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Aerobics during weight gain – 5 arguments for

Mass training plus aerobics (cardio) is a set that relatively few people reach for when they want to build and sculpt perfect muscles. Much more often we focus on typical strength training with heavy loads, exercising individual muscle parts one by one. Meanwhile, aerobic training can be very helpful and useful for many reasons, so at least once or twice a week it is worth making a session (even if only for half an hour) on a bike or treadmill. Read why you should exercise cardio on mass.

1. aerobic training during weight training helps in body recovery

Aerobic training has a positive effect on the work of muscles and makes them recover faster after increased exercise cycles. If you would like your body to recover more easily after training with heavy loads and better cope with soreness, a short aerobic session properly integrated into an individual exercise program will be an excellent option.

Aerobics on mass give a slight anabolic effect

Aerobics stimulate the rate of metabolic changes occurring in our body. If you strength train every day and add cardio cycles to your exercise plan, it will promote anabolic processes taking place in muscle tissue. Your muscles will be stronger, more durable, less prone to overloading, even their growth rate may be slightly improved.

3. Cardio for mass is a good way to fight unwanted fat

The mass gain diet is a diet with increased calorie count, therefore it carries the risk of fat accumulation, especially if it is not well adapted to individual needs and body conditions. By using mass training and adding jogging, cycling, orbitrek or swimming sessions to it, you reduce the risk of storing unnecessary fat. Aerobic exercise boosts metabolism and is great for combating any excess calories.

4) Aerobics on the mass increase energy levels and improve overall fitness

Being on the mass you can practice aerobics on non-workout days or on workout days (before or after strength training), as you prefer. Either way you will benefit from an increase in energy, performance and endurance of your body. When you do aerobic exercise, the oxidation level of all tissues and cells in your body increases, your lung capacity increases, and your heart and circulatory system work better. All this promotes your health and immunity.

5. weight training cardio is a patent for relaxation of mind and body

Aerobic training also has a great relaxing effect, calming, reducing fatigue and tension states. If you sometimes feel exhausted after strength training, if you are prone to stress, and if it is sometimes difficult for you to control negative emotions, aerobic training will surely eliminate all those negative states. It will help you relax both physically and mentally, add vitality and enthusiasm.

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