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Varicone – ointment that brings relief from the symptoms of varicose veins of the lower limbs

For many women, the top dream they would like to fulfill is healthy, strong and, above all, beautiful legs. This is especially important for those ladies who suffer from varicose veins every day. This vascular disorder of the lower limbs should not be taken lightly and requires quick and effective intervention. The surest solution is the use of ointment Varicone , created from safe, natural ingredients that are both potent and 100 percent trustworthy.

What are leg varicose veins and when do they appear?

 leg varicose veins

Varicone ointment is proving to be very effective in treating the symptoms of varicose veins, but before delving into its benefits, it is important to understand the nature of the disease, its symptoms and the danger of ignoring them. According to experts, ignoring varicose veins often leads to serious complications, such as venous congestion, which can even be fatal. Chronic venous insufficiency, or varicose veins of the lower extremities, predominantly affects women, accounting for 20 to 30 percent of all cases.

This disease, which is difficult to treat, usually strikes after age 60, and it is also possible to see symptoms earlier or later, depending on the type of underlying cause. The condition is characterized by a change in the appearance of leg veins, which become abnormally enlarged. Malfunctioning venous valves contribute to this, often causing downtime in blood flow and increased blood pressure that can weaken and damage blood vessel walls.

Which factors contribute to the development of lower extremity varicose veins?

The onset of varicose veins is never spontaneous, they develop slowly and there is always some underlying cause. They are caused, among other things, by the notorious neglect of the health of our legs, and the causes of chronic venous insufficiency indicated by specialists are:

  • congenital abnormalities related to the structure of the veins, such as abnormal development of the venous valves, known as agenesis;
  • standing for hours, which significantly weakens our legs, and being in high temperatures;
  • poor diet, nutrition that is not conducive to the health of the lower limbs, leading to overweight and obesity, also likely to promote the development of varicose veins;
  • sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and any form of physical activity;
  • high-heeled shoes so readily worn by women;
  • the tendency to inherit varicose veins from the older generation of one’s family;
  • clothing that puts pressure on the legs and impedes proper blood flow in them;
  • age, and varicose veins are more common in older people.

What are the visible signs of leg varicose veins?

Recognizing the early signs of the disease is key to diagnosing it and seeking prompt, effective treatment. Varicose vein ointment Varicone is the ideal solution to control the symptoms and prevent possible recurrence in the future. Initially, the rupture of tiny capillary blood vessels causes the appearance of small red spider veins on the legs. It is important to pay attention to these signs in a timely manner and begin to counteract them right away. Their disregard can lead to an intensification of the symptoms of varicose veins, the appearance of such as:

  • a feeling of heaviness in the legs, especially noticeable in the evening hours;
  • swelling in the lower extremities;
  • muscle cramps, which can be very painful and occur mainly at night when the legs are immobile;
  • bothersome itching and tingling of the skin of the legs;
  • increasing pain, at times even unbearable.
 Varicone ointment


Varicone – what active ingredients are used in it?

To ensure optimal effectiveness, varicose vein ointment should have a carefully selected composition, both effective and safe. An important factor is the absence of unwanted side effects, and Varicone completely meets these requirements. The active ingredients in the ointment have been selected to ensure the highest possible safety standards. The key active ingredients used in Varicone ointment include:

Horse chestnut tree extract

Horse chestnut tree seed and bark extract is widely used to help treat and prevent varicose veins. The key chemical in chestnut tree extract is escin, a unique which is a mixture of many chemical compounds including coumarin compounds, carotenoids, tannins and tannins. These compounds are responsible for beneficial properties:

  • preventing aggregation, i.e. clumping of platelets forming dangerous venous congestion;
  • analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial;
  • reducing the possibility of bursting small blood vessels, resulting in unsightly spider veins under the skin;
  • accelerating wound healing and regeneration of damaged tissues;
  • reducing swelling caused by varicose veins.

Mint leaf extract

Mint owes its effectiveness to its diverse and nutrient-rich substances, such as vitamins, minerals, essential oils, organic acids, phytosterols, tannins and flavonoids. This unique blend brings relief to those experiencing symptoms of varicose veins, and among the properties of mint worth highlighting:

  • analgesic, antibacterial and antiviral properties;
  • antioxidant properties, dealing with dangerous free radicals;
  • soothing, refreshing and relieving irritation of skin affected by, for example, inflammation;
  • properties that improve blood flow to the lower extremities;
  • strengthening and constricting overly dilated blood vessel walls.

