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Decrease in immunity, or how to strengthen the body

The best defender against pathogens, and consequently against diseases, is the body itself equipped with natural immune mechanisms. The immune system is able to detect and annihilate even cancer cells. However, there is one basic condition, namely it must be healthy and effective. Meanwhile, its proper functioning may be disturbed by certain factors – diseases, improper diet, stress, unhygienic lifestyle. Find out how to strengthen the body and improve natural immunity.

Causes of weakened and lowered immunity

Apart from rare cases of congenital immunodeficiency, weakened functioning of the immune system is largely influenced by diet and lifestyle. Poor immunity is often the result of negligence – poor diet, lack of physical activity, improper hygiene. It happens also that the cause lies in alcohol abuse, or inappropriate use of antibiotics.

Another issue is periodic immunodeficiency resulting from diseases or changes in the seasons. We experience such temporary states many times, they often manifest themselves as harmless infections of the upper respiratory tract. However, if they occur too often, they must not be underestimated, as they may signal a serious disease resulting in disorders in the natural defence mechanisms of the body.

How to strengthen the weakened organism and not to be afraid of bacteria and viruses?

First of all – diet supporting the immunity
Fruit and vegetable salad with orange pieces

Regardless of whether it is about strengthening the organism after an illness or improving poor immunity resulting from negligence, a proper diet is a prerequisite for regaining a natural state of balance and, consequently, for proper functioning of the immune system.

Improper nutrition, but also weight deficiency, deprives the body of many valuable and essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, irreplaceable iron and good fats, fibre and antioxidants.

How to remedy this? By providing the body with natural vitamins and micro- and macroelements, i.e. by introducing into the menu as many raw vegetables as possible, milk and its products, sea fish, liver, leguminous plants, nuts and seeds, wholemeal cereal products, bran, citrus fruit and other fruit, honey instead of sugar.

In turn, the consumption of highly processed food should be limited to a minimum. As a rule, they contain a lot of carbohydrates that slow down the defense mechanisms and animal fats that have an unfavorable influence on white blood cells. In addition, ready-made and semi-finished products are extremely poor in useful bioactive components, such as vitamins, minerals and fibre.

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Secondly – sleep and rest

Scientific research has confirmed that sleep has a truly beneficial effect on the body’s immunity, as well as a full-fledged rest. The organism of a well-rested and sleepy person much better copes with various bacteria or viruses, while overtiredness and insufficient sleep influence its weakening. Strengthening a weakened organism means not only feeding it properly, but also ensuring a constant rhythm of work – rest, wakefulness – sleep (about 7-8 hours a day).

The issue of rest is connected with another annoying problem of modern life, namely stress. Doctors are unanimous – stress can lie at the root of many somatic diseases and undoubtedly weakens our immune system. That is why it is so important not to let it accumulate and to use proven relaxation techniques. These include, among others: massage, warm bath, as well as meeting and talking with friends, entertainment, and finally, the underestimated, but the best medicine is laughter, which releases positive emotions, stimulating the production of endorphins and immune cells.

Thirdly – regular physical activity
a woman exercises in a park

Daily exercise, especially in the fresh air, not only strengthens the body, but also contributes to the improvement of our general condition and at the same time has a positive effect on our silhouette.

These do not have to be murderous exercises in the gym or running marathons, a brisk walk a few times a week, cycling, nordic walking, jogging or aerobics will suffice. It is important that the physical activity has a systematic character, regardless of the season.

Fourth – hardening of the body

It is obvious that hardened organism more easily withstands temperature fluctuations and better copes with the threat of viruses. The simplest way of hardening the body is alternately hot and cold shower. However the water should be gradually cooled down, so that, at least at the beginning, the difference of temperatures is not too big and sudden. The body hardened in this way activates the immune system.

Fifth – natural strengthening substances, herbs for immunity

It has long been known that the regular consumption of garlic protects against infections. This vegetable has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties, in addition, like onions, it mobilizes the body’s immune system. When it comes to strengthening the organism (after illness and prophylactically), the following are irreplaceable: cod liver oil, ginseng, purgatory, ginger, raw beetroot juice and cocktails from fresh vegetables and fruit.

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