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Brain Actives, a powerhouse for the brain to work better

Brain Actives is a new way to boost brain function and free yourself from such ailments as: problems with concentration, low mental productivity, exhaustion, poor motivation, susceptibility to stress, problems with learning. The supplement is an excellent solution for people exposed to mental and physical exertion – it supports the nervous system and helps regenerate the mind and body, putting us in readiness for new challenges. The composition of Brain Actives is based on some of the most valuable plant nootropics, which makes it an effective and safe supplement.

Fatigue, stress, brain deterioration – the bane of modern life

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A fast pace of life, not enough sleep, a multitude of tasks in the professional and private sphere, stress, work requiring high mental or physical performance – these are the factors which often lead us to the state of total exhaustion.

An organism remaining in a state of chronic fatigue is not able to fully regenerate. It functions worse and worse, and at the same time gives us a number of warning signals such as:

  • lack of energy,
  • lack of motivation and desire to act,
  • lowered mood,
  • irritability,
  • problems with concentration, memory, quick association, absorption of new information,
  • sleep disorders,
  • headaches and dizziness,
  • muscle pain,
  • decreased creativity and mental productivity.

Noticing symptoms of fatigue, it is worth trying to get back to a good psychophysical condition, because staying in this state for a longer time can contribute not only to a general lowering of the quality of life and difficulties with fulfilling duties, but also to the weakening of immunity or even development of some diseases, such as autoimmune and civilization diseases.

How to fight for a better functioning mind and body?

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If we are exposed to high physical or mental exertion, we often get tired and lack of vigor and a decrease in intellectual performance, it is worth taking care of ourselves with redoubled strength.

First of all, we should learn to relax effectively. We can do this through sport, meditation, yoga, devoting ourselves to absorbing, relaxing reading, massages, baths with oils with relaxing properties and in other ways.

The main thing is to find some time every day just for yourself, get away from your responsibilities and relax in your favorite way.

Another important issue is sleep hygiene. A deep, healthy, adequately long sleep (preferably 7-8 hours) is a guarantee of a solid portion of rest and efficient regeneration of the body, which translates into good mood.

In states of increased physical or mental exertion, it is also worth remembering about healthy nutrition. Let’s try to introduce a menu rich in minerals, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, complex carbohydrates and proteins. These valuable nutrients for the brain can be found in: vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, seeds and seeds, olive oil, whole grain products, sprouts, dairy products, eggs.

For people who function at high speeds physical activity is also important in maintaining impeccable condition and good mood. Although we often have no energy to undertake additional physical activities in the midst of our duties, and training is the last thing we would feel like doing, it is worth remembering that a portion of sport or active recreation, or even a simple walk, can have incredible relaxing and oxygenating effects, promoting the renewal of both the mind and the whole body.

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An effective way to fight fatigue and mental deterioration is also supplementation. Nootropics (also known as nootropics or pro-cognitive agents) – substances which have a neuroprotective effect and improve the functioning of the brain – work perfectly well in this case. Very good results may be achieved by using nootropic substances of plant origin, they have an advantage over synthetic ones, as they are available without prescription, they do not carry the risk of side effects, and what is the most important – they act on the body in accordance with its natural rhythm, at the same time being highly effective.

Brain Actives It is a dietary supplement especially created for people exposed to mental and physical exertion. It has a multi-ingredient formula, which makes it stand out due to its broad spectrum of activity. It eliminates the effects of fatigue, enhances resistance to stress, and at the same time boosts the brain, helping you perform your daily tasks.

Brain Actives composition

Brain Actives

Brain Actives is a multi-element product based on some of the most effective plant substances with adaptogenic and procognitive properties. These ingredients protect neurons, increase resistance to stress, help the body to adapt to existing conditions, and activate the brain to work better.

