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Biotebal conditioner and shampoo (reviews, performance, price) – is it worth going into the drugstore for them?

Biotebal is a popular pill for hair loss. Their manufacturer also offers us two cosmetics that can enhance their effect and at the same time improve the appearance of our hair. Should we include Biotebal shampoo and conditioner in our shopping basket?

Biotebal Shampoo and Conditioner – Composition

If you want to comprehensively strengthen and nourish your hair and improve its appearance, it is worthwhile to simultaneously use the appropriate oral preparations and specialized hair cosmetics. In this direction, the Biotebal brand offers a 3-step program to repair weakened hair and hair in need of care. Apart from tablets, we have the Biotebal conditioner and shampoo, which are distinguished by their rich composition and intensive action.

Biotebal shampoo contains the following active substances:

  • Biotebalbioactive peptides and oligosaccharides of soy and wheat germ,
  • biotin,
  • seboregulatory complex,
  • prebiotic,
  • ginseng extract,
  • aloe vera juice,
  • panthenol.

The ingredients of the Biotebal shampoo take care of the high level of nourishment and hydration of hair, strengthen hair, support the process of hair restoration and stimulate hair growth. They add flexibility and softness to hair, improve the condition of the scalp and prevent excessive sebum secretion.

Biotebal conditioner has in its composition:

  • Biotebalbiotin,
  • ginseng extract,
  • polysaccharides,
  • caffeine,
  • keratin hydrolysate.

Thanks to this rich composition the action of the Biotebal conditioner is multidirectional and consists in simultaneous: rebuilding hair microdamages, stimulating hair growth, protecting and moisturizing hair, strengthening hair bulbs and making hair smooth and elastic.

Shampoo and conditioner Biotebal – effects

You can not deny the rich composition of Biotebal hair cosmetics. Their strengthening effect goes hand in hand with a protective and revitalizing effect. Therefore, this is a proposal that will undoubtedly satisfy people whose hair quality has suffered greatly due to aggressive styling, weakening of the body, weather storms, poor diet or similar reasons. The products help reduce hair loss, while accelerating their growth. The treatment with Biotebal cosmetics also benefits the hair structure itself. It is much more manageable, healthier looking, smoother and shinier, and less prone to split ends and frizz. People with seborrhea will also benefit from regular use of the Biotebal conditioner and shampoo.

Opinions on Biotebal conditioner and shampoo

Most people who use the Biotebal conditioner and shampoo have positive opinions about them. The preparations work well as an antidote for damaged, dry, dull and lacking in vitality hair. According to observations of many people, there has been a significant change in the condition of hair – it has become nice to the touch, easy to comb and style, well-moisturized and less prone to damage. According to many opinions, the Biotebal shampoo and conditioner also inhibit hair loss to some extent, although it is not entirely known whether it is due to the cosmetics themselves or hair pills used at the same time.

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