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Nicosadio – patches to help stop smoking cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is widely recognized as one of the most harmful addictions, taking a deadly toll every year. Unfortunately, despite warnings about the dangers of smoking, smokers continue to disregard the danger instead of putting up an effective fight against it. Nowadays, their chances of breaking free from the habit are greatly improved, and anti-smoking patches can help them do so Nicosadio .

What are the health consequences of smoking?

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There is no doubt that the chemical compounds found in cigarettes, which we will outline later in our review, are not without negative effects on the health of smokers and those forced to passively smoke, that is, inhale tobacco smoke. Damage, and often irreversible, can be done to the most important systems and organs of the human body, and the most common diseases caused by smoking are:

  • diseases of the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system;
  • cancer affecting not only the lungs, cancer in a smoker can also attack the throat, esophagus, mouth, salivary glands or lips;
  • peptic ulcer disease of the duodenum and stomach, often also their cancer;
  • progressive kidney failure;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • memory and concentration problems signifying weakened brain and nervous system function;
  • diseases with psychological causes, not only stress, but often severe depression;
  • problems with weakening eyesight;
  • declining libido and increasing infertility;
  • difficulties regulating blood sugar levels that can lead to diabetes.

Which compounds in cigarettes are the most dangerous?

It’s definitely worth sparing yourself the above a ilments and time to reach for the Nicosadio smoking cessation patch. Thanks to the fact that we will fight in ourselves the desire to reach for a cigarette or a pipe, we will not introduce poisonous, even deadly substances into the body, among which the most dangerous for health are:

  • tar, the worst thing a cigarette can contain, full of nitrogen and phenols;
  • nicotine, the number two highly addictive poison, which is what makes it so difficult to break the habit;
  • carbon monoxide, known as the “odorless killer,” negatively affecting the entire body, in large quantities leading to death;
  • hydrogen cyanide, a deadly substance also capable of even leading to death in large doses;
  • ammonia, damaging the eyesight, nervous system and irritating the respiratory tract;
  • a whole range of other poisons and substances with carcinogenic effects, such as DDT, benzene, arsenic, polonium-210, formaldehyde, heavy metals and methyl alcohol.


Nocisadio – the compounds that make these patches help you quit smoking


Anti-smoking patches Nicosadio have been developed precisely to support people who want to quit smoking once and for all. Not only are they highly effective, but at the same time they are extremely safe to use and usually have no side effects. However, the manufacturer advises you to check whether you are allergic to any of the active ingredients.

Of course, at the same time it is worthwhile to dramatically change your current lifestyle, start eating a healthy, easily digestible diet that will prevent any weight gain, which will also be prevented by a large daily dose of physical activity. Each patch is designed for topical application, works to suppress cigarette cravings, and consists of the following substances that actively support this process:

Eucalyptus oil

Fragrant essential oil from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. It is widely used for its rich composition, full of such compounds as eucalyptol, alpha- and beta-pinene, cineol, p-cymene, camphene and limonene, as well as tannins, flavonoids and triterpenes. It is these that directly contribute to the most important health-promoting properties of the oil:

  • antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic;
  • antioxidant activity, removing free radicals;
  • ability to relieve the effects of stress;
  • expectorant properties, making it easier to get rid of secretions from the respiratory tract;
  • reducing the effects of fatigue, physical and mental;
  • cleansing the body of tar from cigarettes.


Found in the peel of citrus fruits, a type of aromatic terpene, which can also support freedom from cigarette smoking, which is why the manufacturer of the Nicosadio patch decided to use it. Limonene is characterized by strong effects:

  • antibacterial, anti-cancer, analgesic and antioxidant;
  • alleviating the effects of stress, which is very often part of the process of combating addiction;
  • regulating and supporting the cardiovascular system, primarily the heart.


Another ingredient in the Nicosadio anti-smoking patch is the all-too-familiar menthol, whose health-promoting effects are extremely broad. This terpene group alcohol boasts extremely beneficial effects on the smoker’s body:

  • analgesic and itch-reducing properties of the skin;
  • antiseptic effect, disinfecting the skin and accelerating its healing;
  • ability to counteract the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria;
  • giving a cooling sensation, after which the skin is pleasantly refreshed and free from the smell of tobacco smoke.


Natural compounds of plant origin, appreciated for their numerous properties that improve weakened health, including those addicted to smoking tobacco products. Of these properties, specialists most emphasize:

  • strengthening the immune system;
  • reduction of the effects of stress on the body;
  • support for the heart, circulatory system, brain and nervous system;
  • reduction of health-threatening free radicals.

Nicosadio – reviews confirming its effective help in quitting smoking


People who have been helped by Nicosadio managed to break the destructive addiction, give the patch high, fully deserved ratings. Among the numerous benefits of their regular use, they emphasize above all:

  • a reduction in the desire to reach for a cigarette, and that as early as 72 hours after sticking the patch, thanks to its action directly on the nervous system;
  • safe and natural composition with no side effects, except as described above;
  • the relaxing and relaxing properties;
  • protection of the body from severe stress, violent mood swings and difficulty sleeping;
  • strengthening weakened memory and increasing concentration;
  • simple use, i.e. simply applying the patch to the skin, in the place indicated in the accompanying leaflet;
  • thorough detoxification of the body, removing from it all the toxic compounds left over from smoking;
  • the absence of disorders of the digestive system.

Nicosadio – how and where to buy these effective patches?

If smoking keeps you awake at night and negatively affects your health, it means it’s time to start fighting the habit and reach for Nicosadio anti-smoking patches. Buying them is very simple, you need to go to the manufacturer’s corporate website , which also distributes its product. This brings many benefits, first of all, the best price on the market and the certainty of getting 100 % original and effective patches.

On the site you will find a contact form to fill out, where you just need to provide your basic data, name and phone number. Now all you have to do is wait for a phone call from the company’s consultant, and it is with him that we will arrange the rest of the formalities for the purchase of Nicosadio pat ches and get the necessary information on payment or delivery dates.


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