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Androgenetic alopecia – 5 steps to help you stop hair loss

There are many ways to combat androgenetic alopecia today, from modern cosmetic and medical treatments, to oral and topical products, to a whole host of home remedies. If you have noticed thinning hair and cornrows and would like to try and remedy the problem yourself, put these 5 steps into action.

What to do about Hair Loss: Regularity is essential

the balding manMost men over 50 years of age suffer from androgenetic alopecia. There is no single answer to the question how to stop hair loss without specialized (and nota bene expensive) treatments at cosmetic and medical surgeries. There are at least several answers. The best results can be achieved by applying a few proven methods at the same time. With their help, step by step you will direct your body towards fighting baldness.

Remember that weak, thin and falling hair needs support all the way, including topical treatments for the scalp and an internal supply of various ingredients necessary for hair. Regularity is also very important. You won’t win the battle against hair loss if you only occasionally take hair loss pills or once in a while you pamper yourself with a scalp pack. Regularity is key in this type of treatment!

Use a scalp treatment every two to three days

Scalp rubs are one of the leading home remedies for hair loss including androgenetic alopecia. They are usually prepared from herbs and vegetables rich in valuable elements, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids for hair. Rubs stimulate, nourish and strengthen hair bulbs and hair follicles, inhibit hair loss and stimulate their growth. They should be used regularly, preferably every two or three days.

The easiest way to make a rub is to make juice from black turnip, pour it into a bottle with an atomizer, spray and massage into the scalp. You can also grate the vegetable and rub such a paste into the scalp. Herbal infusions such as fenugreek, nettle or field horsetail are made into an essential oil and then sprayed onto the scalp using an atomiser bottle.

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Make a multi-ingredient hair loss mask every week

Regularly repeated masks, which are a bomb of valuable strengthening, repairing and nourishing ingredients, are a big help for weak, falling hair. You can easily make this mask by combining: 1 egg, about half a cube of yeast, 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. After combining the ingredients into a homogeneous mass, apply it and lightly massage your scalp. Then wrap your head in foil and a towel and wait for about 40 minutes. Rinse off the mask and shampoo your head.

Eat five healthy meals every day packed with products, which have a beneficial effect on your hair

Healthy Vegetable SaladA healthy diet is very important for hair loss. Therefore, it is high time to replace fast food and worthless, chemical-laden food with natural products of the lowest possible degree of processing. Introduce a lot of vegetables and fruit to your menu, try to include them in every meal. Add sea fish, lean dairy, cereals, bran, wholemeal bread and healthy snacks such as grains and nuts to your shopping basket.

Drink healthy smoothies 5 times a week

Shakes made from vegetables, greens and fruits with the addition of cereals, seeds, sea algae and high quality vegetable oils will make your hair stronger. However, you need to drink them often, preferably a couple of times a week. You can read more about hair strengthening shakes here.

Take hair loss supplements on a daily basis

Oral formulations for hair loss are essential for androgenetic alopecia. The main thing is to choose tablets that are rich in content and that have elements in their composition that block the harmful effects of DHT on hair follicles. Note that hair loss supplements start to work after a few weeks or even months, so don’t give up too soon.

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