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Ranking of preparations for penis enlargement

Having a successful and satisfying sex life is, according to many specialists, one of the cornerstones of maintaining good health, not only mentally, but also physically. This, of course, also applies to men, but for various reasons it is not always possible, and one of the obstacles may be the size of the penis, both penis length and thickness.

Studies conducted on this issue show that more than 55 percent of men are already complaining about penis size, looking for a simultaneous effective solution to their problem, and very often men decide to enlarge their penis by radical methods , such as through surgical procedures. Fortunately, there are other, less invasive ways to lengthen the penis with the help of pills and other preparations based in most cases on natural, safe to use and without side effects ingredients.

Ranking of the best preparations for penis enlargement

Those opting for penis enlargement can finally feel satisfied and dispense with invasive methods that can cause serious health complications. Very often, improperly performed surgeries or mechanical devices, such as penis pumps, contribute to this.

It is better to opt for natural ways to enlarge the penis, it is worth using penis enlargement pills or other preparations in the form of ointmentsor gels, the use of which can be confidently combined with properly selected exercises for penis enlargement. When it comes to choosing the best penis enlargement remedies, our ranking is as follows:

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Place 1 – Member XXL

Fully deserved first place in the ranking of the best and most effective preparations for enlarging the penis was taken this year by pills Member XXL . These pills allow you to effectively enlarge the penis thanks to their thoughtful, carefully selected composition, and the growth of the penis can reach, according to the manufacturer’s claims, up to 9 cm. Each small capsule of Member XXL contains compounds that allow to increase the size of the penis along its entire length, also positively affecting the thickness of the penis.

To compose the composition of these pills for penis enlargement, ginseng root extract, precisely of the Korean variety, was used.ska, Chinese citronella fruit extract, saffron flower extract, black peppercorn extract and saw palmetto, or sabal palm. You’ll also find fenugreek, mace, and l-arginine. All are in perfectly measured doses, so you can count on the following effects of the pills:

  • rapid and permanent enlargement of penis size, length and diameter, and the first effects are visible after just 3 weeks of treatment;
  • improvement of blood supply to the penis, expansion of the cavernous bodies in it, which allows you to achieve a strong and long-lasting erection, and the active ingredients of the pills simultaneously prevent erectile dysfunction;
  • strengthening the weakened sexual desire;
  • intensification of sensations from intercourse;
  • providing the compounds necessary not only to enlarge one’s penis, but also to ensure good overall health, strengthen the condition, mental and physical, and performance of the body;
  • complete safety of use resulting from the use of only natural substances, which, when following the manufacturer’s recommended dosage, do not cause any side effects.


Place 2 – GigantX


In second place were the penis enlargement pills GigantX , acting with almost the same strength as the winner of this year’s ranking. The strength and effectiveness of the active substances that make up the composition of this dietary supplement are trusted by many men, satisfied with the results obtained. They are not only natural, but also safe to use, with virtually no side effects, of course, when the recommended daily dose is observed.

The advanced formula of these pills for penis enlargement is formed by citrulline malate, RedNite, mumio extract, Korean ginseng extract, Ginko Biloba extract, annual bell pepper extract, black bell pepper extract, anhydrous caffeine and zinc. Satisfied with the effects produced by GigantX, men highlight the following advantages in their reviews :

  • full-length penis enlargement and increased penis girth;
  • no noticeable problems with achieving a strong and long-lasting erection;
  • improvement of libido, which enters a whole new level not previously felt;
  • better sensation of all sexual stimuli;
  • regulation of hormonal imbalances, primarily the level of testosterone, the most important male sex hormone;
  • improvement of semen quality, which has a beneficial effect on fertility.


Place 3 – Expansil Cream


The third place in the ranking of penis enlargement preparations went not to pills, but to a cream that causes natural penis enlargement, Expansil Cream . It is characterized by equally high effectiveness, the cream’s formula will be appreciated by men who do not like to łying to take sometimes health-affecting pills, but at the same time want to enlarge their too-small penis. It spreads easily, is absorbed without leaving greasy marks, and quickly gives the first results.

