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Bulk Extreme – rich capsules to enhance training performance and accelerate muscle growth

Bulk Extreme is a dietary supplement for athletes with a highly complex composition. Equipped with an innovative ingredient called Momordicin® and a complex of plant extracts valued in sports supplementation, it helps you reach a higher level of physical performance, increases exercise capacity, boosts energy and accelerates the process of building muscle mass. Bulk Extreme naturally activates androgen receptors and regulates testosterone levels in the body. This is its important advantage – it works in an anabolic way but does not have the negative side effects caused by steroids.

Bulk Extreme – potent action plus convenience of use

 Bulk Extreme

Bulk Extreme is a multi-ingredient muscle growth booster in the form of convenient capsules. It’s an optimum product for people who don’t like taking too many supplements at once, who don’t like powdered products, and who are looking for ways to quickly recharge their batteries before training.

With Bulk Extreme you don’t have to prepare powdered shakes or use several different products – everything is in one convenient capsule. Bulk Extreme supplementation will bring us many benefits regardless of our current condition and level of training. Bulk Extreme provides comprehensive support for the male body. It adds strength, develops muscular endurance, stimulates muscles to more intensive work, increases exercise potential and stimulates post-workout regeneration processes.

Bulk Extreme – energy, vitality and effective body shaping

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Regular training and striving for an ideal body shape are priorities for many men. Often however, despite training and dieting designed to build muscle, positive results come very slowly and lazily, or worse still, they don’t appear at all. Bulk Extreme is a supplement created to optimise muscle performance and accelerate the bodybuilding process.

Thanks to a composition of selected active substances,Bulk Extreme performs several key tasks:

  • it stabilises hormone balance, helping regulate testosterone levels, which influences the anabolic effect,
  • By affecting the secretion of male sex hormones, it increases libido, improves potency and takes care of prostate health,
  • improves muscle function and accelerates muscle growth,
  • improves the body’s recovery mechanism after exercise (thanks to this action, you can start a next training session at full potential and the whole training cycle runs smoothly).

The supplement also has the additional advantage of acting on other levels, such as increasing the body’s resistance, improving its adaptive abilities (the body adapts more easily to stressful and unfavourable conditions), or supporting the psyche (increasing concentration and motivation, elevating mood, protecting against mental fatigue).

Bulk Extreme – the composition of the supplement

The Bulk Extreme formula contains an extreme dose of valuable substances. It is worth noting that the key ingredients are standardised to contain the most biologically active compounds, which translates into high effectiveness. How do the individual components of the supplement work?

 Bulk Extreme


Momordicin® [0.5% charantine, 7% bitter compounds].

Momordicin is a standardized extract of the bitter melon fruit, rich in bitter substances that are modulators of androgen receptors (SARMs). The structure of Momordicin resembles steroids, but it is devoid of the side effects that steroids cause (e.g. prostate hypertrophy, potency problems, acne, hypertension, irritability). Momordicin stimulates muscle growth without side effects and is safe and effective.

Momordicin stimulates muscle protein synthesis, helps protect muscles from catabolism, improves muscle work and endurance, thus increasing training efficiency.

Momordicin is rich in polyphenolic compounds, saponins, and triterpenoids such as charantin. In addition to its beneficial effects on muscle function and size, it exhibits many health-promoting properties, including.It normalizes blood sugar levels, helps maintain normal body weight, prevents fat gain, reduces blood levels of bad cholesterol, supports the liver, improves immunity, has antioxidant properties.

KSM-66® – Vitania sluggard root extract [5% vitanolides].

Vitania sluggard, or ashwagandha, is one of the richest medicinal plants in terms of health properties. It has a very wide range of positive actions, and one of them is supporting body shaping! On the one hand, it protects against the growth of unwanted fat tissue, on the other hand, it stimulates the growth of muscle tissue. High content of compounds with high biological activity, i.e. vitanolides, translates into high effectiveness of the extract.

KSM-66®, i.e. extract from vitania ospana root, guards correct testosterone levels and in case of deficiencies mobilises the body for natural production of this hormone. High testosterone levels automatically translate into greater strength, greater endurance and muscle performance, as well as more intensive building of new muscle fibres. Vitamin E extract KSM-66® supports you during and after training. It stimulates regeneration processes, reduces cortisol levels and prevents catabolism (muscle breakdown), which often occurs after intensive effort.

Other benefits of this component of Bulk Extreme capsules are: increase resistance to psychophysical fatigue, reduce stress and tension, improve mental performance, increase motivation, neutralize harmful free radicals that can damage cells, reduce inflammation, strengthen the entire body.

