ChiliPAD, the device that will finally make you sleep well!

One of the most important factors affecting a good quality of sleep is the right temperature of the nearest environment. In this area modern technology comes to our aid, offering a novelty on the Polish market, a device called ChiliPAD – a special mattress, thanks to which you can freely adjust the temperature of your bed, warm it up or cool it down, depending on your needs. There is no doubt that it is a very interesting invention which can significantly improve the quality of sleep, and thus have a positive influence on our well-being and health. Find out more about the innovative ChiliPAD mattress.

Why is a good sleep so important for the body?

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Medicine has long emphasised the great importance of the quantity and quality of sleep and negative effects of its deficiency. Sleep is necessary not only for our physical and mental regeneration, but also for purely physiological reasons.

Permanent lack of sleep leads to a decrease in immunity and ability to fight infections, the development of hypertension and diabetes, hormonal problems and depression. In addition, it promotes weight gain and increases sensitivity to pain. Sleep deficiency has a colossal negative impact on the quality of our mental functions – attention and concentration, memory and decision-making ability, and finally general well-being.

Conditions for good sleep

More and more people complain about sleep disorders, in Poland, as in the whole world, the problem concerns almost half of the population. Meanwhile in most cases insomnia or poor quality sleep is the result of our own negligence. In the first place it’s a matter of the number of hours devoted to nightly rest. Admittedly it is an individual matter, but doctors agree that 6 hours of sleep is a minimum. Equally important are the issues of going to bed regularly, having a light and not too late supper, good calming, and finally the conditions in the bedroom.

When it’s too warm in the bedroom we have trouble falling asleep, and even when we do manage to fall asleep we often wake up sweating, and in the morning we get up tired and weak. It is assumed that the most favorable temperature for night rest is about 18 degrees, in individual cases up to 20 degrees Celsius. But how to achieve it when we have increasingly hot summers, during which nights usually do not bring any respite from the heat?


ChiliPAD – the latest way to sleep problems


Science and technology are not indifferent to the problems of modern life, as evidenced by the system ChiliPAD. This innovative device makes it possible to control the temperature of the mattress, both when it is too hot and when the bed and bedclothes are too cold.

The user has a relatively wide temperature range available, namely from 13 to 46 degrees Celsius. As it is controlled with a remote control, you can freely adjust the temperature of your bed to your needs, cool it down or warm it up. To achieve the desired temperature, the ChiliPAD uses water rather than air, which seems to be a more beneficial solution.

The device consists of a mattress with a hydraulic pad, a thermoregulator and a remote control. An innovative, patented way of heating and cooling by means of a specially developed structure of waterproof, silicone tubes makes it easy to achieve the desired coolness on a hot night, and to pleasantly warm the bed in cold winter. The ChiliPAD system fits all standard beds and is extremely easy to control with the remote control.

ChiliPAD – device evaluation and suitability

ChiliPAD device

There is no doubt that the system ChiliPAD is a significant technological achievement and, more importantly, a significant help in improving the quality of sleep. And although the device is not cheap, costing between $480 and $1000, it is worth the expense in many cases.

TheChiliPAD does not replace air-conditioning, of course, but it makes it possible to regulate the temperature in the most sensitive place in the house, i.e. the bed, and thus to sleep well.

It is also worth noting that it is a way to reduce the costs of heating the apartment – we can significantly reduce the ambient temperature for the night and heat only the bed.

ChiliPAD – opinions

The device is gaining popularity and meets with numerous positive reviews. It is impossible to deny this unusual mattress functionality and usability. The vast majority of users are of the opinion that ChiliPAD is a very useful thing that allows you to sleep better and rest more efficiently.

For some, the ChiliPAD is the antidote to insomnia or frequent middle-of-the-night awakenings, while for others it is the perfect way to fall asleep instantly. Many customers point out that the ChiliPAD has helped them finally achieve an optimal temperature at night and always sleep well, even during unbearable heat or extreme cold (avoiding excessive sweating or chilling of the body). As we read in numerous comments, ChiliPAD strongly improves the quality of sleep. What’s more, it has even helped some people get rid of persistent back pain.



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