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Acne pills – ranking. Which preparations fight blemishes most effectively?

Acne pills can be an effective tool in the fight for a healthy, smooth, blemish-free complexion, especially if you combine supplementation with proper facial skin care. However, not every preparation for acne works in the same strong and multifaceted way. The best results are obtained with dietary supplements of wide composition, in which active substances with cleansing properties, regulating sebum production and those, which stimulate the skin to intensive regeneration meet. Which acne pills to choose? Here are the products of highest effectiveness and best selected compositions, taking into account the needs of acne skin.

Acne tablets – ranking of the best anti-acne preparations on the market

Acne pillswithout a prescription are a growing sector of dietary supplements. They work well both for adults and adolescents suffering from adolescent acne. When used regularly, they can give very satisfying results (with simultaneous lack of side effects). Due to its numerous advantages, over-the-counter acne pills are nowadays much more often chosen than traditional prescription acne medications, which often turn out to be too aggressive for us and which cause many negative side effects.

As a substitute for aggressive prescription acne medications, it is worth choosing one of the effective acne supplements with high biological activity. You can find them in our ranking.

When selecting the preparations for the ranking, the following factors were taken into account: composition of the preparation, speed and potency of action, range of action of individual active substances, ability of interaction of individual active substances, opinions of users and specialists, quality to price ratio.

Place 1 – Nonacne


Nonacne is a modern preparation in the form of convenient capsules, designed for intensive acne control. It contains a rich set of active substances, most of which are valuable plant extracts.

It is no accident that those extracts have been combined into one entity. By demonstrating a number of properties important for the skin and working perfectly together, they prove to be extremely effective in removing both the signs and causes of acne!

A treatment involving Nonacne will not take us a week or two. It will be a bit longer, but it will give better and more permanent results than radical treatment with antibiotics.

Many people do not recommend antibiotics for acne, mainly because of the allergic reactions that often occur, dry eyes, dry throat and nose mucous membranes, conjunctivitis, abdominal pain, and a host of other side effects. Antibiotics also usually produce unstable effects – the microorganisms responsible for acne become resistant to the drug at some point.

Nonacne, on the other hand, is a preparation without side effects which provides permanent effects and is friendly for our body. It is created in such a way as to trigger natural regeneration mechanisms of the skin and stimulate the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

Other areas of Nonacne action include:

  • normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands,
  • stimulating skin cleansing processes,
  • regulating hormone levels, which may affect the formation of spots,
  • inhibiting bacterial expansion,
  • reduction of inflammatory conditions.

All those processes lead to gradual elimination of acne changes and comprehensive improvement of complexion condition.

What can we find in Nonacne composition?

As many as 12 active substances take care of inhibiting acne changes and repairing skin structure.

Active ingredients of Nonacne:
  • Red clover extract – regulates the process of exfoliation of dead skin cells, inhibits sebum production, unblocks sebaceous gland mouths and shrinks dilated pores, stabilizes the level of hormones that may affect acne lesions. Thanks to these properties, the ingredient leads to the normalization of skin work and significant reduction in the occurrence of pimples, papules and blackheads. Moreover, it stimulates collagen synthesis, thus reducing the signs of skin aging.
  • sarsaparilla extract – an effective natural antidote for acne. It prevents infections, fights fungi and bacteria responsible for the formation of spots. It reduces inflammation, soothes irritation, prevents swelling, itching and burning of the skin. At the same time it supports the regenerative processes in the skin. It accelerates wound healing, improves the process of acne scars disappearance. It also shows detoxifying properties.
  • Nettle leaf extract – contains a rich palette of valuable organic compounds which make it an invaluable aid in solving skin problems. Nettle has strong cleansing, nourishing, normalizing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It improves skin condition, inhibits seborrhea, prevents acne outbreaks, soothes skin lesions and makes the tissue rebuild faster.
  • Grape seed extract – thanks to the antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids it contains it has a strong regenerating effect. It leads to faster healing of skin changes, reduces the incidence of eczema, inhibits inflammation, protects the skin from harmful free radicals. Makes the complexion smoother and looks healthier and younger.
  • Zinc – a specialist in improving the quality of acne-prone skin. Regulates the sebaceous glands, reduces sebum secretion, prevents clogging of pores. It supports the removal of dead epidermal cells, while stimulating the growth of new, healthy cells. By normalizing the functioning of the skin, it restores its healthy appearance.
  • Lycopene – a powerful antioxidant that protects both the skin and the body from free radicals. Prevents skin ageing and stimulates regeneration processes. Improves the structure and appearance of the skin, increases its resistance to infection, inhibits inflammatory reactions.
  • Copper – stimulates regeneration processes and stimulates the growth of new, healthy epidermal cells, leads to an improvement in skin quality. It cares for proper skin pigmentation, prevents discoloration, makes the skin has a nicer, more uniform shade. It also positively influences the synthesis of collagen and elastin, thus contributing to firming and rejuvenating the complexion.
  • Vitamins C, E, B5, B6 and vitamin A (beta-carotene) – nourish the skin, enhance regeneration processes, soothe acne lesions, reduce inflammation, slow down ageing processes and help regulate the process of keratosis and exfoliation of the epidermis.

