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BooUps – an essential breast serum that naturally firms, enlarges and beautifies the breasts

BooUps is a set of concentrated plant extracts and oils in the form of a well-absorbable preparation with a pleasant texture for the body. Serum was created for women who want to correct the shape and size of their breasts and improve their attractiveness without any invasive methods. Its advantages will be appreciated by all small breasts owners and all women who, due to rapid body weight fluctuations, natural aging processes or hormonal changes, struggle with loss of firmness and deterioration of breasts’ appearance. Instead of silicone implants or other expensive and interfering with the body treatments, we can reach for a simple to use specification, which will improve the shortcomings of our beauty. How does BooUps work?

BooUps – rich cream correcting breast deficiencies

Most women are of the opinion that their breasts are not perfect. Most often we complain about too small breast size, we think that our breasts are not firm enough, too flaccid, sagging, devoid of expression and not very attractive for the opposite sex. Many times we do not like their shape. What is more, we complain about the quality of the skin in the bust area, we struggle with stretch marks or generally consider our breasts as not feminine and not attractive.

BooUps is a remedy that can help us solve most of the breast imperfections that contribute to their unimpressive appearance.

 BooUps bust enhancement serum

Using a complex of 3 precious extracts from medicinal plants, 3 nourishing oils and advanced ingredient of high bioactivity – hexapeptide Adifyline™, BooUps stimulates the process of regeneration of the skinBooUps stimulates the bust skin regeneration process, inhibits the bust aging process and at the same time activates the proliferation of fatty cells filling the breasts, thanks to which they gain volume and become better lifted.

BooUps works more intensively than ordinary bust creams. While standard creams focus mainly on care and protection, BooUps serum has many more properties. Due to its special texture, it reaches deeper tissue layers and is equipped with more active ingredients than ordinary creams, and their concentration is higher.

When should you use BooUps?

BooUps is an advanced cosmetic product with properties modeling, enlarging, beautifying and nourishing the skin of the bust. It will prove useful for every woman who, looking at herself in the mirror, feels dissatisfied with the appearance of her breasts. The preparation is recommended, among others, for women who

  • naturally have a small bust size,
  • would like to give their bust a rounder and more prominent shape,
  • have lost a lot of weight and as a result, their bust has lost volume,
  • have developed stretch marks on their bust (e.g. after pregnancy),
  • are struggling with the deterioration of the bust appearance after breastfeeding,
  • are in the mature age and their skin has become more flaccid, and their bust is significantly different in terms of firmness from the busts of young women,
  • have undergone hormonal fluctuations, which have had a negative effect on the appearance of the bust.
 BooUps bust serum


Serum for bust BooUps – composition of the preparation

Serum for bust BooUps combines the achievements of traditional phytotherapy with modern technology. In other words, the composition of the preparation is based on highly valued, highly active plant components, which are combined in one formula with an innovative hexapeptide stimulating the process of new cell formation.

The active ingredients of BooUps serum are:

  • Centella Asiatica – is one of the most effective medicinal plants that show the ability to regenerate the skin. It leads to gradual smoothing and rejuvenation of the skin of the neckline and breasts. What is more, the vitamin C contained in the anthrax stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which translates into increased elasticity and firmness of the bust skin.
  • Walnut – walnut extract has strong tightening, nourishing and moisturizing properties, thanks to which the bust becomes better lifted, and the skin on it rejuvenated, renewed and smoothed. Peanut also shows antioxidant properties, thanks to which it protects cells from damage and makes the bust skin less susceptible to the influence of adverse factors, such as the passage of time or hormonal fluctuations.
  • Medullobium – is rich in vitamin C, which stimulates the production of the basic building block of the skin, i.e. collagen. Thanks to the extract from this plant, the bust skin becomes firmer, better modelled, and at the same time more resistant to furrows, sagging and other defects reducing the attractiveness of breasts. The plant also takes care of the proper level of moisturization of the bust skin. The better hydration, the longer the skin remains young and vital.
  • Adifyline hexapeptide™ – activates the formation of new fat cells, which by building into the structure of the skinmake the breasts gain in volume, they are also better lifted, shaped and better emphasized.
  • Argan oil – contains large resources of antioxidants and nutrients, so it provides the delicate and demanding skin of the bust with everything it needs – simultaneously moisturizes, revitalizes and moisturizes the skin of the bust. simultaneously moisturizes, revitalizes, smoothes, firms, softens, reduces the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles in the neckline and bust area.
  • Coconut oil – another precious oil with regenerating and nourishing properties. It improves the condition of the bust skin, firming and smoothing it. It soothes irritation and accelerates the process of forming a new epidermis, thanks to which the skin gains a better quality.
  • Shea butter – together with coconut and argan oil is a nourishing elixir for the bust. It makes the skin elastic, shapes, moisturizes, smoothes and strengthens its structure.

BooUps – multiple action towards femininity

 BooUps bust cream

BooUps is an intensive concentrate with a push-up effect, which in a simple and affordable way will beautify, shape and care for our bust and correct its imperfections. The effects we will get by regularly rubbing the serum into the skin are:

  • fuller breasts with increased volume,
  • better tightened and firmer bust skin,
  • better lifted breasts,
  • reduction of stretch marks, wrinkles, furrows in the bust area,
  • Smoothed, soft, well moisturized and nourished bust skin,
  • improved skin tone of the bust (unification, brightening, illumination),
  • more resistant to the influence of harmful factors and slower aging of the skin of the neckline and bust,
  • Well-cared for bust skin with one versatile product.

BooUps – users opinions

According to many reviews, BooUps does an excellent job as a simple and comfortable-to-use remedy for bust imperfections. For those who are looking for a potent formula with bust shaping and volume enhancing properties, BooUps is an apt option to choose. It is highly concentrated, with a composition and action that surpasses competing specifics. Not only does it firm the breasts and make them fuller, it also has an excellent effect on the condition of the bust skin.

In user reviews we read that BooUps is one of the most effective products of the bust cream and bust serum type. Users emphasize that it effectively improves the size of the breasts, beautifies, firms and cares for the bust and allows a woman to feel attractive and satisfied with the appearance of her body.

 BooUps bust serum




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