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Nanodevine – an effective solution for hair loss for both men and women

Regardless of gender, both men and women face the loss of large amounts of hair, which at times even comes out in handfuls. This is definitely a cause for concern, so action should be taken right away as soon as hair loss becomes noticeable when combing or brushing. Various methods are available to slow down the balding process, and experts in the field suggest using an innovative serum Nanodevine as a permanent solution to this problem.

Which varieties of baldness are we most vulnerable to?

When it comes to hair loss, most of its most common causes can be eliminated with the powerful ingredients contained in Nanodevine serum. It is a viable solution for various forms of baldness, including:

  • androgenetic alopecia, which occurs in both men and women. This condition is caused by the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is triggered by the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, as well as other factors, stress, or too frequent and too invasive hair care procedures such as hair coloring;
  • alopecia areata, an extremely unpleasant variety that causes areas of hairlessness to appear on the scalp, and this type of alopecia is mostly genetic;
  • telogen alopecia, found mainly in pregnant women and those who have just had a baby, and is caused by the prolongation of the resting phase of the hair, when it simply does not grow, but at the same time falls out;
  • anagen alopecia, when the hair growth phase, or anagen, ends too soon.

What causes of abundant hair loss are indicated by specialists?

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The issue of losing a significant amount of hair cannot be ignored, as it is not only a cosmetic problem, negatively affecting our external appearance. It can also indicate negative internal changes, the onset of diseases, and uncontrolled hair loss that progresses rapidly can be a symptom of such conditions. Therefore, in case of observing this phenomenon, it is worthwhile to go to a dermatologist or trichologist for an examination, and the most common causes of accelerated baldness indicated by them are:

  • neglect of daily washing of the hair and scalp;
  • the use of cosmetics, shampoos or conditioners with a pH factor that is unsuitable for the skin and a formulation that includes, for example. minoxidil, which can cause skin irritation and damage hair roots and follicles;
  • a diet devoid of nutrients essential for hair. To ensure proper hair growth, the body needs adequate amounts of vitamin A, B vitamins, coenzyme Q10, collagen and minerals, especially silicon;
  • co-morbidities, and the list of such conditions includes thyroid disorders, with a particular focus onincluding hyperthyroidism, lupus erythematosus, polycystic ovary syndrome, fungal or bacterial skin infections;
  • tying long hair too tightly with an elastic band, which can lead to damage to the hair roots and excessive, uncontrolled hair loss;
  • certain types of medications, including anticoagulants and contraceptives, which have the side effect of weakening hair;
  • improper functioning of the endocrine system, causing a disruption in the secretion of testosterone, which leads to its conversion into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an unfavorable form that can severely damage hair follicles.


What active ingredients in Nanodevine are responsible for the hair loss prevention action?

In order for a serum to be effective against hair loss, it must be composed of ingredients that can deal with the problem in a short period of time, and the results obtained will be permanent. Therefore, in Nanodevine a perfectly matched combination of active ingredients was used, and the manufacturer of this serum relied on substances whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven many times, such as:


The essential amino acid known as l-arginine is a valuable nutrient that cannot be synthesized by our body and therefore must be constantly replenished from external sources. It effectively prevents hair from becoming static, while adding lightness and volume. The product also improves the structure of the hair, restoring its softness and velvety feel and leaving a pleasant and refreshing fragrance.

The compound’s remarkable anti-static properties should not be overlooked either, counteracting hair static. At the same time, this amino acid helps regulate blood pressure, lowering levels of harmful cholesterol LDL and strengthening weakened walls of blood vessels blood vessels, which is also essential for proper blood flow to the scalp, follicles and hair follicles.

Ammonium salt

Since ancient times, ammonium salt, also known as ammonium chloride, has been used in natural medicine. It has become the dominant active ingredient in many health-improving formulas, including the Nanodevine serum designed to inhibit hair loss. Ammonium salt’s main role is to improve hair quality, and it achieves this through a number of benefits, such as making hair easier to comb and preventing tangling. It also adds deep shine and smooths unruly hair, and its anti-static properties mean that hair no longer becomes electrified.

Baicapil™ complex


The patented Baicapil™ complex consists of three key ingredients that provide impressive hair health benefits. They are 100% natural, plant-derived, and each drop of the serum thus contains:

  • wheat germ, which is a source of several essential nutrients, such as vitamin B1, known variously asalso known as thiamine, vitamin B3, or niacin, and numerous minerals that our hair even requires;
  • Baikal thyroid, a plant that is highly effective in dealing with skin infections caused by various strains of fungi, most notably Candida albicans;
  • soybean germ, providing hair and scalp with B vitamins, vitamins C, E and D, as well as the minerals zinc, phosphorus, iodine, lithium, manganese, magnesium, copper, potassium, calcium, selenium and iron.

Thanks to such ingredients, the action of Baicapil™ complex can be considered comprehensive First, it protects hair follicle cells from external stressors that can cause damage. Second, it provides the cells with the necessary nutrients to promote healthy growth. Third, it prolongs the anagen phase of hair growth, delaying the aging process. In addition, the complex stimulates the growth of new hair and contributes to increased volume and fluffiness.


Serum anti-hair loss Nanodevine uses a special ingredient, aminodimethylsiloxane, to improve the condition and visual appeal of hair. At the same time, this ingredient facilitates the application of the product, ensuring even distribution and preventing hair strands from tangling. In addition, it helps retain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, providing hydration, elasticity and smoothness. Its anti-static properties prevent static, making hair smoother and easier to comb, both wet and dry.


Another of the ingredients present in Nanodevine serums is gluconolactone, a glucose derivative that belongs to the polyhydroxy acid (PHA) category. This compound is a powerful natural antioxidant that effectively eliminates free radicals from the body, which are the cause of various ailments, including skin diseases.

Gluconolactone also has anti-inflammatory properties and effectively soothes skin irritation and redness. In addition, it has been shown to accelerate wound healing and inhibit skin aging. Moreover, it plays a key role in the production of collagen and elastin and is an excellent moisturizer for all layers of the scalp.

Positive reviews of Nanodevine hair loss serum


Serum Nanodevine has garnered plenty of positive reviews from people who have successfully used it. They confirm its effectiveness not only in preventing excessive hair loss, but also in promoting the growth of healthier, stronger hair. This opinion is confirmed by trichologists who recommend the use of this serum to their patients.

The benefits of use are worth highlighting, and consistent use can lead to noticeable improvements, such as:

  • stronger and more resilient hair follicles, ensuring optimal hair health and growth;
  • No significant amount of hair loss;
  • increased resistance to negative influences, both from internal and external sources;
  • prolongation of the anagen phase, or hair growth;
  • easier detangling and ultimate absence of tangled hair;
  • providing deep hydration and nourishment to all layers of the scalp;
  • improving blood circulation and strengthening hair follicles, thus stimulating fresh hair growth;
  • prevention of skin aging processes;
  • restoring the natural shine, softness and density of the hair.

Nanodevine – how can you buy it?

To finally put an end to your hair loss dilemma and prevent baldness, be sure to visit the manufacturer’s website Nanodevine serum. Taking advantage of current price promotions, you can place an order for their product and see its benefits for yourself.


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