Ampoules for hair loss and hair growth – the top 2 products of the last months

Do hair loss ampoules work? Without a doubt, everything depends on the cause of excessive hair loss and the severity of the baldness. In addition, the composition of the preparation is of great importance. Which active substances are used in which concentration can determine the effectiveness of the treatment. Here are two top products from the shelf of hair loss ampoules, which have received the best user reviews in recent months.

Bioxsine – ampoules for hair that needs strengthening

ampulki 300x199 1hairloss ampoules” width=”300″ height=”199″ />Bioxsine Dermagen Serum is a treatment consisting of 24 vials, which contain a concentrated herbal serum for weakened and falling hair. The cost of the set is about $ 30 (treatment lasts 48 days with the use of 1 vial every 2 days). The base of the preparation is the so-called Biocomplex B11 consisting of active plant extracts that strengthen the hair bulbs, support the process of faster growth of new, healthy hair and nourish hair requiring renewal.

Hair Loss Ampoules Bioxsine are especially recommended for people whose hair loss or bad hair condition is caused by such factors as aggressive styling procedures, poor diet or weakened organism. In such cases ampoules are very effective and are able to stop hair loss and restore its strength and healthy look. In case of androgenic alopecia, Bioxsine ampoules can only slightly slow down the hair loss process.

Radical – Richly Formulated Hair Growth Ampoules

The hair growth product Radical consists of 15 ampoules and costs about $8. It is applied to the scalp on a daily basis and the effects of the serum are noticeable after about one month. The main ingredient of the Radical ampoules is field horsetail extract, which determines the effectiveness of the product. The product also contains other active substances, including: provitamin B5, concentrated herbal extracts, as well as the vitamin-mineral-amino acid hair growth stimulator Trichogen. As you can see, the composition of Radical ampoules is very complex, so the product can boast of high efficiency.

More intensive hair growth than so far, revitalization and nourishment of damaged hair, inhibition of excessive hair loss, strengthening of hair – these results were noted by most people who carried out at least one month of treatment with Radical. However, this is not a typical product that can stop male pattern baldness. Read this article if you are interested in advanced hair loss ampoules for men that support the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

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