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Meltamin – an intensive fat burner with which you will multiply the rate of losing weight

One of the main problems of weight-loss sufferers is weight loss that is too slow. The reasons for this can vary, from inadequate diet, through irregular and too little physical activity or poorly adjusted exercises, to slow metabolism and disorders of carbohydrate metabolism in the body. A product that will help us eliminate all factors that distance us from the effect of a slim figure is Meltamin – an intensive fat burner containing 11 selected active substances. Introducing Meltamin into the daily diet, we will start the process of dynamic fat reduction without the need for draconian diets and murderous workouts.

Meltamin – reliable help for those who want to lose weight fast

Meltamin is proof that fat reduction can be fast, simple and hassle-free. It is a multi-tasking formula, eliminating all obstacles that stand in the way of rapid weight loss.

Meltamin stimulates metabolic processes and intensifies calorie burning, making the pounds disappear from our body faster. At the same time, it effectively reduces appetite, adds energy and improves mood. It makes it much easier for us to curb our sense of hunger and control the calories we consume. It is also easier for us to mobilize for regular physical activity, making fat reduction go even more rapidly.

 Melatamin fat burner


Meltamin comes in the form of a powder that you simply combine with water and drink. Since Meltamin has a palate-pleasing, crisp, cactus flavor, its consumption is pure pleasure. The liquid form of the product and the high quality of the ingredients make it very well absorbed by the body, so it works quickly and effectively.

How does Meltamin work?

Meltamin combines the power of raspberry ketones to increase the consumption of fats as an energy source with a set of powerful thermogenics to crank up metabolism and effective hunger blockers. Another useful ingredient in the supplement for weight loss are well-being-caring B vitamins and energy-boosting caffeine.

Acting synergistically, Meltamin’s active ingredients solve such problems of weight-loss sufferers as:

  • slow metabolism, a tendency to gain weight quickly,
  • problem with shedding pounds despite the physical activity and diet undertaken,
  • inhibition of further weight loss after partial weight loss,
  • inability to shed resistant fat from certain parts of the body (e.g. abdomen, thighs, hips, arms),
  • disturbances of the hunger center, excessive appetite, frequent and irresistible craving for sweet, snacking between mealsmeals, compulsive eating, constant and increased sucking in the stomach, reaching for excessive portions of food during meals,
  • glycemic disturbances, rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels,
  • frequent feelings of fatigue and lack of vitality,
  • lowering of mood, discouragement,
  • rapid fatigue during exercise, low resistance to exertion, inability to achieve training intentions,
  • digestive disorders, “lazy” work of the intestines,
  • retention of excess water in the body, body edema, water cellulite, weight fluctuations, feeling of heaviness.

However,Meltamin has many more benefits. Not only does it accelerate and intensify the process of reducing unnecessary body fat, but it also helps people who train to shape their muscles and sculpt their body shape. Thus, it is an ideal choice both for people for whom physical activity is just an addition to weight loss, and for those for whom it is the basis. Due to the high quality and bioavailability of the ingredients and intensive action, it is recommended not only for amateur athletes, but also for professional athletes.

 woman measures her waist with a centimeter

The Meltamin fat burner does its slimming job no matter what diet we follow. Its effectiveness is astonishing when combined with calorie-reduced diets, diets that speed up the metabolism-accelerating diets and cleansing diets, but it intensifies the shedding of pounds also with a normal, balanced, healthy eating regime. Keep in mind, however, that the effectiveness of any fat reducer is much lower if the eatingospis is dominated by ready meals, highly processed foods, fast food, sweets or fattening salty snacks. So it is worth taking care of what we eat on a daily basis.

Meltamin – composition of the supplement

Meltamin is based on highly active extracts proven to reduce body fat and improve metabolic processes. Thanks to them, it solves the problem of slow metabolism, energy sparing by the body and the resulting easy accumulation of fat stores.


Accelerating metabolism and increasing caloric expenditure of the body, Meltamin inhibits the further process of weight gain, and at the same time helps to “move” the fat accumulated so far. In addition, it is a valuable support for muscles. It strengthens them and positively influences their work, helping to carry out training plans. With the help of natural stimulants, it also takes care of high energy levels for a long time.

All tasks in the service of a modeled silhouette without an ounce of unnecessary fat Meltamin performs with the help of 16 ingredients, some of which affect the mental sphere. By improving mental and physical well-being, increasing the body’s efficiency and eliminating fatigue, it makes the process of weight loss a light and pleasant one.

The main active ingredients of Meltamin fat burner

Prickly pear fruit extract – Cacti-Nea™

Prickly pear is a valuable medicinal plant from the cactus family. Due to its beneficial effects on the body, it was considered sacred by the Aztecs. In addition to a number of health-promoting properties (antioxidant, antiviral, regenerative, anti-aging), it also exhibits strong slimming effects. It improves digestion and metabolism and stimulates the removal of excess water from the body, affecting weight loss. By binding fats from food in the digestive tract, it inhibits their absorption and storage.

