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Cleansing the body from toxins – 3 home methods

Environmental factors, stimulants and improper diet lead to contamination of the body. Symptoms such as: poor condition of the skin, hair and nails, headaches, lack of energy, lowered immunity, sallow complexion, digestive problems, may indicate a high level of accumulated toxins. In this case it is worth to apply detoxifying treatment, which will free the body from harmful substances and make it return to balance. Here are 3 home ways to cleanse the body using simple products.

Natural body detoxification – grapefruit cure


Among citrus fruits, grapefruit is distinguished by the best properties in the field of cleansing the body from toxins and increasing metabolism. It detoxifies, fights microbes and inflammation, helps to burn the accumulated fat tissue, and at the same time it vitaminizes and mineralizes the body.

Detoxifying grapefruit treatment can be conducted by drinking self-squeezed grapefruit juice every day. For better results you can add to it fresh lemon juice and a small amount of high-quality olive oil. The grapefruit juice cure should last at least several days and you should drink about three glasses of juiceevery day.

How to cleanse the body with the help of medicinal plants – herbal cure


Using herbal treatment, you will free your body not only from the lingering toxins, but also from the water accumulated under the skin.

Water retention in the body happens quite often and is the cause of swelling (including thighs, ankles, face, abdomen), feeling of heaviness and weight gain. Daily drinking of infusions from herbs with diuretic properties will support excretion of harmful substances and also make you feel lighter.

For a cleansing herbal treatment, use those that exhibit diuretic properties. These include: nettle, dandelion, birch, yarrow, violet, field horsetail. You can make a mixture of individual herbs or use them individually. The infusions should be drunk 2-3 times a day.

The easiest way to cleanse the body of toxins – lemon treatment

Water with lemon

Add the juice of half a lemon to a glass of water and drink the drink every morning on an empty stomach. During the day, try to drink 3-4 more glasses of water with lemon juice.

Body cleansing will be even more effective if you add to the mix another ingredient with detoxifying properties, for example: ginger, chili pepper, cinnamon. Lemon treatment should last at least a week, but it is worth to make a glass of water with lemon in the morning a permanent habit.

Home detox – what to remember

Applying a cleansing treatment is not everything. If you decide to carry out one of them, make sure that your body is not exposed to absorption of other toxins, which would disturb the effects of detoxification. So give up stimulants, sweet drinks, fast food, ready-made food saturated with chemicals and processed carbohydrates present in sweets among others. For the detox to have long-lasting effects, make sure that healthy eating habits and avoiding stimulants continue after the treatment.

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