If we are looking for good acne pills with a very complex composition, thanks to which our complexion will receive a substantial dose of substances inhibiting acne and stimulating skin regeneration, Nonacne is a good choice.

Nonacne treatment usually lasts from several weeks to several months, depending on the intensity of acne and individual conditions of the body. As most users emphasize, the effects of Nonacne in terms of acne reduction are very satisfactory, especially if at the same time we take care to systematically cleanse the skin from the outside.

Effects of Nonacne:

  • faster disappearance of blemishes and less frequent formation of new ones,
  • better nourished skin, healthier-looking complexion,
  • gradual elimination of acne,
  • more efficient self-cleaning of the skin,
  • restoration of hormonal balance,
  • faster skin regeneration,
  • better skin resistance to harmful factors,
  • No irritation, allergic reactions, itching, burning, swelling,
  • skin more uniform in structure,
  • more even skin tone.


Place 2 – Zinamax


Zinamax is ranked second in the ranking of acne pills, but it actually takes first place ex aequo with Nonance!

Zinamax effectively fights not only acne, but also other skin problems. In fact, everyone who complains about problematic skin should pay attention to Zinamax, regardless of whether they suffer from pimples, blackheads, oily skin, dry skin, hyperpigmentation, skin sensitivity or other imperfections.

Zinamax is an advanced preparation that comprehensively improves the quality of the skin, rejuvenates and revitalizes it and makes it resistant to harmful factors. It is also an effective way to eliminate acne and normalize the work of the skin.

Such multi-track action is possible thanks to a special composition of ingredients – multifunctional protein called lactoferrin, bioactive plant extracts, vitamins and minerals.

The advanced formula makes that with regular use of the product Zinamax a noticeable improvement in the skin condition – it regains its proper level of hydration and greasing, it is thoroughly cleansed and toned, it becomes much less prone to inflammatory reactions and more resistant to development of microorganisms, and the regeneration processes begin to gain momentum.

What ingredients do Zinamax contain?

  • Lactoferrin – a protein with enormous potential in fighting acne and other skin ailments. Lactoferrin demonstrates record-breaking effectiveness in blocking the growth of bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and reducing inflammation. The ingredient strengthens the body’s immune response, thus preventing the development of a variety of infections, including skin infections. Lactoferrin improves the condition of any problematic skin. It supports hypersensitive skin prone to redness, swelling and irritation. It supports and normalizes oily and combination skin, reduces sebum production, eliminates excessive shining and frequent and easy formation of pimples and blackheads.
  • Wild Pansy Extract – thanks to its strong detoxifying properties it actively supports the treatment of acne. It improves the process of skin cleansing and unblocks clogged pores. Reduces acne changes caused by hormones. It inhibits the multiplication of bacteria, soothes inflammation. It reduces seborrhoea, leads to a faster disappearance of acne changes, soothes the skin and restores its uniform structure.
  • Rosehip extract – a rich source of antioxidants which protect skin cells against damage and ageing. The component improves and accelerates skin regeneration processes, at the same time activating collagen synthesis, smoothing and brightening the skin, unifying its colour and reducing the intensity of acne changes.
  • Nettle extract – detoxifies the whole body, cleans pores, normalizes the secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands, fights bacteria, soothes infections. Moreover, it nourishes the skin and strengthens its defence barrier against harmful factors.

The preparation Zinamax you will also find other ingredients improving the regeneration processes and taking care of proper hydration and nutrition of the skin:

  • extract of oil of guinea pig,
  • extract of Centella Asiatica,
  • vitamin and mineral complex.

Why should you bet on Zinamax?

Due to its intelligent, strong composition the preparation fights all skin problems. Regardless of whether you suffer from acne vulgaris, hormonal acne or other types of acne, or your complexion is not perfect for any other reason, Zinamax will prove to be an effective way to regain beautiful, smooth skin.

By stimulating cleansing of the entire body, Zinamax activates deep cleansing of the skin, thus eliminating the phenomenon of formation of abscesses, papules, pustules and blackheads.

