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Bluronica, stop time with essential face serum

Bluronica is an intensive face cream, in fact, an essential serum, thanks to which we will stop the skin aging process and smooth out wrinkles, and our face will gain a more youthful look. The cosmetic works for our skin with increased power. It has been equipped with valuable plant extracts with repairing properties and hyaluronic acid which guards the firmness and proper hydration of the skin. Bloronica is a great alternative to treatments of aesthetic medicine, which not only require considerable financial outlays, but also are invasive and do not always give fully successful results.

How to inhibit skin aging? How to fight wrinkles?

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At a certain stage of life each of us would like to stop time and be able to continually enjoy a smooth, vital, young complexion. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t match our dreams.

We usually notice the first wrinkles around 30, then the first signs of loss of skin elasticity and firmness. More and more often bruises and bags appear under the eyes, the whole face shows fatigue which in fact has little to do with a young and radiant look.

The intensity and speed of the aging process of the skin is determined only to some extent by genetic factors. Whether we manage to keep our face young and beautiful for a long time or whether wrinkles and dryness and flabbiness of the skin triumph, it is much more influenced by our personal skin care.

The sooner we start taking proper care of our facial skin and use cosmetics appropriate for our age and skin type, the better. It is also worth remembering that our lifestyle and diet have a significant impact on skin condition and the progress of the aging process.

Here are some tips to help delay skin ageing:

  • Eat regularly and naturally. Try to use processed foods as little as possible. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain products. Regularly introduce into your menu foods rich in vitamins A, E, C, B vitamins and minerals such as copper, zinc and selenium and unsaturated fatty acids. Often reach for articles rich in antioxidants, thanks to which the body reduces the level of free radicals that contribute to a faster aging process of body cells, including skin cells.
  • Limit stimulants. Alcohol and cigarettes have a very negative impact on your complexion. They intensify the effect of tired, gray, dull skin, cause puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, contribute to the loss of skin elasticity and accelerate the formation of wrinkles.
  • Introduce foods, herbs or homemade concoctions into your menu to help detox your body. The fewer toxins in our body, the better for our complexion. An interesting and easy way to detoxify your body from harmful substances is, among others, regularly reaching for a cleansing blender cocktail, which can be prepared in a few minutes with a few simple vegetable and fruit ingredients.
  • Avoid tanning beds and frequent exposure to the sun, and try to stay as little as possible in air-conditioned and smoky rooms. Instead, as often as possible use the benefits of fresh air, which has a great effect on the skin – promotes its oxygenation, rest and efficient regeneration.
  • Try to introduce into your schedule some form of active recreation, such as swimming pool, aerobics, jogging or other. Physical exercises have a beneficial effect on the entire body, including the skin. Thanks to them cells are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Skin looks healthier, younger, more vital and radiant. Physical activity also contributes to stress relief and relaxation and eliminates sleep problems. When we are well rested, our complexion appreciates it and returns the favor with a nice appearance.
  • Make sure you get adequate rest and healthy sleep. Constantly living at high speed, overwork, stress, too little sleep, reflect badly on the entire body, including the skin.
  • From time to time use facial scrubs and homemade masks that moisturize and nourish the skin. Perform light, microcirculation-stimulating facial massages.
  • Always remove makeup. Sleeping in it is very harmful to our complexion and causes premature formation of wrinkles.
  • Cleanse your face thoroughly in the morning and at night, then apply creams intended for the time of day, for your age and for your skin type. For daytime use, choose creams with sunscreen SPF.

In addition to the tips mentioned above, it is a good idea to use a good quality serum such as Bluronica. The formula is very interestingly constructed, its composition consists of a blueberry extract full of antioxidants and nutrients, as well as several other elements that increase the elasticity and tone of the skin and guard its proper hydration.

For whom is the Bluronica serum intended?


Bluronica is a serum that can benefit both younger people, who have not yet reached a high level of wrinkles or loss of skin elasticity, and older people, whose skin is already showing signs of ageing.

For younger people, the serum Bluronica improves the appearance of the skin, eliminates its small defects and prevents the formation of the first wrinkles, narrows enlarged pores, restores youthful look of the skin. However, in case of mature skin owners, the cosmetic reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin by several years and prevents further progress of aging, sagging, loss of skin firmness and loss of natural facial oval.

Bluronica Formula and Effect

The secret of the effective action of the Bluronica anti-wrinkle serum is not only the proper selection of active substances, but also their placement in a preparation with a skin-friendly consistency and high level of absorption into the deeper layers of the skin. The cosmetic “works” very well with our complexion, does not leave an unpleasant greasy film on it, instead it is quickly absorbed, giving almost immediate effects in the form of skin radiance, even colour and structure and smoothness.

What is important, Bluronica stimulates collagen production and supplements the deficiencies of hyaluronic acid in the skin, and thus actively supports its regeneration. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are natural components of the skin which, unfortunately, decrease with age and are crucial for proper hydration, firmness, smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Bluronica Serum Ingredients

  • Blueberry extract – packed with nutrients, known as the elixir of youth and a hit ingredient in the world of cosmetics. It contains a rich array of vitamins and minerals important for the skin (e.g. vitamin C, A, B vitamins, zinc, copper, selenium) as well as large amounts of strong antioxidants, including anthocyanins. Thanks to the high content of natural vitamin C and anthocyanins, it stimulates the production of collagen, favourably influencing skin density. Thanks to antioxidants it supports elimination of toxins and inhibits aging. Bilberry extract deeply nourishes the skin and stimulates its regeneration. It smoothes, reduces wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, soothes minor imperfections such as excessive sebum production, uneven skin tone or dull and dull complexion. It also has a beautifying and regenerating effect.
  • Verbena extract – improves the look of the skin, combats such flaws as excessive shine, enlarged pores, redness and irritation. It soothes the skin, tones, smoothes , regenerates and moisturizes. It also has antioxidant properties, thus contributing to slowing down the skin aging process.
  • Dragon’s blood resin extract – thanks to this ingredient our skin becomes more elastic, tighter and firmer. Wrinkles are smoothed out, the face gains a younger appearance and the aging process is slowed down.
  • Hyaluronic acid – a component with a very high potential in the field of skin rejuvenation. Thanks to its ability to bind water, it guards the proper hydration of the skin and its youthful appearance. It increases skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, furrows and folds, protects the skin from harmful factors that may have an impact on the deterioration of its condition.
  • Glycerine – a substance determining the perfect absorption of the cosmetic by the skin. Thanks to glycerine the serum has an appropriate consistency and active ingredients can be quickly and efficiently absorbed and reach deeper layers of the skin.

Bluronica – effects of regular use

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The effects of serum application Bluronica are immediate. Already after the first application an improvement in skin condition is visible, which can be seen in its brightening, lightening of dark circles under the eyes, unification of skin tone and at the same time reduction of excess sebum e.g. on the forehead or nose. The face looks well-rested and vital. Further effects come gradually.

With each application, our complexion becomes better moisturized and nourished, and deep inside it a regeneration process takes place. Gradually, wrinkles become shallower, the skin is tighter and more elastic, the face gains a visibly younger appearance.

Bluronica – opinions

Most users, regardless of age and wrinkle level, are satisfied with the performance of the Bluronica serum. Women say that it is one of the best anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating cosmetics on the market.

According to many opinions, Bluronica is a great, inexpensive, convenient and effective alternative to cosmetic procedures and aesthetic medicine treatments.

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