Moreover, by improving carbohydrate metabolism and regulating blood sugar levels, prickly pear normalizes appetite and reduces the feeling of hunger. It also enhances the feeling of satiety. It makes us feel full after just eating a small portion of food, and we don’t need to reach for more. In this way, it protects us from eating excess calories.

Malabar tamarind fruit extract [50% HCA] – Citrin® K

The Malabar tamarind fruit extract contained in Meltamin contains as much as 50% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) – a prized weight loss aid. The substance exhibits strong thermogenic properties, thanks to which it accelerates the burning of calories. It regulates the body’s fat metabolism and inhibits fat gain, while at the same time influencing the faster breakdown of spare fats and making them more utilized as a source of energy. Studies have also shown that HCA enhances the feeling of satiety and blocks appetite.

Raspberry fruit extract [50% raspberry ketones].

Raspberry ketones are another active ingredient in Meltamine with thermogenic (increases body heat) and metabolism-boosting effects. The ingredient also mobilizes the body to draw increased energy from accumulated fat reserves, influencing faster drops in body fat mass.

Bitter orange fruit extract [6% synephrine].

The synephrine contained in bitter orange is a prized substance that boosts energy while stimulating fat reduction. Thanks to its thermogenic properties, it raises the metabolic rate, making you burn calories more efficiently. It also activates the removal of spare fat, especially during exercise. It is an invaluable aid for people who regularly train – it stimulates blood circulation, taking care of better oxygenation of tissues, increases resistance toresistance to fatigue, improves physical performance and stimulates for a long time, allowing you to fully achieve your training goals.

Green tea leaf extract [40% EGCG].

Contained in green tea leaf extract, EGCG supports carbohydrate metabolism in the body, increases tissue sensitivity to insulin, takes care of normalized blood sugar levels. It eliminates the phenomenon of attacks of ravenous hunger and notorious appetite for sweets, making us have our diet under better control. It also stimulates the process of breaking down fats.

Other Meltamin ingredients are:

  • guarana – adds energy and vitality, reduces fatigue, improves mood, benefits physical form, makes us exercise longer and more efficiently, at the same time speeds up metabolism and reduces cravings for food;
  • caffeine – combats fatigue and drowsiness, enhances concentration, counteracts declines in energy and vitality, improves workout performance;
  • BioPerine® (piperine) – by stimulating thermogenesis, it increases the body’s energy expenditure and counteracts the accumulation of excesscaloric surpluses in the form of adipose tissue, improves the process of lipid breakdown and increases the absorption of other components of the supplement;
  • chromium – helps stabilize blood glucose levels, reduces the need for external sugars, helps tame excessive appetite (especially for carbohydrate foods);
  • vitamin B6 and pantothenic acid – take care of the proper work of the nervous system, have a positive effect on concentration and mental well-being, participate in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

Meltamin – effects of use

Meltamin stimulates the displacement of fats from the body and takes care of a healthy, balanced sugar balance. Makes it easier to stick to a weight-loss beneficial diet and mobilizes regular physical activity. Accelerates the process of metamorphosis of the figure from a plump, sluggish and unappealing folds to a sculpted, dynamic, slender, shapely figure with nicely defined muscles.

The great advantage of the supplement is its multidimensional effect on the body, so we do not need to reach for any other preparations in the course of fat reduction or body sculpting.

Effects of Meltamine:

  • mobilizes the body for rapid and regular weight loss,
  • accelerates metabolism and counteracts energy accumulation in fat cells,
  • increases the utilization of fats for energy purposes,
  • improves the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates, protects against further weight spikes,
  • adds energy and reduces the feeling of mental and physical fatigue,
  • improves physical condition, makes it easier to carry out training plans,
  • increases the number of calories burned during workouts (we can burn up to 500 kcal more),
  • normalizes blood sugar levels, helps control the habit of snacking and overeating,
  • helps achieve permanent weight loss (without yo-yo effect).

Meltamin – reviews


Meltamin is a fat burner that hits the needs of a wide range of customers. Its effectiveness is appreciated by both very active and less active people, people on demanding diets, as well as those eating normally, younger and older people, those who just want to lose weight, as well as supporters of a sculpted, muscular body.

Metamin in the opinions of many people is one of the best fat burners on the market. It makes the weight drop quickly, and, most importantly, we lose weight without major sacrifices. No hunger strikes, strict diets, strenuous workouts, constant calorie counting or relying only on fit products are needed. All you need is Meltamin and a healthy lifestyle.

Many positive reviews of the Meltamin burner also come from the mouths of people who regularly train and aim to eliminate residual resistant fat. With the help of this product, they easily and efficiently developed the effect of a flat belly, a proportional figure and a muscular body, in other words, they made the final cut over the figure.

If you are interested in Meltamin fat burner, go to the official website of the product , where you can order. You can count on the lowest market price, fast shipping and attractive discounts.



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