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5 ways to deacidify your body

The correct pH value for the human body is 7.365, which ensures the efficient functioning of internal organs, well-being and general condition at the right level. However, we usually make a lot of dietary mistakes and lead an unhealthy lifestyle, and this is a direct way to acidification of the body.

We eat too much wheat products, sugar, dairy and meat. We drink several coffees and teas every day and to top it all off, we don’t move. In return, we offer the body nothing else to offset these harmful behaviors. It soon turns out that we have a ph value below 6.8 and problems begin…

Such an acidified body quickly responds with more and more frequent bacterial, viral and fungal infections. We feel weaker and more lethargic, skin problems appear and we can only dream about losing weight. The body simply does not cooperate. Is it possible to remedy this? Of course, here are 5 simple ways to deacidify your body:

1. drink plenty of healthy fluids

The basic step in the deacidification process is to provide your body with plenty of fluids. It is best if it is water, natural juices or herbal teas, because coffee and black tea are acidifying liquids. It is recommended to add lemon to water, because such a drink stimulates metabolism and has diuretic effect. It is also recommended to drink water with apple cider vinegar before each meal or extremely healthy green tea and yerba mate.

2. eat healthy and green

Avoid refined oils and margarines, which are very acidifying. Instead, healthy unrefined fats are recommended, mainly olive oil, coconut oil and flaxseed oil. In addition, the diet should include as many vegetables as possible, especially green ones. Alkalizing properties have: broccoli, cucumber, broad beans, green peas, avocado and peppers.

3. take the right supplement

For effective deacidification of the body it will be necessary to include in the diet an effective supplement with such an effect. Special attention should be paid to preparations with algae from the blue-green algae family, which are great for deacidification of our bodies, cleansing them of toxins and at the same time increasing immunity.

Spirulin PlusOne of the best preparations is Spirulin Plus, which combines the power of spirulina with the action of several other plant components, and thanks to that its action is more comprehensive.

Spirulin Plus contains another type of algae, chlorella, as well as nettle, dandelion, green tea, alfalfa and zinc. This composition guarantees effective removal of harmful toxins from the body, thus deacidifying and reducing swelling. It stimulates the metabolism to action, thanks to which fats and carbohydrates are burnt faster and weight reduction becomes visible quickly.

In addition, the supplement increases immunity, gives energy and makes the condition of hair, skin and nails improve. The product is completely natural and does not cause any unpleasant side effects. In the reviews of internet users, it is clear that the treatment brings satisfactory results. In addition to getting rid of excess water, there is a noticeable jump in energy, as if the body suddenly moved. People report feeling lighter, healthier and in a better mood after up to 90 days of treatment.

4 Move!

Movement is good for everything, so in case of acidosis it will certainly be a support. Of course, there is no need to throw yourself into hard crossfit workouts or jogging right away. Any type of sport is good, the important thing is that it is tailored to your age, mobility and health. Sometimes long walks or the popular nordic walking are enough. Movement improves blood circulation and the body wakes up to work. The metabolism gets revved up and starts working faster, and with more exercise we also remove toxins through sweat.

5. reduce stress

Not everyone knows that stress is an acidifying factor. It causes the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that focuses the body only on the fight for survival. It causes the body to start malfunctioning, including acidification. It’s not easy, of course, but it’s worth trying to eliminate some stressors from your life. In addition, you can work on ways to calm and soothe yourself, such as meditation, a good book, yoga or music.

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