Nettle leaf extract

Common nettle deserves recognition for its extensive composition and numerous medicinal properties. It contains essential nutrients such as vitamins A, B, E and K, magnesium, calcium, iron and organic acids, as well as flavonoids, phenolic acids, plant sterols and polyphenols. These ingredients provide Varicone ointment with a range of health effects, including:

  • anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-hemorrhagic properties;
  • support of immune system function;
  • diuretic properties that accelerate detoxification of the body;
  • reduction of leg swelling;
  • restoration of normal blood clotting;
  • reducing the risk of aggregation, the aforementioned sticking of platelets.

Birch leaf extract

The body’s health needs, including those necessary to alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins, can be met thanks to the nutrient-rich composition of birch sap. That’s why it is an essential ingredient in Varicone ointment, and thanks to birch, it contains B vitamins, vitamin C, phosphorus salts, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, flavonoids and organic acids, which are collectively responsible for its effects:

  • reducing water levels in the body;
  • analgesic and anti-inflammatory;
  • antioxidant, removing the aforementioned free radicals;
  • reducing the risk of thrombosis;
  • accelerating wound healing and reducing skin swelling.

Chamomile flower extract

Varicone ointment boasts an unusually rich composition consisting also of chamomile flower extract, a plant known for its use in traditional herbal medicine. It contains coumarin and mucilaginous compounds, choline, phenolic acids, flavonoids, vitamins and mineral salts, also suitable for effectively supporting the treatment of varicose veins:

  • accelerate the process of wound healing;
  • anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial effects;
  • relieving the intense itching of the skin that often accompanies varicose veins;
  • reducing swelling, muscle spasms and inflammation.

Additional ingredients contributing to the effectiveness of Varicone ointment

In order to effectively treat varicose veins of the legs, Varicone Ointment uses additional compounds to supplement the action of its primary active ingredients. These natural substances are devoid of any unwanted side effects and play an essential role in the rapid relief of varicose vein symptoms. The manufacturer has included in its ointment such as:

  • propolis honey, which is an effective agent for reducing inflammation, soothing irritation and swelling. It also improves blood circulation, which in turn minimizes the risk of blood clots;
  • olive oil, which provides hydration to dry skin, reducing the appearance of spider veins;
  • troxerutin, a chemical compound that is a derivative of rutin, with anti-inflammatory effects, reducing swelling and protecting capillaries from breaking;
  • ginkgo biloba, a plant essential for the heart and circulatory system, full of vitamins, minerals and other componentsw that also counteract varicose veins, reducing the risk of life-threatening venous congestion.

Reviews on the benefits of regular use of Varicone varicose vein ointment

 Varicone ointment

If varicose veins are causing disturbing symptoms that are beginning to interfere with many daily activities, it is advisable to take action to remove them. Ointment Varicone offers a comprehensive solution to these problems and provides satisfactory results with regular use. Women who have experienced its effects emphasize its benefits and recommend it for getting rid of varicose veins completely, praising above all:

  • restoration of normal blood flow in the lower extremities;
  • a reduction in abnormally high blood pressure levels;
  • reduced visibility of varicose veins;
  • restoration of skin elasticity and normal pigmentation;
  • reduction of intense pain associated with long-term venous insufficiency;
  • reduction of inflammation, minimizing the possibility of developing serious infections;
  • strengthening of weakened blood vessel walls, even capillaries, which reduces the possibility of their rupture and speeds up the healing process;
  • more efficient functioning of venous valves, which prevents the backing up of blood in the legs and the formation of varicose veins;
  • absence of unpleasant feeling of heavy legs after a tiring day at work;
  • the natural formulation of the ointment, which is free of side effects. Nevertheless, those who wish to use it should perform a prophylactic allergy test before using the product, as the manufacturer is not responsible for any individual allergic reactions;
  • no need for invasive e.g. surgical removal of varicose veins;
  • easy distribution on the skin and good absorption of the ointment;
  • lasting effects even after it is discontinued.

Varicone – how can I buy this natural varicose vein ointment?

Daily life can be seriously disrupted by varicose veins, which is why it is so important to seek relief from their symptoms. One of the natural solutions is Varicone ointment, to buy it, just visit the manufacturer’s corporate website , which also deals with its sale, which guarantees that you will always buy an original product with proven effectiveness.

Entering the site, it is enough to fill out an uncomplicated contact form, providing only your name and and phone number, and this is quite enough to place an order. The company’s consultant will contact you to take care of the rest of the purchase formalities, and if you hurry to place the order, you will be able to take advantage of the promotional price for Varicone ointment.




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