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Collagen for joints, ranking the best dietary supplements with collagen

Arthritis affects many people around the world. This condition is associated with annoying pain, stiffness, and finally a significant restriction of mobility. Certainly, collagen for joints is the most effective means of promoting regeneration and elimination of joint ailments. This is because collagen is one of the basic types of protein, responsible in particular for the condition of joints, tendons and cartilage, their flexibility and proper functionality.

The best collagen for joints. How to choose the right supplement?

There is no doubt that collagen supplementation is beneficial for the entire body. This substance not only has a huge impact on the condition of our bones, joints and tendons, but also the aging process and the appearance of the skin, hair and nails. As the years go by, the body produces less and less collagen, which manifests itself in the deterioration of joint function, weakened bones, reduced skin elasticity and flexibility. A preparation with collagen will also be helpful in cases where joint ailments are not only the result of the natural aging process but are caused by the lifestyle. Joint problems are often suffered by quite young people as well.

Modern medical technology has made it possible to produce excellent quality collagen hydrolysates, which are used in many dietary supplements. They show valuable health-promoting properties, are well absorbed, and are characterized by high biological activity. When it comes to dietary supplements for joints, we usually have a choice between products containing fish collagen, pork collagen or poultry collagen. Fish collagen seems to be the most recommendable, because it is almost identical to collagen produced by the human body and, unlike the others, it easily penetrates cells. It also contains the same valuable amino acids, including lysine, arginine, glycine, proline, hydroxylysine.

How, taking into account various conditions, to choose the best preparation for joints? Here are our suggestions.

Ranking of the most effective collagen supplements

Place 1 – ProFlexen

ProFlexen is the best collagen for joints

Proflexen is a high quality product formulated with several substances of natural origin that significantly support the joints. First of all, it is collagen type II that is clinically proven to have a beneficial effect on the mobility and condition of joints, relieving pain and other ailments accompanying inflammatory and degenerative changes.

Apart from collagen UC-II®, the composition of the specific product includes, among others, glucosamine, responsible for good condition and proper functioning of joints, supporting regeneration of joints and cartilages, chondroitin, ensuring appropriate level of hydration of joint connections, bromelain soothing inflammation and pain. There is also a number of plant substances, long known in natural medicine, supporting joints and cartilages, as well as vitamin C, manganese ,zinc and selenium.

This rich and diverse composition means that ProFlexen contributes significantly to improving the condition and functioning of joints, strengthening bones, eliminating inflammatory conditions and pain. Moreover, by promoting tissue regeneration, this joint supplement proves useful even for patients suffering from advanced degenerative changes.


Place 2 – Flexidium 400

Collagen for joints Flexidium 400

The factor worth emphasizing in this case is the wide range of effects of the supplement. Flexidium 400 works equally well as a means of supporting the regeneration of joints already affected by adverse changes and as a preventive measure in cases of increased risk of joint ailments. It is particularly relevant for people who, due to their lifestyle, may expect joint problems in the future.

Flexidium 400 is also a multi-ingredient formula, containing active substances important in this context. These include: highly-absorbable fish collagen, hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the proper composition and level of humidity of the synovial fluid and the condition of the skin, ascorbic acid, which is necessary for the production of collagen , biotin, zinc and selenium.

The carefully thought-out formula brings measurable effects in the form of inhibition of existing degenerative changes and at the same time preventive reinforcement of previously healthy joints. The supplement supports joint regeneration, restoring their efficiency, eliminates ailments and strengthens overburdened joints.


Place 3 – Ostelife Premium Plus

Ostelife Premium Plus

Unlike the aforementioned specifics, this time we are dealing with a preparation intended for external use – a cream with a broad spectrum of applications, namely dedicated to people suffering not only from pains in lower limb joints, but also elbow, radial-wrist, hip and all back pains. What is particularly worth emphasizing is the fact that Ostelife Premium Plus acts both temporarily, eliminating pain, and precisely fights its causes, eliminating disorders of joint structures.

This is due to an interesting selection of active ingredients of the cream, first of all collagen and glucosamine, which reach deep into tissues and contribute to reconstruction of damaged cartilage, joints and tendons. Not without significance are the other substances contained in the ointment, namely, showing anti-inflammatory effect and promoting collagen synthesis extract from leaves and seeds of grapes and gum Arabic, softening and moisturizing the skin, so that the ointment better penetrates into the tissues.


