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Adipex – dangerous Czech drug with fentermine (action, opinions and side effects)

Adipex Retard is a weight-loss drug manufactured in the Czech Republic and intended for people who have problems with limiting calorie intake. It works strongly, gives fast and clear results in the form of weight reduction, but it is certainly not an ideal drug. Parallel to the slimming effects, it carries a number of adverse side effects, which you should be aware of before swallowing the first tablet.

Adipex Retard – what is “in” the tablets available online?

Due to the harmful side effects, Adipex Ret ard produced and distributed in Czech is illegal in Poland (and many other countries). It is available only on the black market, which means that we cannot be sure what is “in” the tablets we buy.

However, the risk to physical and mental health is not a sufficient argument for people looking for antidote for their problems with weight. It’s quite the opposite. The popularity of Adipex is growing and so are the online sales figures for the pill, which although it goes by the name of Adipex Retard, is really one big unknown.

Adipex Retard

The Adipex Retard available online comes from uncertain sources and contains an equally uncertain composition. Inside these tablets theoretically could be the correct active ingredient, fentermine, but it could also be some other substances.

Maybe under the name of a popular weight loss drug we get a composition of some stimulants and psychotropics? Such mixtures are often found in fake weight loss drugs and supplements. One hundred percent sure drug Adipex Retard with fentermine could be obtained only if you have a prescription for it (it is issued only on doctor’s prescription ) and if you go with it to the pharmacy, of course living where it is allowed. In Poland it is not.

Adipex – composition and action

As already mentioned, the drug Adipex Retard is based on the active substance in the form of fentermine. This is a derivative of amphetamine, which is one of the most popular drugs from the stimulant group. Fentermine affects the central nervous system, giving us a signal that we are not hungry.

Considered as a panacea for weight loss, the specific simply tricks the brain, causing the illusion that we are full. Thanks to this we may not eat for hours – we do not feel the desire to eat, we are not tired of the feeling of an empty stomach, practically the need to eat does not exist for us, or is pushed to the side.

However, the action of fentermine is much wider than blocking appetite. It also triggers the release of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, which causes a whole range of psychophysical reactions, including increased blood pressure and change in consciousness.

Can limiting food intake help?

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Starvation, that is total or partial abstaining from food intake, has been known and used for centuries, even as a therapeutic method in certain situations. It is a fact that excess food is harmful, and the use of an occasional one-day starvation can result in many health benefits.

Some scientific studies confirm the positive role of fasting in curing diseases of the digestive system, pancreas, stomach or intestines, heart diseases, arthritis and rheumatism, skin diseases. This kind of therapies, however, must be performed under the supervision of a specialist.

Undoubtedly, limiting food, especially in excess, supports the process of losing weight. When we do not supply the body with energy from food, it reaches for the accumulated reserves – fat, deposits, toxins. These, as they are not necessary for the proper functioning of our body, are burned first. In this way the body cleanses itself and regenerates.

However in every situation of fasting one should keep common sense, being aware that long term starvation may be very dangerous. It is also completely excluded in case of serious diseases.

Dangerous consequences of long-term undereating

What happens in the body when we do not supply it with enough nutrients?

First of all…

The number of so-called ketone bodies increases, which causes a higher level of acidification of the body. It is especially dangerous for diabetics, because it can lead to ketoacidosis and as a result even to diabetic coma. The concentration of uric acid in the blood also increases, which in turn results in rheumatic complaints and gout.


As a result of protein deficiency in the food supply, the concentration of essential amino acids, such as glutamine, decreases. This in turn causes dangerous consequences, especially in the case of liver or kidney disorders.


Long-term malnutrition adversely affects the work of the heart, very often manifesting itself in heart rhythm disorders.


It has a harmful effect on the work of the intestines and their microflora. As a result, the digestion and defecation cycle is disrupted, which is certainly not beneficial to the weight loss process.


The natural immunity of the body is weakened, as a result of which a person becomes more susceptible to diseases and infections.


Depending on what substances are most lacking, it can lead to the development of, for example, anemia (due to a lack of iron), bone weakness and osteoporosis (lack of vitamin D and calcium), paralysis and muscle atrophy (lack of vitamin B) and a number of other serious diseases.

These are just some of the consequences of prolonged starvation. In addition to nutritional and digestive disorders, disruptions of the heart, liver and kidneys, failure to provide necessary nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, negatively affects the condition of the skin, hair and nails, not to mention numerous ailments in the form of dizziness, fatigue, weakness, apathy and depression.

