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Baldness – a “hairstyle” that should also be taken care of

Negative emotions, which appear when we notice first symptoms of androgenetic alopecia, weaken with time. In the next stage we behave in different ways – we get over our baldness and do not pay any attention to it, or we start testing various remedies for hair loss. However, everything has its common sense limits, yes, you can reach for preparations for baldness (e.g. the recently increasingly popular Profolan), because in many cases they can bring positive effects, but on the other hand, you can also like baldness, especially if you take care of it.

How to turn baldness into an aesthetic hairstyle?

bald manLet’s face it, a head of hair that grows a few centimetres on the sides (or even longer!) and has fairly advanced baldness at the top, back or front does not look very appealing. Men often don’t realise how much their hair has thinned out and they just carry on wearing their hair as usual. It’s good to take a closer look in the mirror from time to time. However, if you notice your hair thinning, you don’t have to panic right away.

Simply change your hairstyle and start shaving regularly, preferably every few days, either bald or very short. In this way, we will rejuvenate and look much better and more attractive for the opposite sex. In addition to the aesthetics, frequent shaving of the head also has a health aspect, thus strengthening the hair and provoking more intensive growth. In addition, shaving your head completely will get rid of stubborn dandruff and other hair problems if you have to fight against them. Being bald also takes the hassle out of styling your hair and visiting a hairdresser.

How to take care of baldness?

Systematic shaving of the head to zero (or almost zero), will largely help us mask androgenic alopecia. It’s also worth noting that for most women baldness is very masculine and sexy. But on condition that it is well maintained. So how do you take care of baldness? If you shave with a regular disposable razor, use a separate one only for the head. In case you have a sensitive scalp, you can use a shaving foam or gel. After shaving, it’s a good idea to pat an aftershave balm into the skin, which will soothe, irritate, moisturize and lubricate it. For washing our bald we can use a standard shampoo or body gel and shampoo in one. It is also worth remembering that the owners of bald heads are particularly vulnerable to very low and very high temperatures. On cold days do not forget about a warm hat, while in hot weather before leaving the house it is advisable to apply sunscreen SPF.

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