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Carbon mask – an effective way to cleanse your face

Sometimes, simple, homemade ways to take care of your skin are much more effective than the top cosmetics. This is also the case with the activated charcoal mask, which will help us to deeply cleanse the face. How to make a charcoal mask and what is its effect?

Activated charcoal and its beneficial effects on skin

We associate active carbon mainly with a cure for persistent ailments of the digestive system. But it turns out that it is also a very good remedy for skin problems, which is associated with its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties and a high capacity to absorb toxins.

Thanks to these features, activated carbon deeply cleanses the skin, neutralizing harmful substances getting into it from the outside and fighting microorganisms.

In addition to cleansing the skin, activated charcoal can also:

  • Narrow and clear enlarged and clogged pores,
  • counteract seborrhea,
  • neutralize the effect of shining face,
  • remove dead epidermis and smooth the skin,
  • soothe acne lesions,
  • cleanse hair,
  • counteract dandruff,
  • accelerate wound healing.

A great advantage of activated carbon is its natural origin and safety for the skin, even sensitive and allergic. It does not contain aggressive substances, so it does not irritate or cause allergic reactions.

Charcoal mask – for blackheads and more

Activated charcoal mask can be an effective alternative to store cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics and ointments that are supposed to eliminate blackheads. It is also worth trying if you have excessively dilated pores with a tendency to clogging. We will also observe beneficial effects if we are the owners of oily skin – the medicinal charcoal mask will help us achieve the effect of matt and smooth skin.

People struggling with acne should also familiarize themselves with this home method of skin care, as well as people whose skin is exposed to dust, dust, exhaust fumes and other harmful substances. In general, in any case when we feel that our skin is particularly polluted, does not cope with blackheads, excessive sebum production or eczema, home-made mask from activated charcoal can be very helpful.

Charcoal mask – recipe

medicinal charcoal vpHomemade medicinal charcoal mask is simple and quick to make. To prepare it you need active charcoal in hard tablets or capsules, which can be bought in any pharmacy. Attention, there are also preparations containing other ingredients on sale. However let’s choose those consisting of only charcoal.

The ingredients needed to make a mask from coal are:

  • 2-3 tablets or capsules of activated charcoal
  • 1 teaspoon of water
  • 0.5 teaspoon of natural yogurt (optional)

Tablets are placed in a bowl or glass (if using capsules, pour out the contents from the casing), pour a teaspoon of lukewarm water. Optionally add half a teaspoon of natural yogurt for a thicker consistency. Crush the tablets and mix. After the components are thoroughly combined, apply the paste to a previously cleansed face (excluding the eye area). After about 20 minutes wash the mask off. It is best to repeat this treatment every few days.

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