Nettle [4% polyphenols].

Nettle is mainly associated with cleansing the body of toxins, positive effects on immunity, general strengthening of the body or beneficial effects on hair and skin. Meanwhile, it also has a significant impact on testosterone levels, and thus on muscle strength and growth. Nettle helps maintain high levels of testosterone in the body and prevents its conversion into estrogen or dihydrotestosterone. This promotes inhibition of fat gain while at the same time growing muscle tissue.

maca root extract

maca root is known to benefit male health in many ways. It adds vitality, strengthens the body, increases libido, improves erectile power and sexual performance. It also brings many benefits to those who are active and aiming to build a muscular figure. It helps regulate hormone levels, increases training potential, protects against physical exhaustion, stimulates the process of tissue recovery after exercise, and promotes the efficient construction of new muscle proteins.

Extract from mumio

A very interesting, Asian ingredient which occupies an important place in Ayurvedic medicine. It has a beneficial effect on muscles, joints and bones. Inactivates free radicals responsible for oxidative stress of cells, inhibits aging processes. It regulates hormone balance, improves potency and fertility. It strengthens and revitalizes the body. It is very helpful during exhausting workout plans, as it adds strength, reduces fatigue and protects against drops in form.

Extract from lucerne herb

Improves functioning of the immune, circulatory and urinary systems. It adds vitality, slows down ageing processes, stimulates the body detoxification. It increases the level of energy during physical effort, helps in effective execution of training cycles. It also supports healthy and restful sleep, thanks to which it helps to regenerate more efficiently.

Eleuthero spiny root extract

It is a valued adaptogen (eliminates physical and mental stress, helps the body to better adapt to specific, even very difficult, environmental conditions). It improves the functioning of the circulatory system, supports the brain and heart, improves immunity, reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases.

It is also a valuable support for people who train. It increases nitric oxide production and improves blood supply to organs and muscles (muscles are better oxygenated and nourished, which makes them grow faster!). It increases motivation to act, improves concentration levels during exercise, stimulates, combats fatigue, improves regeneration, improves physical performance, and thus has a positive effect on training productivity.

Sabal palm fruit extract

Regulates the functioning of the endocrine system, maintains an appropriate level of testosterone in blood and prevents the transformation of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It improves physical performance, increases muscle strength and stimulates muscle growth. It also supports sexual function, eliminates erection problems, protects the prostate and reduces the risk of its hypertrophy.

Pumpkin seed extract

It is a source of saponins and arginine. It increases blood supply and oxygenation in muscles, improving their ability to exercise. It increases the concentration of anabolic hormones in the body. It improves muscle performance and stimulates muscle protein synthesis. This helps build muscle mass. It also has a positive effect on the sexual and urinary systems.

Vitamins and minerals (vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, selenium)

Bulk Extreme couldn’t do without vitamins and minerals which are important for the male body and useful in the bodybuilding process. They ensure correct metabolic processes, protect against fat accumulation, reduce fatigue and tiredness, and improve mood.

Bulk Extreme – the effects of systematic supplementation

 Bulk Extreme

Bulk Extreme is distinguished by high quality and pure composition. It is vegan-friendly and contains no unhealthy chemical additives. When combined with a diet and training it gives excellent bodybuilding results. But its tasks are wider – it improves the condition of the whole body, including support for the psyche, immunity and sexual function.

The most important effects of Bulk Extreme with regular and prolonged use:

  • accelerates muscle mass gain,
  • improves the body sculpting process,
  • helps maintain high testosterone levels in the body,
  • improves potency, increases libido,
  • revitalizes and strengthens the body,
  • has an anabolic effect, stimulates muscle protein synthesis,
  • increases muscle strength and endurance, improving training capacity,
  • improves brain function, combats stress, increases motivation, reduces physical and mental fatigue,
  • speeds up post-workout regeneration.

Bulk Extreme – opinions

Bulk Extreme is evaluated well by its users. The most commonly emphasized benefits include: faster muscle mass building and body sculpting, comprehensive body support during workout cycles, increased energy levels, greater physical potential, better condition, greater libido, better mental performance and ease of use. According to many opinions, Bulk Extreme ranks among the best and richest in action supplements for exercisers in capsules.

Hulk Extreme – how to use it and where to buy it?

The recommended serving is 3 capsules. Drink the supplement with plenty of water. One pack of the supplement contains 90 capsules and lasts for about a month.

Bulk Extreme can be purchased On the official website of the product available here .

 Bulk Extreme



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