Only natural ingredients, mostly of plant origin, such as extract ofarnica montana extract, rosehip seed extract, ginkgo biloba, better known as Ginkgo Biloba, aloe vera extract, peppermint extract. Such a composition automatically translates into a multi-faceted effect of the cream that enables effective penis enlargement, Expansil Cream:

  • increased elasticity of the skin on the penis, which facilitates an increase in its length and thickness;
  • better blood flow in the intimate area, thanks to the obstruction of blood vessels, resulting in a strong and long erection;
  • raising libido to a whole new, higher level;
  • better elasticity of blood vessel walls due to increased collagen synthesis, which also has an impact on proper blood flow and increased penis size;
  • prolonging the duration of intercourse and the sensation of the stimuli coming from it.


Place 4 – Erisil Plus


In fourth place was Erisil Plus , pills for penis enlargement, reviews of them recommend them for use, and experts on the subject highlight the use of as many as 11 active substances in them. In this case, penis enlargement is made possible by such substances as three unique formulas, Sabeet™, or beet extract, Saffr’Activ®, saffron pistil extract, and Macarade™, extracted from the root of Maca.

Each Erisil Plus penile enlargement tablet also contains citrulline malate, extracts of Damiana leaves, Korean ginseng root, pumpkin seed, smooth licorice and black peppercorns, as well as additional doses of zinc and vitamin C. Regular use of just these pills results in:

  • a stronger and more powerful erection, which also produces penis enlargement effects;
  • preservation of good health of the reproductive system;
  • a large daily dose of energy;
  • greater desire for sex, the absence of disorders and declines in libido;
  • reduction of negative effects of stress, which increases self-confidence;
  • optimization of testosterone levels.


Place 5 – PeniSize XL


The next place behind the podium ranking of preparations and best pills for penis enlargement this year went to PeniSize XL , a 100% natural dietary supplement designed for all men whose dream is a bigger penis size. This expert-recommended supplement simultaneously affects many aspects of male health, workingc with the power of extracts from plants such as ginseng, sabal palm, Damiana leaves and Maca root.

These penis enlargement pills also contain, l-leucine, licorice and additional doses of two important trace elements, zinc and selenium. The action of PeniSize XL boils down to:

  • releasing more nitric oxide, which increases blood flow to the penile corpora cavernosa, resulting in visible penis elongation and increased thickness;
  • achieving a stronger and longer-lasting erection;
  • increased sensation of orgasmic stimuli;
  • better control over ejaculation, minimizing the risk of premature ejaculation;
  • greater desire for sex, absence of symptoms of sexual frigidity.


Place 6 – NuviaLab Vitality


In the sixth position of this year’s ranking of penis enlargement preparations were the following pills, NuviaLab Vitality . This is not just a penis enlargement remedy, the pills affect the male body comprehensively, and their composition was carefully composed just for this purpose. Increasing the length of the penis and its diameter is made possible by the presence of the EnoSTIM™ formula, composed of plant-based ingredients, apples, grape pomace and saffron.

To effectively enable more than just penis enlargement, the pills contain a second patented formula, KSM-66®, the basis of which is ashwagandha, as well as membranous astragalus root extract, piperine from the black peppercorn shell, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin B6, B9 and B12, vitamin E. These are what contribute to the effects of NuviaLab Vitality:

  • strengthening the body’s weakened immunity;
  • providing the energy needed also for approaching;
  • supporting the maintenance of proper testosterone levels;
  • accelerating recovery after exercise;
  • allowing to achieve a proper erection while affecting the size of the penis;
  • improving semen quality.


Place 7 – Eron Plus

 eron plus

The last place in the ranking of penis enlargement pills was taken this year by Eron Plus , a supplement with universal application, also for relieving symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Like previous supplements and ointments, it owes its effect to the right selection of active compounds, plant extracts of Maca root, fenugreek, mace and Korean ginseng.

The manufacturer also opted for l-arginine, vitamin B6 and zinc, and among the most important health-promoting properties of Eron Plus, it is worth highlighting:

  • no problems with achieving and maintaining an erection;
  • longer and more intense sensations from sex;
  • increased blood supply to the penis, which positively affects its size;
  • absence of side effects.


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