4 oils to help you fight hair loss

Plant oils are a well-known natural hair conditioner and nourisher. They help brittle hair, fragile hair, dry hair, hair with dandruff, and hair that is weak and prone to falling out. Which oil for hair growth should you choose? Here are 4 suggestions.

Burdock oil – strengthening and regenerating

olej 300x200 1Burdock oilin a bottle” width=”300″ height=”200″ />Burdock is one of the most effective herbs helping to inhibit increased hair loss, stimulate hair growth, as well as combat other hair problems such as dandruff. Burdock oil is available in its pure form or in a composition with other ingredients supporting proper functioning of hair, e.g. field horsetail. For those fighting baldness, it is worth recommending burdock oil for hair loss by Green Pharmacy. Thanks to the addition of hot red pepper extract, the preparation improves blood supply to the scalp and the active substances are better absorbed by hair bulbs and roots.

Argan Oil – The Exotic Serum for Healthy, Strong Hair

This exotic oil, which arrived in Europe from Morocco, is rich in vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. It is a real serum for hair, working on it in a rebuilding and nourishing way. It is also an ally of better hair growth, therefore, argan oil rubs are worth recommending to everyone whose problem is weakened, damaged and falling out hair.

Black cumin oil – for the strength and vitality of hair

Black cumin oil has recently made a real discovery in the care of weakened hair that needs to be thoroughly nourished. The nigella seed contains many unsaturated fatty acids, which are extremely valuable to hair cells, as well as a host of minerals, amino acids and vitamins. Nigella oil, used in the form of masks and scalp rubs, strengthens hair bulbs, inhibits baldness, promotes faster hair growth, regenerates overtired, lifeless, thin, sparse, falling and weak hair.

Invaluable linseed oil – for hair in need of immediate reconstruction

Linseed oil is a highly valued product, both in cosmetics and in natural medicine. It is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 acids in proportions perfect for the human body. Linseed oil is highly effective in hair regeneration process. It strengthens hair follicles and roots, protects hair and has a repairing effect on it. What is more, it helps to reduce the level of DHT hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia.

If you are interested in other natural methods to fight baldness, you will read about them in this article. Be warned, at first glance they may raise some doubts in you…

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