Inside Brain Actives capsules you will also find B vitamins and magnesium, which are important for the proper functioning of the nervous system. The contents of the supplement are complemented by caffeine and theacrine, which provide energy and at the same time enhance the effects of the plant extracts that are the basis of the supplement.

How the individual ingredients in Brain Actives work:

  • ashwagandha root extract [5%vitanolides] – KSM-66® – improves psychophysical condition, lowers stress hormone (cortisol) levels, and has an antidepressant effect. It positively influences mood, creativity and motivation, eliminates effects of fatigue. In the case of a large intellectual effort ashwagandha prevents concentration drops and weakening of cognitive functions, helps to maintain high efficiency of mind even during a large number of tasks.
  • Extract from Bacopa herb [50% of bacosides] – improves memory capacity, helps to maintain high level of concentration for longer time, improves cerebral circulation, improves mental productivity, has neuroprotective properties. What is more, bacopa contains valuable antioxidants thanks to which it protects us against free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • Extract from the leaves of Centella Asiatica (gotu kola) [8% triterpenes] – improves thought processes, improves association and memory, guards a healthy and properly working nervous system, increases creativity and clarity of mind, has a positive influence on mood, shows adaptogenic action and increases resistance to stress.
  • Caffeine and theacrine – components that appear together and are highly effective in: providing energy, reducing fatigue, both physical and mental, increasing physical performance, increasing alertness, enhancing concentration and motivation, improving brain function.
  • Pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 – ensure correct functioning of the nervous system, counteract fatigue, help maintain mental balance, prevent mood swings, improve concentration, contribute to maintaining correct energy metabolism.
  • Magnesium – Aquamin™ Mg – magnesium obtained from sea water of excellent assimilability. This element has a positive effect on our mental condition, minimising irritability, tension and anxiety. It is also an ally of the efficient work of mind.
  • Piperine (Bioperine) has a positive effect on the nervous system, stabilises the mood, has a positive influence on cognitive abilities and at the same time increases the absorption of other supplement components.


Brain Actives effects of application

Brain Actives

The product works quickly and effectively, and the first results – an increase in energy and improvement of cognitive processes, including perception and concentration – can be noticed after around half an hour.

A great advantage of Brain Actives are the long-term effects. It is not an ad hoc product, acting for a short period of time, but one thanks to which we can build permanent foundations for high mental efficiency and good mental condition.

It is important to use it regularly. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the optimal dose is 2 capsules a day.

The main effects of Brain Actives are:

  • improvement of cerebral circulation,
  • a better functioning nervous system, improved levels of neurotransmitters (e.g. dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine),
  • increased mental productivity,
  • better motivation to act, increased creativity,
  • effect of mental clarity,
  • faster association and formulation of thoughts, easier assimilation of new knowledge,
  • higher energy levels, less susceptibility to fatigue,
  • greater physical endurance,
  • better mood,
  • greater resistance to stress.

Who needs Brain Actives supplementation?

The range of Brain Actives actions is so broad that the supplement can be a remedy for many problems, from classic overwork and physical exhaustion, to neurotransmitter secretion disorders. The supplementation will certainly benefit

  • all very active people,
  • people who work mentally and creatively,
  • students,
  • athletes,
  • People who work in positions that require alertness, good reflexes, focus,
  • Persons susceptible to stress and decreases in mental performance,
  • People with a weakened mental condition.
Brain Actives dietary supplement for improving brain function

Brain Actives – opinions

The blend of ingredients Brain Actives gives very good results in terms of improving the work of the brain, which is confirmed by the increasing number of positive opinions about this product.

The customers emphasize that the preparation is an effective support when we are exposed to high physical or intellectual effort. It helps to return to good form, reduces fatigue, increases energy, enthusiasm and creativity, and leads to better results in terms of mind work.

Brain Actives – purchase

We can purchase the supplement through : the official website of the distributor. For those who decide to buy two or three pieces of Brain Actives at the same time, free packages are waiting.

Find out more about the brain booster Brain Actives

Brain Actives


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