The 1500 kcal diet – menus and effects – effective weight loss at a moderate pace

The 1500 kcal diet is versatile and varied, as well as rational and effective. It allows you to get rid of excess weight at an average rate, but if you combine it with physical activity and supplementation, you can quickly achieve the effect of your dream figure. Learn about the menus and principles of the 1500 kcal diet and how to make it an effective weight loss regime.

Who is the 1500 kcal diet for?

The 1500 k cal diet is one of the most balanced and safe (with a low risk of yo-yo effect) dietary systems for weight reduction. It is recommended for people who are moderately to slightly overweight.

The 1,500-calorie diet, on the other hand, is not recommended for very obese people, in whom going from large amounts of calories eaten every day to only 1,500 kcal could prove to be too radical a cut.

However, if you have an excess of 15, 10 or 5 kg, and if you eat a few hundred calories too many every day than your daily requirement, this diet is for you!

Rules of the 1500 kcal diet

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What is the 1500 kcal diet all about? The name says basically everything about it. On a daily basis, we consume foods and drinks that provide a total of about 1500 kcal.

The big advantage of this diet is a varied menu, which does not lack any nutrients.

We eat a balanced diet – meat and fish products, dairy products, cereals, vegetables and fruits are on our plate every day. We eat 5 meals a day every 3 hours or so, which helps us avoid hunger attacks.

Our task, therefore, is only to compose the menu in such a way that the sum of calories consumed each day is about 1,500.

The task will be facilitated by a kitchen scale, on which we will weigh food, and calorie calculators, which we can easily find on the Internet. We can also rely on ready-made 1500 kcal menus.

Being on a 1500 kcal diet, we can eat what we like, but everything within reason. Certainly, it can’t be sweets, fatty and heavy products, no fizzy sauces and soups, ready meals, fast food and similar calorie bombs. By eating this way, we would quickly exceed the daily calorie limit.

We arrange our meals from lean products, with low fat and simple sugars, so that each meal provides us with about 300 kcal (+/- 100 kcal).

The 1500 kcal diet – how much weight do you lose?

Being on a 1500 kcal diet, we may not lose weight at such a spectacular rate as on strict monodiets, but we have a much better chance that our old weight will not return after the end of the treatment.

If we follow the diet alone without additional exercise, we will lose weight slowly, about 0.5-1 kg per week.

The 1500 kcal diet – the effects we will get by combining the diet with training

Definitely better results will be achieved by following a 1500 kcal diet together with physical training. These do not have to be any strenuous, exhausting activities. Let’s choose the form of activity that suits us best, such as home exercises with dumbbells and on a mat, zumba, brisk walking, swimming, jogging, stepper, etc. Exercise 4-5 times a week for about 45 minutes each.

Combining diet with sports or active recreation we will lose about 1.5 kg in a week. For even better results, it is worth helping yourself with good fat burners.

1500 kcal diet – menu for a week

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By consuming 1500 kcal a day and taking care of a balanced menu, we do not strain our body (which is common with all restrictive diets), instead we allow it to function normally, healthily, while gradually losing pounds.

We can follow a 1500 kcal diet for a long time, but remember to maintain the right balance between the various nutrients, viz: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fats.

The smallest part of our menu should be fats and simple sugars. Let’s replace sweet snacks with diet desserts (e.g. cakes made of oatmeal, cakes based on whole-grain flour and yogurt, bran, shakes made of milk and cocoa, etc.).

Try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, introduce large amounts of lean dairy to the plate, do not shy away from whole grain products, lean meat and fish.

Sample menu for the 1500 kcal diet for 7 days


  •  Oatmeal with bananas, blueberries and strawberriesBreakfast: 2 slices of rye bread spread with lean cream cheese, 4 slices of chicken ham, tomato, a few radishes
  • 2nd breakfast: oatmeal on skim milk with banana and strawberries or blueberries acai
  • Lunch: tomato soup cooked with chicken breast, to which about 100 g of cooked chicken breast meat, about 1 cup of whole-grain pasta for soup
  • Afternoon: a cup of yogurt with the addition of 2-3 tablespoons of bran
  • Dinner: 2 slices of wholemeal bread, about 150 g of herring in tomato sauce


  • Breakfast: graham with yellow cheese (preferably reduced fat), tomato, pickled cucumber
  • 2 Breakfast: 2 slices of rice bread with hummus paste and radishes or peppers
  • Lunch: poultry meatballs (3-4 pieces) in a sauce made from natural yogurt and chopped dill, about 1 cup of buckwheat groats, string beans
  • Afternoon: natural homogenized cheese with a tablespoon of honey and a handful of sunflower seeds
  • Dinner: 2 lean hot chicken sausages, 2 slices of bread, green cucumber, ketchup


  • Breakfast: oatmeal on yogurt with dried cranberries and nuts
  • 2 Breakfast: slice of wholemeal bread with cottage cheese paste and smoked fish
  • Lunch: krupnik on chicken with barley groats
  • Afternoon: salad of melon, orange, apple and kiwi
  • Dinner: 2 croutons of wholemeal bread with mozzarella and tomato


  • Breakfast: graham with white cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber
  • 2 Breakfast: 1 grapefruit, a handful of nuts or almonds
  • Lunch: about a glass of brown rice, about 150 g of pollock or cod braised in vegetables
  • Afternoon: yogurt with muesli
  • Dinner: 2 slices of wholemeal bread with kabanos, tomato


  •  Ukrainian borschtBreakfast: scrambled two eggs with ham, a slice of bread, bell bell pepper or tomato
  • 2nd breakfast: millet on yogurt with fruit
  • Lunch: Ukrainian borscht with smoked chicken and red beans
  • Afternoon: salad of grated radish and carrots with yogurt, rice wafer
  • Dinner: about 100 g smoked chicken breast, 2 wholemeal toasts, cucumber and bell bell pepper


  • Breakfast: 2 slices of rye bread, cottage cheese with dill and garlic, green cucumber
  • 2nd breakfast: a glass of orange juice, a sandwich with cold poultry meat
  • Lunch: pork tenderloin baked in herbs, 3 potatoes from water, salad with Chinese cabbage
  • Afternoon: buttermilk and strawberry smoothie
  • Dinner: 2 hard-boiled eggs, slice of pumpernickel, tomato


  • Breakfast: millet with banana and apple
  • 2nd breakfast: 1 slice of wholemeal bread with tuna and olives
  • Lunch: 2 turkey rolls with spinach or mushrooms, about 3/4 cup brown rice, beet salad
  • Afternoon: a serving of diet cold cheesecake
  • Dinner: vegetable medley

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