Place 4 – 4Flex

4Flex packaging

Available in the form of sachets with a powder to dissolve in water, 4Flex is, according to the manufacturer, recommended primarily in cases of severe collagen deficiency. It is therefore mainly dedicated to seniors, active athletes, people undergoing rehabilitation after injuries and those who are particularly prone to joint strain due to obesity.

The formula contains collagen hydrolysate and ascorbic acid. The supplementation promotes cartilage tissue regeneration, increases joint mobility and flexibility, relieves pain and other ailments.

Place 5 – OLIMP Flexagen


This is an interesting formula combining two types of collagen – type II collagen and hydrolysed, enriched with vitamins C and B6 and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and copper. Flexagen is recommended for people performing hard physical work, professional athletes and those suffering from obesity, as well as rheumatic joint disorders. On the one hand, it reduces ailments and improves the functioning of musculoskeletal systems, while on the other it helps maintain healthy joints.

Place 6 – ALINESS Kolagen Arthro Sprint

Aliness Collagen Arthro Sprint tablets

The supplement Collagen Arthro Sprint contains a significant dose of fish collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins and minerals. The form of the product is worth noting, as it comes in capsules with a special solution, which results in a greater and better absorption of the active substances. It is especially recommended for people who are physically active, whether as a result of their work or sports activities.

Place 7 – Collaflex

Collaflex package

The Collaflex supplement contains hydrolyzed components of the intercellular matrix of cartilage tissue: type II collagen, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamin C. Due to the fact that the supplement supplements the diet with substances important for the proper functioning of joints, it is recommended in cases of increased demand for collagen and enjoys great popularity in this market segment.

Place 8 – Doppelherz Acitv Na Stawy Kolagen

Doppelherz Aktiv For Joints Collagen

Apart from the standard ingredients in this context, that is, type II collagen, chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid, Doppelherz Aktiv For Joints Collagen also contains Omega-3 fatty acids. It is recommended primarily for people over 50 years of age and, interestingly, for those who are not physically active. It supports the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Place 9 – Yango Kolagen Na Stawy

Yango Kolagen Na Stawy

Yango Kolagen Na Stawy contains a significant dose of type II collagen, folic acid, vitamins C and D. It supports the regeneration of joints and cartilage and stimulates collagen production. Available in a convenient liquid form, which, in a specified dose, is taken once a day.

Place 10 – FlexiStav Xstra

Flexistav Xtra 30 capsules

FlexiStav Xstra is a multi-ingredient preparation(collagen, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin), in the form of a sachet of powder to dissolve in water, supports the regeneration, mobility and flexibility of joints.

Collagen for joints – where do joint problems come from and what role does collagen play in their functioning?

Causes of joint problems

Joints are nothing but movable joints of bones. Our joints are constantly working throughout our lives, whether we are seemingly not moving at the moment or engaging in some physical activity. They are responsible for every movement we make, every change in body position, whether we are standing, sitting or lying down. It is not surprising that being under constant strain, over time they are more or less subject to wear and tear, becoming the source of many problems.

However, it is not only age that contributes to the development of various locomotive organs diseases. It is also influenced by excessive strain resulting from intensive sports or monotonous physical work , and, unfortunately, by obesity, which is becoming more and more frequent. Paradoxically, also the lack of physical activity may cause weakness, flaccidity, decalcification, and, as a result, pain, stiffness, and even degenerative changes.

An important part of the joint is the cartilage located at the junction of adjacent bones. It is made up of a network of collagen fibres and its function is to absorb loads and to reduce friction between bones. The cartilage is covered with lubricant, which has moisturising and protective properties. With the passing of time or due to excessive loads, the amount of synovial fluid decreases or its quality deteriorates, and the cartilage itself exhibits a collagen deficiency. As a result, the regeneration of joint cartilage is increasingly difficult, it handles friction more poorly, and we begin to feel stiffness, increasing pain, reduced mobility, sometimes leading to inflammation of the entire joint environment or degenerative changes.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a type of protein that is found in most organs and tissues of our body. It plays an important role as a kind of glue for cells, but it is particularly important for bones, joints, cartilages and tendons. It is their basic building element. There are three types of collagen: type I collagen is a building block of the skin, ligaments and bones, type II collagen is a component of articular cartilage, type III collagen builds blood vessels. It is therefore obvious that , in the context of joint ailments, one should prefer such a dietary supplement for joints that contains type II coll agen.

