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Carboxytherapy – a new way to treat hair loss

One form of treatment that is increasingly finding a place in the offer of trichologists (you can read more about trichology in the article: “Trychologist, or “hair doctor” – what does he do and when is it worth visiting him?”) is the so-called carboxytherapy. Weakened hair and hair prone to loss are ailments, which thanks to this innovative treatment can be eliminated in many cases. We check what it is, how much it costs and when it is worth using carboxytherapy.

What is carboxytherapy treatment?

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Carboxytherapy is performed in aesthetic medicine clinics and trichology offices. Its purpose is to regenerate specific areas of the skin and eliminate its flaws. Carboxytherapy treatments are carried out both on the face (as an antidote to wrinkles, furrows, bruises and swelling under the eyes), on the body (eg in order to remove cellulite, stretch marks, psoriatic lesions, to reduce fat, etc.), as well as on the scalp (to inhibit hair loss and stimulate their growth). Carboxytherapy is performed with a special device and consists in applying (through punctures) carbon dioxide streams under the skin.

Carboxytherapy – effects

The effect of treatment is an increase in blood flow through the skin areas and a significant improvement in circulation. As a result, there is a stimulation of skin cells to more efficient reconstruction. In case of carboxytherapy of the scalp, carbon dioxide increases blood supply and oxygenation of hair bulbs and follicles and stimulates them to produce hair. Whether carboxytherapy of the scalp will be an effective treatment may be determined by individual conditions of the patient, the cause and severity of the hair loss problem, as well as the number of treatments (the best results can be obtained after their entire series). In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that the effectiveness of carboxytherapy increases when simultaneously applied mesotherapy of the scalp.

Carboxytherapy – price

Using a combination of carboxytherapy and mesotherapy treatments of the scalp can generally achieve satisfactory results. However, if you are hoping for good results, you also have to reckon with considerable expenses. One carboxytherapy treatment costs about 80 $. With a series of 8 treatments, the amount we have to prepare is about $ 700. If we add to this a few treatments of mesotherapy of the scalp, the treatment will cost us about $ 1000. Looking for cheaper equivalents of expensive treatments, it is worth paying attention to oral preparations against hair loss and promoting its growth. You can read more about them in this article.

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