Adipex – effects in weight loss


The promise of suppressing the feeling of hunger by Adipex Retard tablets strongly appeals to people who cannot cope with excessive craving for food. Indeed, losing weight with the support of this drug gives us the feeling of long-lasting satiety, constant thoughts of favorite foods disappear, we have no appetite and sometimes we even feel a great aversion to any food.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that the lack of appetite after taking Adipex is so strong that it can be dangerous – by eating too little and too few portions of food we risk exhaustion of the body and significant disruption of its work. Prudence while taking Adipex is therefore a matter of priority.

When using Adipex Retard tablets, we do not feel appetite and consume far fewer calories. At the same time, our body demands energy, so it proceeds to burn stored reserves in the form of body fat. Overweight and obese people can experience very rapid weight loss during Adipex treatment, for example, 10 or more pounds in about a month. The less overweight you are, the slower and less spectacular the results.

Adipex side effects

There is a whole range of adverse side effects that Adipex causes. Increased blood pressure and accelerated heart rate are the most common, associated with the release of neurotransmitters after the active substance of the drug – fentermine.

Accompanying symptoms include: headaches and dizziness, increased sweating, hand tremor, vomiting and nausea, shortness of breath, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety.

It should be added that prolonged treatment with Adipex is a real temptation of fate. While taking the drug, the heart is heavily burdened and may become less efficient. Taking this drug increases the risk of hypertension, valve damage, heart attacks and cerebral hemorrhages.

Do not forget that fentermine contained in the tablets Adipex is a psychoactive substance and causes intoxication characterized by hyperactivity, a sense of excess energy, euphoria, racing thoughts, verbosity.

Taking Adipex may also lead to mood swings, nervousness and outbursts of aggression, anxiety, concentration disorders, personality disorders and disorders of logical thinking. Longer use of Adipex may end up in addiction, breakdown, depression.

Adipex – price

It turns out that Adipex may reflect badly not only on our health, but also on finances. This is evidenced by very exorbitant prices of the preparation, which can be encountered on the Internet. People selling Adipex on the net ask for about 35 € for 30 units, 66 € for 60 units, 88 € for 90 units and sometimes even higher amounts. The high price of the Adipex is not encouraging, especially since we are dealing with an illegal and insecure product.

We also have to keep in mind that when buying Adipex Retard on the Internet there is a high probability that we will end up with a scammer (on forums there are often warnings against dishonest sellers offering Adipex) and our 66 or 88 € will be thrown down the drain.

Adipex – opinions

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In the network we can find a lot of comments about this specific. Some people write about it with appreciation, claiming that thanks to Adipex quickly get rid of excess weight, but others warn against its use because of the very negative effects on the body.

So, when looking on the Internet, it is impossible to miss the negative reviews about Adipex, which are very many. They come from people who had the opportunity to use this preparation and who experienced very unpleasant side effects, ranging from heart arrhythmia, dizziness and fainting, through serious kidney problems, to insomnia, addiction and serious mental disorders.

It is worth quoting at this point a statement of one of the internauts who used this preparation for a long time.

She claims that during the first week of taking the drug she hardly ate anything, she could not even look at food, but she ended up losing consciousness. Now she eats a decent breakfast and is better, but throughout the day she feels agitated, with an increased heart rate, and at night, despite feeling tired, she very often cannot sleep. Every few days, for common sense reasons, she takes a break, but then she gets hungry. Yes, she has lost a few kilos but she seriously wonders whether it’s worth continuing this treatment.

On blogs and internet forums many people warn against taking Adipex Retard, writing that it has caused more or less serious health problems. There are also people who burned on Adipex in a different way – it helped them to lose excess weight only for a while, after the treatment there was a yo-yo effect. There are also positive opinions about Adipex tablets, but they are much fewer.

Adipex – is it worth buying?

If you feel like taking a risk with an illegal drug from an uncertain source and with very severe side effects, you can reach for Adipex. However, remember to drink plenty of water, because this specific product dehydrates the body very much and try to use it for a short period of time.

Weight loss is a process that requires patience, especially if you want to achieve permanent results. Therefore, instead of looking for radical and dangerous solutions, it is better to use natural and safe means.

So if you want to lose weight in full health, with excellent mood and without any unpleasant physical and mental symptoms, reach for modern capsules for slimming Green Barley Plus. They provide the same thing as Adipex – they block hunger and increase the rate of fat burning. At the same time they are 100% safe for health and do not cause any side effects.

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Keto Actives, acting in accordance with the body’s natural rhythm, significantly accelerates the rate of burning fat tissue. It helps achieve the state of ketosis, during which the body actively uses accumulated fat reserves as an energy source, which obviously has a positive effect on weight loss.

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