It is also worth noting the origin of this ingredient. In the preparations available on the market we usually deal with collagen coming from fish, poultry or farm animals. Undoubtedly, fish collagen is the most valuable, because of its structure it is the most similar to human collagen and therefore the best absorbed.

The significance of collagen for the proper functioning of the locomotive organs

Collagen has a multifaceted meaning for the body and a wide range of interactions. First of all, however, it is known for its positive influence on the condition of bones, joints and skin. As far as the joints are concerned, we can talk about a double effect – pro-health and prophylactic. In the first case, the following qualities of collagen should be mentioned:

  • fights disorders and inflammation,
  • supports the regeneration of cartilage tissue and restores other damage,
  • inhibits the development of degenerative changes,
  • contributes to regeneration of joints after injuries and contusions,
  • helps in regaining efficiency of joint connections,
  • minimizes pain.

As regards preventive properties, collagen strengthens joints, protecting them from wear and damage, and thus preventing unfavourable changes, inflammations or degenerations.

In addition, this unique protein, by regulating the water balance in the skin, slows down the ageing process. It strengthens not only the skin, but also hair and nails, and finally helps to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks.

How to take care of joints on your own?

First of all, move!

A lot has been written and said about the importance of physical activity for our health. Also in the case of joints movement plays a primary role. If we don’t move enough, the joints lose their flexibility, stiffness appears, and then permanent degenerative changes occur. And it is not about very intensive training in some extremely demanding sport, as we know that this can even lead to joint damage. It is about moderate but systematic physical activity such as cycling, swimming, long walks, light jogging.

It is particularly dangerous to remain in one position for a long time, especially sitting. It not only causes excessive load on certain joints, but also impedes blood flow, and thus prevents valuable and necessary nutrients from reaching the joints. Therefore, if our work or comfortable habit causes that we sit a lot, we should take a short break every now and then, preferably every hour, for a little gymnastics, in order to move parts of our body that have not been moved so far.

Secondly, shoes!

Impressive and chic shoes on sky-high heels are certainly not good for our joints and feet, nor for the whole skeletal system. Shoes should be comfortable, have a well-profiled, anatomical insole, which is particularly important during physical activity. And best of all, let us learn to take advantage of every convenient circumstance to go barefoot. For example, if we are on holiday, let’s organize a barefoot walk on the grass every evening, then we will easily find out what a pleasure it is! Equally beneficial for the condition of legs will be long walks on the sand at the beach.

Thirdly, diet!

The role of diet in the prevention of joint diseases is undeniable. The daily menu should be rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals, unsaturated fatty acids, bioflavonoids. Therefore, our menu should include dairy products, as many vegetables as possible, fruits (especially those plant foods that contain large amounts of vitamin C, which participates in the production of collagen), fish and vegetable oils, whole grain cereal products instead of white bread or pasta. Green tea, a source of antioxidants, or vegetables and spices with anti-inflammatory properties – onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric – will be a valuable supplement.

It is extremely important to control your body weight. Each extra kilogram is an additional load for the joints, not to mention other serious health problems that result from being overweight or obese.

Fourth, reduce stress!

Stress is generally deadly to the body. Some doctors even claim that it is more dangerous than other pathogens, such as ubiquitous chemicals. Regardless of this kind of hierarchy, it is very important to discharge it skilfully, because unfortunately it is impossible to avoid stressful situations completely. It has been scientifically proven, for example, that in many cases rheumatoid arthritis is the result of long-term stress. The body then defends itself by producing cortisol, immunity is weakened, and muscles and joints become stiff. Various relaxation techniques are an excellent way of relieving tension.

To sum up, let’s just live healthy, eat right, be physically active, avoid stress, and when necessary use good joint preparations. This will certainly benefit not only our joints but also our general condition and well-being.

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