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We usually remember about an important element of the bone structure, which are the joints, only when they start to trouble us. However, in order to keep them in good condition until old age, it is worth taking care of them much earlier, especially when they are particularly strained. The 4Flex dietary supplement will be an important ally in this respect.

How do you take care of your joints and prevent annoying joint ailments?

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A joint is a complex component that connects bones and allows them to move. The joints consist of cartilage and joint capsule filled with synovial fluid, and are surrounded by ligaments and muscles. Joint dysfunction usually starts with cartilage, which over time and due to excessive strain wears down, causing a number of painful and function-limiting consequences.

Taking proper care of your joints means above all leading a healthy lifestyle. First of all, it concerns regular, yet moderate physical activity. Daily walks for half an hour, exercises done at home, yoga, dancing, aerobics, all help to maintain proper mobility and prevent stiffness, also, or perhaps most importantly, in the case of seniors. Systematic movement is especially important for people who work in one position all the time.

Equally important for our joints is a balanced and healthy diet and preventing overweight. Each additional kilogram resulting from an improper diet and lack of movement puts additional strain on the joints. A diet containing fish and vegetable oils, dairy products and dark bread, as well as a large amount of vegetables and fruits have a beneficial influence on their good condition.

Additional support – 4Flex for joints


If you are already experiencing joint discomfort, neither diet nor physical activity may be sufficient. It is then necessary to use a dietary supplement, which provides the body with substances strengthening and regenerating the joints. One of them is 4Flex, dedicated mainly to seniors, overweight and obese people, and generally to those whose joints are subject to heavy loads, such as athletes. Its use is also recommended in cases of fractures, dislocations, strains, problems with the elbow joint, meniscus, ligaments, hip or ankle joints.

4Flex is especially recommended in case of collagen deficiency, which directly affects the condition of joints and tendons. The inevitable decrease in collagen levels with age results, among other things, in the progressive degeneration of joint cartilage, which in turn contributes to reduced mobility and serious pain. 4Flex can also be used as an adjunct in the treatment of osteoporosis.

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4Flex composition and effects

It is a supplement in the form of powder containing easily assimilable collagen hydrolysate of natural origin. The new generation collagen included in the preparation has a significant impact on all elements of the joint, which enables the regeneration of cartilage tissue. It stimulates the synthesis of type II collagen, has a positive effect on the condition of the entire joint and bones. Thanks to such properties 4Flex increases mobility and flexibility of joints, improving the functionality of motor organs. It alleviates rheumatic pains and ailments, reducing the risk of further diseases or injuries.

Other products in the 4Flex line

Due to the effectiveness and popularity of the supplement in treating all joint problems, the manufacturer decided to create other variants of the medicine as well. These include 4Flex Sport and 4Flex Silver, among others.


4Flex Sport is a unique combination of collagen and L-carnitine dedicated primarily to athletes. L-carnitine increases muscle strength and supports muscle building, while also contributing to faster regeneration after exercise. Additionally, it improves exercise tolerance and prevents fatigue; it also accelerates the burning of fat tissue.

4Flex Silver

In addition to collagen, 4Flex Silver contains calcium which helps maintain healthy bones and muscles, and vitamin D which is also very important for the condition of bones and joints, and for the absorption of calcium by the body.

4Flex – opinions

The supplement is very popular among patients, although as always in such cases, in addition to enthusiastic comments, you can also find a bit more skeptical. What seems to be important about 4Flex is that there are no side effects, and it is rare to read about occasional gastric problems. Some commentators, however, raise the issue of the rather poor composition of the preparation. For these people, we may recommend another supplement for joints – ProFlexen, a multi-ingredient specification with comprehensive action.


ProFlexen, apart from type II collagen, contains among others glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin C, MSM, herbal and fruit extracts, manganese, zinc and selenium. Thanks to its universal and broad formula, ProFlexen has a multi-faceted effect – it protects equally well against joint ailments and improves the functionality and condition of joints in the case of already existing lesions.

That is why ProFlexen is dedicated both to elderly people, those affected by degenerative changes, as well as those who practice intensive sports and those who are exposed to excessive strain due to their weight or the nature of their work.


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