is distinguished by:

  • high quality ingredients, their good assimilability and intensive action,
  • appropriately selected doses of individual ingredients,
  • appropriately selected composition of ingredients (individual components complement each other, intensifying each other’s effects).

Because of these advantages, Lipid Control Plus boasts faster effects and better efficacy than many competing products. What is worth noting, Lipid Control Plus is a preparation with multidirectional positive effects on the body. It not only fights high cholesterol, but also crackdowns on other ailments that often accompany people struggling with elevated blood cholesterol levels, such as: weakness, lack of energy, malaise, high blood sugar, slow metabolism, digestive problems, constant weight gain.

10 health benefits that make Lipid Control Plus worth taking:

  • leads to lowering the level of bad cholesterol and raising the level of good cholesterol, thereby normalizing total cholesterol,
  • protects the heart and positively affects its function,
  • improves the condition of arteries and veins, increases the capacity of blood vessels,
  • improves circulation and helps stabilize blood pressure,
  • inhibits the process of platelet aggregation,
  • protects the liver and supports its work,
  • improves fat metabolism,
  • facilitates fat burning, accelerates weight loss,
  • improves digestive processes,
  • accelerates regeneration of the body, rejuvenates, adds vitality.

To get the best and fastest results, it is worth taking the product regularly (2 times a day, 1 capsule each) and combine supplementation with a dietin which we introduce more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and limit the share of processed foods and animal fats.

Lipid Control Plus – opinions

 Lipid Control Plus

Customers generally rate Lipid Control Plus highly. Reviews often state that it is the first formula that has so quickly led to a decrease in bad cholesterol and an improvement in the lipid profile (lipidogram).

Many users emphasize that until now, despite the use of diet and specifics from the pharmacy, they have not managed to improve their results enough to be within the norm. With Lipid Control Plus, on the other hand, they were able to do so in a few weeks.

In addition to the improvement in cholesterol levels, other advantages of Lipid Control Plus have been highlighted, especially the reduction of digestive disorders and liver problems, faster weight loss, higher energy levels and better physical and mental well-being.

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