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What speeds up your metabolism – 11 products to help you lose weight faster

In people with a slow metabolism, fat is easily deposited on the body even with small caloric surpluses. In contrast, in people with a fast metabolism, calories from food are burned on a regular basis, and the figure remains slim. If we want to lose weight, therefore, it is worthwhile first of all to intensify metabolic processes. There are many ways to speed up metabolism, most of which are eminently accessible methods involving the introduction of simple products to the menu.

What is metabolism (metabolism)?

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Metabolism (metabolism) is a set of all biochemical processes that occur in the body, resulting in energy transformations. Metabolism ensures the maintenance of vital functions and nourishment of the body. The minimum amount of energy required to sustain the major life processes is the basal metabolism.

Metabolic processes are divided into anabolic (the formation of larger, more complex molecules from smaller ones, e.g. the building of muscle proteins from amino acids) and catabolic (the breakdown of complex compounds into simpler particles, such as the breakdown of complex carbohydrates into simple sugars).

Basic metabolic processes include the uptake and absorption of nutrients from food and their breakdown into smaller particles for later distribution to cells and tissues, as well as the storage of energy obtained from food. All metabolic processes involve energy, with the body using less energy for some metabolic processes and more energy for some. Some metabolic reactions also release a certain amount of energy.

A fast metabolic rate is key to a slim figure

In common parlance, we often say that someone has a fast or slow metabolism. In people with a fast metabolic process, the body is not very economical with energy, uses it up quickly and takes in large amounts of energy. If it runs out of energy from food, it readily uses stored body fat. That’s why people with an innately fast metabolism are generally very slim and have no problem with weight gain, even if their diet is definitely not a low-calorie one.

The good news is that even if you are among those with an inherently slow metabolism, you can “kick-start” it and speed it up with easy tricks. Weight reduction will then proceed much more efficiently than if we had to deal with a slow metabolism all the time. With a slow metabolism, the body notoriously remains in energy-saving mode, which is why it accumulates energy so easily (in the form of fat) and is so reluctant to use it up.

The metabolic rate depends on many factors, such as:

  • Age – as a result of the natural aging process, the body’s ability to make optimal use of supplied energy resources is weakened. In other words, instead of using consumed calories as fuel for tissues on an ongoing basis, it begins to consume energy sparingly and store reserves, hence weight gain.
  • Level of physical activity – in people who are highly active on a daily basis, the metabolism is much more revved up than in people who spend most of the day sedentary. The style of training is also of great importance here. Aerobic exercises turn up the metabolism to a medium degree, while interval training (high intensity) and strength training (which stimulates muscle mass building) turn up the metabolism to a high degree.
  • Hormonal status – in people struggling with hormonal disorders (e.g., hypothyroidism) or who are in the middle of a hormonal transition (e.g., puberty, menopause), the metabolic rate can change.
  • Eating style – not eating breakfast significantly slows metabolism. The intervals between meals are also very important. When they are too large (such as when we eat every 5-6 hours), our metabolism slows down. It is also unhelpful to eat too many meals, leading to a feeling of overeating or even overeating. It’s better to eat more often, but opt for smaller portions.
  • Hydrate the body – if we take in too little fluids, our metabolism is slower, and vice versa – drinking water in large quantities boosts metabolism. About 1.5 liters – 2 liters of mineral water per day (divided into smaller portions) is a very beneficial amount. Importantly, water not only quenches thirst well, but also reduces hunger (and contains 0 kcal at the same time!). In increasing metabolism, cold water (from the refrigerator) works best.
  • Diet – grain products, nuts, dairy, eggs, lean meat, fish boost metabolism, while flour products, sweets, fast food, ready meals and other products from the highly processed food palette slow down metabolism. Introducing a balanced diet containing adequate amounts of all essential nutrients and frequent use of heat-inducing foods is an effective way to crank up the metabolism.

Other factors that affect the metabolic rate are: genetic predisposition (metabolic rate is written in the genes), gender (women have a slower metabolism than men), body temperature (the higher the temperature, the more intense the metabolism), climate (people living in hot, tropical climates have a faster metabolism).

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What speeds up metabolism? Foods rich in fiber – and what else?

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When digesting certain foods, such as dietary fiber, protein, spicy foods, the body generates large amounts of heat and thus burns calories faster. By reaching for the mentioned products, we will boost our metabolism and stimulate the mechanism of extracting energy from stored reserves in the form of lipid tissue (thus stimulating the burning of fat from the body):

Ginger – more efficient metabolism and faster cleansing of the body from toxins

Ginger has an uncommon flavor and aroma, making it a prized spice around the world. Ginger, like other pungent, pungent spices, through its thermogenic effect, also effectively speeds up metabolism, facilitating weight loss. An additional benefit of ginger is that it stimulates detoxification of the body from toxins, as well as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Pepper cayenne – a natural fat burner

Pepper cayenne is a spicy and warming spice, indispensable in Mexican and many Eastern cuisines. At the same time, it has strong slimming properties. It strongly increases thermogenesis, so that metabolic processes gain great speed, and stored fat is efficiently broken down.

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Flaxseed oil, flaxseed – a source of ingredients that stimulate the reduction of excess body fat

Both flaxseed and flaxseed oil derived from it are abundant sources of CLA acid known for its good slimming properties. It stimulates metabolism, inhibits the process of further fat accumulation and enhances the breakdown of existing fat tissue.

Fish – helps boost metabolism while supporting the cardiovascular system

Fish contains large amounts of protein and calcium, which are allies of fast metabolism, and unsaturated fatty acids – allies of low cholesterol, a strong heart and good brain function.

Lean meat, lean dairy and eggs – invaluable effects on metabolism

Both lean meat and lean dairy products (e.g. yogurts, buttermilk, cottage cheese), as well as eggs, due to their high protein and calcium content, are guaranteed to raise the metabolic rate.

Lemons, grapefruits and other fruits – weight loss plus detox

Lemons, grapefruits and oranges are known boosters of metabolism and detoxification of the body. A glass of water with the juice of the citrus fruit of your choice is a very effective way to crank up your metabolism for the day. Other fruits, such as strawberries, apples, blueberries, plums, cherries, etc., are also allies of fast metabolism. A serving of fruit raw, in a fruit salad, with yogurt or as a smoothie is a dietary alternative to sweets or a way to have a fit meal.

Legumes – they fill you up well and effectively improve metabolism

Legumes, such as beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, broad beans, soybeans, perfectly fit into the menu of people losing weight. They contain a lot of fiber and protein, and, as you know, both of these components, are allies of fast metabolism. What’s more, legumes are a reliable way to satisfy hunger.

Green tea – turns up the metabolic rate and provides the power of valuable antioxidants

Green tea not only boosts metabolism, but also improves digestion, cleanses toxins and inhibits the absorption of fats from food. It is also saturated with antioxidants valuable for health.

Seafood – a patent for slowing metabolism caused by hypothyroidism (and more)

Seafood is rich in protein, thanks to which it cranks up the metabolism. They also contain a lot of iodine, which makes them helpful for thyroid problems.

Apple cider vinegar – a valuable way to improve metabolic processes

Apple cider vinegar regulates carbohydrate metabolism, reduces appetite, stimulates the breakdown of fats and stimulates the removal of toxins and excess water from the body.

Green coffee – boost your metabolism and gain the power of energy!

Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, thanks to which it improves the metabolism of carbohydrates and inhibits their absorption. Moreover, thanks to the caffeine it contains, it gives you energy for hours and increases the rate at which you burn calories.

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