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Androgenetic alopecia – symptoms and prevention. What to do when hair starts flying out of your head?

A typical male affliction, i.e. androgenetic alopecia, may appear at various ages, but usually its first signs are observed around 30-40 years of age. If we want to reduce the progression of balding, we should start fighting it at the earliest possible stage, preferably at the moment of noticing the first, even very inconspicuous symptoms. How to recognize symptoms of androgenic alopecia and how to inhibit the process?

Androgenetic alopecia – symptoms

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an active form of testosterone present in the male body and responsible for weakening of hair follicles. As a result of the miniaturization process of the follicles, the individual growth phases of the hair are disturbed. The hair grows slower, thinner, weaker and falls out quickly. Over time, in certain areas of the head they disappear altogether, giving the effect of increasing baldness. Symptoms of androgenetic alopecia can be easily identified. If we catch them and act early enough, there is a good chance that we will be able to properly strengthen the hair and stop or slow down the process of balding.

The main symptoms of androgenetic alopecia are:

weakened, thin hair (on top and in the frontal area);a man with hair curves

– Deepening of the hairline;

– receding hairline in the temporal and frontal regions (so-called high forehead effect);

thinning of the hair on top of the head;

– progressive loss of hair at the top and front, while maintaining a normal amount of hair at the back and sides.

Remember not to ignore the first symptoms of baldness, because the process will not stop by itself. On the contrary, without our intervention, it will steadily increase in strength.

How to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss in men has its main cause in hormones. However, there are also other factors, which contribute to the aggravation of hair loss. The most important of these factors is an unhealthy lifestyle – excessive use of stimulants, poor diet deprived of nutrients important for hair as well as insufficient sleep, physical exhaustion and chronic stress. If you want to enjoy a lush hairstyle for as long as possible you should modify your lifestyle, cut down on cigarettes and alcohol, take care of sufficient physical and mental relaxation and change your diet to a healthy and varied one.

Our daily diet should not lack

– products rich in B vitamins;

– Products rich in protein;

– Products rich in vitamins A, E, C;

– Products containing zinc, copper, iron, selenium.

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Healthy vegetable salad with eggs

Preparations for falling hair

Ahealthy diet, in which junk food is replaced by a menu rich in vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, protein and cereal products, will help strengthen the hair from the inside and to some extent reduce the progress of baldness. However, if we want to provide our hair with the maximum amount of ingredients necessary for its revitalization, it is worth reaching for a good quality preparation for hairloss . In our ranking of dietary supplements for hair loss we present the most effective products of this kind on the market. Not without a reason, Profolan – a preparation with a very rich composition and strong action – takes a leading place in it.

Profolan is created to inhibit androgenicalopecia – at the same time it prevents damage to hair follicles by DHT, inhibits further hair loss, strengthens and rebuilds hair and stimulates their growth.

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