The key ingredient, i.e. lactoferrin, strengthens immunity and makes the skin function better and much better able to cope with all unfavourable factors which exacerbate acne changes. Regular use of Zinamax will bring the effect of gradual disappearance of acne until its complete elimination.


Place 3 – Royal Skin 500

 Royal Skin 500

Strong, perfectly chosen composition, presence of collagen and hyaluronic acid, two substances naturally present in the skin, which care for its proper structure, simultaneous action against blemishes and reduction of acne scars – these are the features which distinguish Royal Skin 500 acne pills.

Due to the wide range of active ingredients and multi-faceted action Royal Skin 500 shows high efficiency in removing pimples and traces of old efflorescence regardless of age and cause of acne.

A great advantage of Royal Skin 500, apart from fighting acne, is a whole range of other valuable properties, such as skin aging inhibition, firming, wrinkle reduction and smoothing.

Thanks to the wide range of activities, the product will prove useful for people who struggle not only with facial blemishes, but also with other skin flaws and who are looking for a universal preparation – nurturing, normalizing the work of the skin and improving skin quality.

Royal Skin 500 composition consists of:

  • Collagen – the basic building block of our skin. Thanks to it, the skin is tense, firm and maintains a high level of elasticity. As a result of the disappearance of collagen fibers (associated with age), wrinkles begin to appear, the skin loses its smoothness and elasticity. In Royal Skin 500 we can find perfectly absorbable by our organism sea collagen, which activates skin regeneration. It leads to improvement of skin quality by repairing defects in its structure, levelling and making it more flexible, smoothing and reducing acne changes.
  • Hyaluronic acid – similarly to collagen it contributes to complex repair of damaged skin. It replenishes defects in the structure of the skin, smoothes, eliminates imperfections, normalizes, firms, deeply moisturizes and protects against damage. It also helps inhibit the aging process, prevents the formation of wrinkles and supports the growth process of healthy tissue.
  • Zinc – stabilizes the sebaceous glands, inhibits seborrhea, prevents clogging of pores. Prevents the formation of pimples, papules and blackheads. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, protects against bacteria and other pathogens. It fights harmful free radicals that destroy skin cells. It supports the processes of regeneration and cleansing of the skin.
  • Biotin – regulates sebum production, soothes acne lesions, prevents eczema. It supports the regeneration process, improves the appearance of the complexion.
  • L-ascorbic acid – fights free radicals, protects the skin from damage, evens out skin colour, makes it look healthier and more radiant, stimulates the skin renewal process.

What are the results of regular use of Royal Skin 500?

Royal Skin 500 capsules are a way to reduce acne and actively care for skin that is tired, weakened, lifeless and in need of good care.

The effects of the preparation:
  • reduction of sebum production, normalization of skin work,
  • reduction of acne,
  • reduction of inflammation,
  • faster healing of acne lesions,
  • stimulation of skin regeneration processes,
  • skin tone equalization,
  • improvement of skin quality (skin is firmer, more elastic, smoother, looks healthier and more vital).


Place 4 – Derminax


Derminax is an interesting product which supports the fight against juvenile, common and rosacea. The supplement activates skin cleansing processes and normalizes sebum production, thus gradually reducing the frequency and intensity of acne outbreaks and blackheads.

Unlike such preparations as acne ointments, acne gels or acne creams,Derminax does not act superficially, temporarily and impermanently, but from the inside. In this way, it is able to reach the cause of the problem with pimples or blackheads and act more effectively.

What active ingredients does Derminax contain?

  • Common nettle – stabilizes the functioning of sebaceous glands, reduces sebum production, stimulates cleansing the body of toxins and deposits.
  • Copper – guards the correct pigmentation of the skin, stimulates skin regeneration processes, improves skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Collagen – stimulates the process of skin reconstruction, acts anti-aging, contributes to the overall improvement of skin quality, reduces acne lesions.
  • Field horsetail – reduces the intensity of acne, provides the skin with many valuable nutrients, improves skin structure.
  • Zinc – reduces seborrhoea, prevents pimples and blackheads, regulates metabolic processes, fights free radicals, reduces skin inflammation.
  • Vitamins C, E and B2 – improve skin nutrition and enhance its renewal. They protect skin cells from damage and ensure good skin condition.

What is the mode of action of the Derminax preparation?

  • leads to the systematic detoxification of the body, and as a consequence to the intensive cleansing of the skin,
  • improves skin function by regulating metabolic processes,
  • fights inflammation, microorganisms and free radicals, thus improving skin condition,
  • normalizes the production of sebum, prevents clogged pores, leading to a more efficient functioning of the skin,
  • stimulates skin regeneration processes.
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