Black toothpaste – which one to choose? Check the ranking of the best black toothpastes on the market!

Black toothpaste is an increasingly popular way to whiten teeth. The base active ingredient in them is carbon, with a few additional ingredients usually standing alongside it. Due to the above-average ability of carbon to remove impurities, black toothpaste can be a highly effective and satisfactory method of restoring the beautiful appearance of your laughter. However, it is worth knowing that not every product of this type works with similar power. Both the quality of ingredients used in the toothpaste and their concentration and matching in relation to each other are of great importance in terms of the final effectiveness of the preparation. We recommend our black toothpaste ranking, which includes the best products on the market!

Black toothpaste – the easy way to a white smile

Black tooth pastes multiply on the market like mushrooms after the rain. In fact, the only thing these products have in common is their colour and their main ingredient, carbon. In other respects, black toothpastes can be very different from each other. Various formulas of pastes and ambiguous opinions often make it difficult for us to make a choice. The following ranking of black toothpastes will help you assess the performance of individual preparations and choose your favourite. The list takes into account such criteria as:

  • quantity and quality of active ingredients;
  • effectiveness and speed of action;
  • scope of action;
  • performance;
  • consumer and expert opinions.

Black toothpaste – ranking of the best products

Place 1 – Whitify Carbon

Whitify Carbon black toothpaste

Black toothpaste with active carbon Whitify Carbon wins the ranking unquestionably. Rich in composition, highly rated by users, efficient, multifunctional, extremely effective in whitening – the secret of the success of Whitify Carbon is a unique composition of active ingredients, in which, in addition to the most important one, i.e. active charcoal, we find: hydrated silica, chlorohexidine, Mediterranean pine extract, xylitol, menthol.

Thanks to such designed mixture, appropriate concentration of particular components and impeccable consistency, the paste has a dynamic effect on enamel, freeing teeth from plaque, stains and causing their gradual whitening. At the same time it remains completely safe for enamel.

Black toothpaste with activated charcoal Whitify Carbon with high efficiency absorbs substances deposited on the surface of teeth, responsible for staining and changing the shade of teeth to grey or yellowish. It thoroughly cleans impurities, removes also more permanent deposits caused by drinking coffee, tea, juices or other coloured liquids and foods and smoking nicotine.

Whitify Carbon is the strongest black toothpaste on the market. It works dynamically and in many directions. It polishes, whitens and cleans teeth, restoring a snow-white smile and fresh breath for a long time. It even lightens stains that previously could not be removed with any other toothpaste. What’s more, it destroys bacteria and fungi, prevents tooth decay and fights tartar.


Place 2 – Curaprox Black is White

Curaprox Black is White black toothpaste

Curaprox Black is White black toothpaste came in second place in our ranking. It contains 4 proven active ingredients which make it effective in whitening and at the same time care for oral health. Active charcoal present in the Curaprox Black is White toothpaste destroys impurities and dissolves deposits, leading to the reduction of unsightly stains and brightening of the colour of teeth. Another element is sodium fluoride which protects teeth against caries. We also have here hydroxyapatite protecting the enamel against damage and hypersensitivity as well as a special system of enzymes strengthening the protective barrier against microorganisms.

Curaprox Black is White black toothpaste removes deposits, eliminates stains and leads to the restoration of the natural whiteness of teeth. The product is available in two flavours: mild lime and refreshing lime.

Place 3 – Seysso Carbon Whitening Charcoal

Seysso Carbon Whitening Charcoal

Seysso Carbon Whitening Charcoal is a black whitening toothpaste with charcoal that not only brightens the enamel but also regenerates gums and fights germs present in the oral cavity. The antibacterial and regenerating properties are due to coconut oil, which along with the coal is one of the main ingredients of the paste. Additional elements are xylitol that prevents caries and hydroxyapatite that strengthens the enamel.

There is no doubt that the black toothpaste Seysso Carbon Whitening has an interesting and effective formula. This toothpaste performs several tasks at once: it reduces plaque and stains, whitens teeth to their natural shade and also cares for oral health and hygiene – it protects against caries, ensures fresh breath and makes enamel more resistant to harmful external factors.

Place 4 – Black toothpaste with charcoal Ultrablanc

Ultrablanc black toothpaste with charcoal

Ultrablanc is probably the most famous black whitening toothpaste. It enjoys great popularity and good effectiveness in restoring the natural whiteness of teeth. In the composition of Ultrablanc toothpaste you will find active carbon responsible for absorbing impurities and brightening the enamel, as well as several other elements, including fluoride protecting teeth against decay and antibacterial plant extracts. If used regularly black toothpaste Ultrablanc will help us to get rid of ugly plaque and remove local discoloration and will change the shade of enamel for whiter one. At the same time it will protect us from plaque formation, support remineralization of enamel and ensure fresh breath.

Place 5 – Ecodenta Black whitening toothpaste

Ecodenta Black whitening toothpaste

Ecodenta is an eco-friendly black whitening toothpaste, which is based mainly on two ingredients: charcoal and an innovative substance Teavigo (green decaffeinated tea extract). Activated charcoal, contained in the Ecodenta toothpaste, is designed to absorb dirt and plaque and bring out the natural whiteness of teeth. The second element, Teavigo, performs the same functions that standard toothpastes usually do: protect against bacteria, prevent tartar buildup, clean and refresh the mouth.

Place 6 – Nature ON Carbon White

Nature ON Carbon White

A combination of two varieties of carbon? Why not. This is exactly the combination of active ingredients offered by Nature On toothpaste, which apart from black carbon present in all products of this type, also contains white carbon. Apart from the above mentioned active substances, we also find peppermint extract and sodium fluoride in the paste. The main task of Nature ON Carbon White Charcoal toothpaste is to eliminate plaque and dirt, reduce discoloration and restore the natural whiteness of teeth. At the same time, while brushing with this toothpaste we strengthen the protective barrier against bacteria and we prevent caries.

Place 7 – Dabur Herbal

Dabur Herbal

The ranking of black toothpastes is topped by the herbal toothpaste Dabur Herbal. It contains active charcoal, ginger, black pepper and long pepper. This composition provides the effect of reducing deposits (caused by e.g. coffee and tea drinking or smoking) and brightening the enamel, on the other hand, it helps to maintain healthy oral cavity. Thanks to pepper and ginger, the paste has great antibacterial, disinfecting and refreshing properties.

Black toothpaste reviews

The appearance of teeth strongly affects the appearance of the entire face and how we are perceived by those around us. Being aware of this, more and more people decide to use one of the numerous teeth whitening techniques and remove unsightly stains. One of the most effective home remedies for brightening enamel is the use of black charcoal toothpastes. Some of the products of this type are met almost exclusively with positive reviews, while for others the positive ones are interspersed with negative ones.

So how to choose a black paste for yourself? The fact is that not everyone has such a high power of action to dramatically change the appearance of our teeth. Cheaper products usually work more gently, clean the enamel and remove deposits, revealing the natural shade of teeth, but do not give a clear whitening effect. On the other hand, slightly more expensive and more advanced ones, in addition to thoroughly cleaning and removing deposits, can also change the shade of enamel to a whiter one. So if you expect really good results in terms of stain elimination and teeth whitening, it’s better to reach for a higher-end product.

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